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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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  1. I feel super happy! Some of my favorite yaoi manga got released where I live and they came in this week! I feel like I haven?t read a yaoi manga in ages so this is awesome
  2. Leo never had an image of what beauty schools looked like. As he stood in front of the doors to Ray's old school, he had no idea what toe expect once he walked in. It could be a tropical forest in there for all he knew. Perhaps they kept wild animals. Maybe it was a haven of people who wore too much make up and really needed instruction on how to tone it down. Clowns? A circus? Definitely a circus. That was the image he decided to go with as he followed Ray inside, only to be impressed with what was clearly not a circus. It looked like a beautiful mixture of the most expensive hotel he could think of and a museum of the most priceless artifacts. Was this school expensive? Did Ray pay his way through? Were student loans a thing with beauty school? Never mind all of that! Leo was much more interested in the apparent hall of fame, and which ones were potentially Ray signature looks. The time to look at said works never came. Leo was used to screeching fans, and this one was no different, except that she belonged to Ray. Leo sat back as this girl--Amber? Annella? Amanda? Yes... Amanda--piled on the kisses to Ray's cheek. Green was never a favorite color of Leo's even though he wore it in his hair. He was sure that in this moment it was plastered all over his face. Unreasonable as it was, Leo was ready to snatch that's girl's stupid hair and rip all of that weave out and throw it on the beautiful dark wood floors, then force her to watch as the janitor swept it up. No, no.. Leo wasn't jealous. No, not at all. No aggressive jealousy here. And he certainly didn't even get more jealous when another woman appeared out of nowhere. What the fuck, these women just came out of the woodwork! Sure, his fans were the same, but this was totally different. At least until there was attention placed on him. He pulled out his trademark smile and happily shook hands with... Janet? Jennifer... Jessica. Yes, Jessica. After all, for as much of a bitch as he was, he never acted that way towards people who recognized him, and certainly not a fan like Miss Amanda was. Amanda went from 10 to 100 in a minute. Her energy shot up, and it seemed in that moment she had forgotten all about Ray. Leo was hardly okay with that, but... Well, he couldn't say anything like that toward a fan, could he? Thankfully, Ray saved him. "Ray's right, honey. I could never take a selfie with you looking like this. But we can take plenty once Ray is done making me beautiful!" Fans first. Fans first.... Fans first. At least Jessica seemed calm enough. Leo lightly tapped her shoulder when she snorted and whispered a "you naughty thing" to her while Ray handled everything else. "Ooooh, a back room? How sultry! I'm already impressed with this place." Leo thought he'd be taken there straight away until Ray turned to him and asked what he wanted to do. If Ray could see behind those dark sunglasses he would have seen Leo look him up and down as if he were crazy. "We're not doing anything until you do me, boo." Leo couldn't help but laugh at the (much harder) snort Jessica let out. Leo liked this one. She was on his good list. "You best take me to that back room and make me feel like the queen I am." With that, Leo grabbed Ray's arm and began walking in some random direction, his head held high as if he knew exactly where he was going. If anyone was going to be blamed for letting this wrecking ball loose in the school it would certainly be Ray.
  3. If Catriona could sit here for the rest of his life getting pet by Stillang he would. Those long, lovely fingers running through his hair relaxed him in a way he never felt before. It was a tender gesture, one that put Catriona at ease, turned him into a pile of silvery mush, made him submissive to the point that if Stillang told him to stop breathing right then and there the young prince would have listened and loved every moment of his suffocation. Whatever parts of him wondered if this was love or obsession or insanity were whisked away by each touch. It didn't matter, did it? Catriona didn't know the meaning of any of these things. All he knew was that he wanted Stillang in every way imaginable. He wanted his body, his heart, his soul, even his voice. He'd succumbed to the older man so quickly and so strongly. As Stillang gave him advice on setting the dates and picking new garments, Catriona simply nodded in agreement, and did the same when Livius acknowledged him. A soft "Yes, Livius" left him, though he'd certainly have to remind himself of what was said to him. There was much to be done and he couldn't let his desire for Stillang interrupt their busy plans. Catriona lifted his head as Stillang spoke, his eyes slowly blinking as he took in the other's comments. "I wouldn't have it any other way," Catriona said, his voice soft yet thick with desire. He bit his bottom lip when told there was a gift for him, and quickly obeyed what Stillang told him. He sat on the desk, lowering his shirt until his chest was exposed. A grin crossed his lips when Stillang mentioned the contraption that he put on the young prince when they first met. "Oh, that thing. It feels like that was ten years ago, yet also like it was just yesterday. I couldn't get you out of my mind then either, Stillang, though I suppose for different reasons than now." Hindsight was as clear as day. That's what people often said. Catriona could look back in time and see how immature he was. He could see that hadn't changed entirely, but that he had learned respect and humbleness since arriving at the Colbalt Kingdom. His claws may not have been shaved down entirely, but he supposed they didn't need to be when Stillang held the end of his leash. "You certainly know how to tame a beast, don't you my love?" His words were soon silenced by the cold metal trailing across his skin. He let out a sharp gasp when it toyed with his sensitive nipples; it took all of his willpower to not moan or release any small, soft noises as he was played with. What he didn't express with his voice, however, showed in his body language. He bit his bottom lip again while his legs rubbed together in a feeble attempt for some other sort of stimulation. Then, without warning, he felt a sharp pierce of his flesh. He gasped and whimpered, unsure if he liked it or not. He'd not been exposed to this sort of pain before, and just like with everything else he had to learn how he felt about it. Right now, while his mind was clouded with thoughts and desire for Stillang, he couldn't say he minded it. His fingers lightly trailed over his new piercing, then fiddled with the chain. "I enjoy how I look in your metal too." Catriona grinned as he lightly tugged on Stillang's sleeve, his other hand still playing with the new toy on his body. "I wouldn't mind some more of it on me." He laughed as he scooted closer towards Stillang, though kept sitting on the desk. "Will you kiss me, Stillang? I'd be so happy if you did... So, so happy, my love." The hand that held onto Stillang's sleeve ran down to hold onto his hand. Catriona brought it to his lips and placed soft kisses on it before looking back at his betrothed. Desire ran through through his eyes, empty as they were. He hated this teasing yet loved it all the same. It made him want Stillang even more than he already did. "I don't ask for much, my darling. Just a kiss. Can you grant your future husband this simple, tender request?" What was exciting about Stillang is that Catriona didn't know at all how he would respond. He could deny him in the most devilish way possible or love him in the most endearing way imaginable. No matter what the answer turned out to be, Catriona's desire never changed. He wanted all of Stillang, everything he had, and whatever was left after that too.
  4. It was a relief to hear that Stillang was open to the death of Catriona's parents if need be. A part of the young mercury even considered asking if they could just murder them outright, but even that sounded outlandish to him--in the context of the Cobalt kingdom anyway. By now he had learned that the differences between their cultures were massive, and premeditated murder, especially the murder of ones parents, were apparently frowned upon. It made Catriona wonder just how well the two cultures would mesh after this marriage. They were on relatively good terms now, but there was no telling how Ares would react after he received news of Catriona's engagement. The anxiety would eat him up; this Catriona knew. He'd surely panic about it until someone from whichever side was dead. Hopefully it'd be someone from the silvery side. However, after Stillang made his announcement about a rather old tradition Catriona was sure the two sides would never get along. Catriona raised an eyebrow as his betrothed, wondering if he were serious about such a thing. Stillang was older than him, yes, but... Was he really that much older than him? To still hold onto such old traditions? To still enforce it in his kingdom? Surely not. Surely Stillang was just joking in an attempt to amuse himself or a strange attempt to make Catriona feel better... Or just to make fun of the silver prince period. Old person humor maybe? Well... Catriona sure found it funny. He snickered at first, as if he didn't believe such a thing could possibly exist anymore. A few giggles escaped him--Livius and Stillang probably thought he had finally snapped at this point. Particularly when he burst out laughing, Catriona imagined they would soon reconsider this whole marriage and throw him in an asylum. "Oh, my love... Oh, my love..." Catriona stuttered through his laughter, wiping his eyes of tears. He took a few deep breaths to get his words out. "If--IF--such an archaic tradition still exists, then I have no damn choice but to go along with it, do I? I don't want my parents at my wedding, let alone the first time I get to be truly intimate with you, Stillang, however, if it comes down to it..." The young mercury stood and made his way around Stillang's desk and got on his knees beside his beloved. He looked up at him, his large empty eyes even wider as the grin stayed planted on his face. "If it comes down to it, I can take it in stride. One side of the coin has me hating the fact that my parents must be involved in so many of my most special moments, but the other side of the coin..." He began to run his hand over Stillang's knee. "Oh, the other side of the coin has me absolutely giddy at the thought of my parents getting to witness their worst nightmare come true--me getting impregnated." Catriona then rested his head on Stillang's lap, his hand still running up and down over the other man's knee. "While I truly hope this is all just a prank, I dare say if I must go through with it then I might as well have some fun seeing their horrified faces as they witness all the things you'll do to me."
  5. Catriona listened to Stillang, slightly in awe of how quickly he came up with a solution. He was certainly a reasonable and clever man, and Catriona was sure he was only skimming the surface of just how clever Stillang could be. Still, having his parents around him for such a significant event bothered him. The suggestion to just kill them was still on the tip of his tongue and had this conversation happened just a few weeks back he might have very well let it unashamedly slip from his lips. After all, the young prince knew very well that his life was in danger so why not nip the situation it the bud while he could? Was it worth it to even suggest such a thing? Would Stillang even take the idea seriously? With a sigh, Catriona swallowed his potential suggestion down. It wasn't gone, but he wanted to take a few moments to figure out how he might phrase this without sounding like he was just another murderous mercury. "Your idea works," he finally said in a shaky voice. As far as he knew Stillang hadn't sent messages to Ares about Catriona's progress, and Catriona himself certainly didn't bother to speak to his parents. They'd have no idea that this was just a rouse. "It's the best option if they have to show up. They'd have no time to halt the wedding and hopefully we can send them off quickly. We'd have to be careful of whatever they plan to do afterwards. I still fear that at worst they'd kill me and at best they'd disown me. In which case, my promise to provide you with support from the Mercury Kingdom would be nullified, though I'd like to avoid that at all costs as well." He'd rather not have to take back one of my main gifts before he even had the chance to deliver on it. His parents truly made things more complicated than they needed to be. Another heavy sigh escaped Catriona as he racked his brain for an option that didn't involve killing his parents. He supposed this became a very good example of how the Mercury Kingdom operated. Dispose of all problems indefinitely. No questions asked. Flat out murder wasn't an option, however. This Catriona knew. On top of that he didn't exactly want Stillang to view him as someone who was more than willing to commit patricide and matricide for reasons that he couldn't prove were true. The mark of insanity could easily be placed on the young man, or even more simple than that, the mark of a cold-blooded murderer. "If..." Catriona started, keeping his eyes downcast and biting his lip as he thought about how he could phrase this. "Regardless of whether or not this plan works, I know my parents will try to harm me. Even if they go back home and we don't hear from them for months I fear that it is simply because they are planning my demise with pinpoint accuracy. Stillang, I..." He bit his lip again, taking a deep breath before continuing. "If it comes to it that my life is blatantly, obviously in danger, then I want you to know that... How to put this... Frankly, if it comes down to my life or theirs, then I want it to be the survivor. I don't want to die when I've only just started to live. I don't want you to think me a terrible person for even suggesting killing my parents, but they'd have no qualms killing their son. Should the only option for my defense be their deaths, then I ask you to accept that." Catriona squeezed his robe tightly, so much so that his knuckles lightened to a pale silver. He knew he was suggesting something horrific, but this seemed to be the only option if his parents were truly intent on his death. Perhaps he was being paranoid, but he'd rather be safe than sorry. All he needed was for to Stillang to know that.
  6. Leo rolled his eyes at the mention of that insane man Vincent. What a stupid dork ass loser. Vincent. The way he acted like Ray was a god among mortals (and maybe he was but Leo didn't want Vincent looking at him like that). Worse was how he treated Leo like he was trash. Sure, Leo was a bitch, he could admit that every day of the week, but he didn't need someone like VINCENT reminding him of it. He also didn't need that man's bitch ass attitude in his face all day. Well, nevermind about the peasant. Not when Ray was opening up his heart to Leo about his shyness... Or maybe it wasn't shyness. Maybe Ray just genuinely didn't want to be in front of the camera. It was tough, for sure. Day in and day out, getting judged by fans and other beauty gurus, dealing with salt and hate for no reason whatsoever, constantly having to put out content, wondering when a break would come yet knowing it never would. Who the hell would choose that life? "I hear you," Leo said, taking a sip of his shake. "You seem more like a behind the scenes guy, anyway.... No offense." A grin crossed those sharp features as he offered Ray some of his shake. "But in reality, I don't really know if I'd recommend this kind of life to anyone. Better to not even bother getting involved in it. Just follow people you like and keep doing what you're doing." Not that Ray wasn't indirectly getting involved with this terrible and strange profession. If they kept down this road, then Ray would surely have to deal with the never ending battles of Leo's followers facebook stalking him, spreading his name around, digging up as much information on him as they could... Stealing whatever privacy the man had in his life. Not that Leo would mention this. Not now anyway. No need to scare off Ray right when they were at the beginning of this sweet and tender budding relationship. "Stay away from my shake," Leo immediately took back his shake even after he offered it, laughing at himself for his constant back and forth. Why did people put up with him? He was such an asshole.... And why was he such an asshole to someone who was so nice to him?? Sure, there was a hidden bitchy asshole in Ray that he liked to hide. Leo could see that a mile away, but he was at least being nice right now. Especially with his extremely tempting offer. Leo's head turned immediately towards Ray at the suggestion of going to a beauty school. A real life beauty school. "Are you for real?" Leo scooted as close to Ray as he could, both of his legs under him in the suddenly crowded booth as he stared at Ray through his very expensive sunglasses. "I'd love to see a beauty school! I'm self-taught. Literally I learned from Youtube before I even thought about getting on Youtube myself. I never went to beauty school. Seriously, Ray. Take me there!" Leo grabbed Ray's arm, perhaps a little too harshly considering his nails were on par with that of a full grown tiger's. "This'll be so cool!! I can't believe I get to see where you went to school and learned all of your tricks! That's awesome. Yes, yes, yes! Oh my god, I can meet your teachers and everything! You can do my makeup there! Let's go, let's go!" Leo? Excited? No... never.
  7. If it were possible for Catriona skin to no longer look silver, now would be the time it happened. All of the color practically drained from his face at the mention of his parents. The young man had been so caught up in marriage bliss that he hadn't even thought of those horrible people. There was no way they could come to the wedding. Hell, Catriona didn't want them to even know about it. Frankly, his life would be easier if the two of them died tomorrow. Better harm come to them than harm come to him. In his shock, Catriona simply stared at Stillang until someone came around and congratulated him with a hefty clap on his shoulder. He put on a smile and thanked the man before focusing back on the issue at hand. "I don't want them to come," he said simply, quietly so no one else around them could hear him. There were so many factors about this that Stillang didn't know. The truth was Catriona felt as if his life would be in danger if his parents found out about their engagement. This was the perfect excuse for Ares to finally finish the job he felt should have been done years ago. And his mother, Catarina... Catriona was even more frightened of her than he was of Ares. If Ares provided him with physical abuse, then Catarina was an expert in mental abuse. "Can we talk about this in private, Stillang?" he asked, his voice seizing as he tried to hold back tears he didn't even know threatened to fall. "Please. I don't mind if Livius joins us, but otherwise...." He couldn't talk about this in public lest he have a full meltdown in front of the people he was working so hard to gain respect from. Once breakfast was over, Catriona met with Stillang in his office. His hands were trembling and he tried to steady them by combing them through his ponytail as he often did when stressed, but that proved ineffective. He took a few moments to gather himself and his thoughts, simply sitting in the chair and staring at the wall before he finally found the inner strength to speak. "I understand fully that my parents must know of our engagement. However, I am... I suppose I'm frightened." He finally turned his head towards Stillang to look his soon to be husband in the eye. "You already know that Arialoris are looked down upon. I am no exception. My parents hate me for what I am. Even my mother who I'm named after can't believe she gave birth to me. They'd have no qualms if I decided to marry a woman, but if they found out I'm to marry a man..." He shook his head, nearly pulling his hair at this point. "I genuinely fear they'd attempt to kill me, Stillang. It sounds insane, but you know how the Mercury Clan is. Royals killing one another is a typical thing. It's insane; it's so mad, Stillang, but it's true. The embarrassment they'd feel knowing I wanted and planned to give birth would drive them over the edge. They wouldn't care if killing me destroyed any relationship that could form between the Cobalt and Mercury clans. They'd simply want me gone." Catriona supposed he could simply exchange the throne for his life. Give up on being the prince of the Mercury Kingdom and dedicate himself wholly to the Cobalt Clan. However, he already promised Stillang assistance from the Mercury Clan as one of his proposal gifts and he certainly didn't want to go back on his word. Killing his parents was also an option for him. After all he was still a mercury at heart, but he wasn't sure how keen Stillang would be on that. "I don't know what to do."
  8. Leo wasn't necessarily laughing at Ray, but he was most certainly laughing. The poor thing; he almost felt bad for showering him with compliments. The sweet begging from his new darling was almost too much for Leo's tiny minuscule heart. It was only then that Leo realized just how much Ray seemed to hate receiving compliments. Why? Who didn't like people saying nice things about them? "Look, babe, I'm an Aries. Do you know what Aries people like? We like to get compliments and we like to give compliments. We need to make sure that the people we care about are showered in love and attention." Leo rested his elbow on Ray's shoulder as he leaned in to stare at the beautiful face. "Here. I'll make a deal with you. Let me compliment you all I want, and you take the compliments and be happy with them. Does that sound fair?" Sounded fair to Leo. It was a perfect deal if he ever heard one. A more perfect deal didn't exist. Everyone won with this flawless, perfect, sound, reasonable deal that Leo presented to Ray. Leo listened intently as Ray explained exactly what it was that he did. It wasn't surprising, but at the same time it didn't make Leo happy. He was someone who wanted people to recognize and know his talents. It was why he bothered being the social media star he was. Sure, Leo knew that not everyone craved that lifestyle, but someone as talented as Ray should try to get his name out there more. So many more opportunities could come his way. "Do you like that then?" Leo asked, sliding his elbow off of Ray so he could work more on his milkshake and hashbrowns. "You like being in the background?" There was no way Leo sounded insulting. No. Not at all. "I don't know, Ray. You've got so much talent. Why don't you want more people to acknowledge it? You could be a star, babe. People from everywhere could know your name. You don't have to spend your time making other people feel special when you can feel special. I mean, I like making people special, but I couldn't do it if I didn't feel like I was the hottest thing in the room." Sweet Ray was the complete opposite of Leo. Perhaps that was one of the reasons Leo was drawn to him. Or maybe it was the reason he disliked him so much when they first met. Well, obviously Ray didn't need the social media attention to help open doors for him. He'd managed to make his way onto a major movie set without recognition from the outside world. Perhaps someone like him would crack under the pressure of all those eyes on him. Even Leo sometimes felt like he'd break if people didn't stop talking to him or recognizing him in the street. "I guess constantly being under scrutiny is a downside to the social media star lifestyle. That's not something you want to deal with, right? Still... You could be famous, Ray." Where did this timidity come from? Leo raised his eyebrow as Ray stuttered his way around the end of his sentence. Was he suddenly intimidated by Leo? Did Ray suddenly see him as a lion about to devour his prey? "I didn't beg Scarlet to hook me up with a day off so I could be by myself and catch up on work." Surely Ray didn't have that much of a confidence issue. "I want to hang out with you, Ray. And I'm not even going to entertain the thought that you don't want to spend time with me. Like hell you're going home." As if to prove his point Leo grabbed Ray tightly around his wrist; believe that if the man had handcuffs he'd chain the two of them together for probably longer than just the day. "You're sticking with me whether you like it or not." And that wasn't a threat. It was a promise. A promise with dangerous implications behind it. "I told you already. I'm a really simple guy. I like anime, video games, and make up. If you leave the decision to me I'll just take us back to my place and make you play games with me or watch something with me. I think people think I like going out places because of my social media presence, but really my favorite thing to do is stay inside and just play games. I don't have to deal with people or crowds and I can keep to myself for the most part." Leo shrugged, that hand of his still clutching onto Ray's. "But I want to do what you want to do. You know what I do during my day. So what do you do? Take me around and show me a day in the life of Ray. Unless you really want to go back home with me and play games. But then I'd be scared I'd bore you to death."
  9. Catriona was sure the disappointment showed in his expression when Stillang said they'd be separated tonight. After today's emotional rollercoaster Catriona doubted he'd do much except sleep, but he still wanted to join Stillang in his bed. Especially after getting another taste of those perfect lips, chaste as the kiss was. It still sent shivers down Catriona's spine and he could still hardly believe that he and the Cobalt leader were betrothed. He looked forward to what other things Stillang had to show him, but he knew there was no choice but to wait. One more day of waiting would be fine. One more day and Catriona could rest in his love's arms every night from here on out. The disappointment on his face vanished when Livius seemed to glide up to them like the elegant thing he was. "There's still plenty to be jealous of, Livlus." Catriona returned the bow to show how much he respected this man whose friendship he almost destroyed from the very beginning. A new dream of Catriona's was to one day be a role model to some poor, helpless, possibly terrible person just as Livius was to him. With a wave to his new fiance, Catriona followed Livius away from the dying festivities. He was silent for the most part, content to just follow the man as they made their way to his room. Only when they were to separate did he bow his head to Livius. "I hope to still learn from you, Livius. I think I see you as something of an older brother. You know... One who doesn't wish to drown me." Catriona chuckled softly, only now realizing how odd he must have sounded when so casually speaking about his attempted murder. In his heart he still felt calm about it; after all, it was nothing new for a kingdom as abrasive as the Mercury Kingdom, but he knew in his head how wrong it was. If he had more than one child the last thing he would want is to see them attempt to hurt one another let alone try to kill each other. "Should I find you your own little Arialoris when I eventually go back home? You'd like a mercury to call your own, wouldn't you?" Another small laugh escaped Catriona as he teased his friend. Though on the topic of Arialoris... "You don't find me strange?" he asked, avoiding Livius' gaze as he shifted and squeezed his fingers. "Or... Disgusting? I overheard some people talking at the celebration and... Well, you can imagine what some of them are saying if you didn't hear it yourself. I just... I don't know. I care about what you think of me. I care about what the other clan members think of me too, but more so you. If I sicken you, then I wouldn't ask you to spend time with me anymore." Once Livius answers him, Catriona gives him another bow then retreats to his room. Once inside he took off his clothes then flopped onto his bed. He recalled Stillang's words of not pinning for him while they were apart and Catriona knew he'd never be able to keep the promise. He wondered how much Stillang was thinking of him, if he knew that Catriona was simply staring at his ceiling while thinking about how nice it would be to lay in his arms. To kiss him. To touch him. Why did they have to be apart tonight? Well, he supposed they had the rest of their lives to laze in bed together. Sleep didn't come to him at all during the night, but there no sense of tiredness in him once morning came. With more enthusiasm than he felt his entire life, he jumped up, got ready and headed down for breakfast. "Hello, Livius," he said when he arrived. "I'm excited to get started today. I'd like to learn what all is expected of me now." These customs were new to him, but he wanted to learn them perfectly. He was a cobalt now, after all.
  10. The looks given to Fell by both Black and Baz made him more uncomfortable than he'd ever felt. He knew he'd messed up. He knew he'd insulted two very powerful fae; not only that but fae who also meant the world to him. Indeed, he was lucky that Black decided not to hold a grudge against him for his rudeness or even demand something in return. Sometimes it was difficult for him to separate the world he typically lived in from the world of the fae. It was second nature to ask favors in the human world. Help me carry this, please. Do you mind reaching that for me? Will you cook something for me since I don't feel well? I need your help, please come quick! Payment wasn't an unusual thing in the human world, but people did favors every day with no expectation of payment or taking offense. This new world that Fell found himself in was not the same, and he needed to remember that. "I'm sorr--ahhh!" Fell was barely on Baz's back before the kelpie took off into the woods. If he toppled off, he doubted Baz would bother to come back for him considering Fell had also managed to insult him. He'd have to think of a way to make it up to them. Until then, however, Fell was focused on the task at hand. Once Black settled in one area, Fell jumped off of Baz's back and began looking around. Even a half-fae like him could feel the energy in the air. It was as if some entity's energy crackled around him, poking him and teasing at him. He found it difficult to breathe in this area. A few coughs escaped him and he looked around, wondering if the source of such a strong magical energy was still around. The last thing he wanted to do was stay in this place long. The hairs on the back of his neck stood as he wandered around some more. "What kind of creature is here, Baz?" he asked softly, knowing he couldn't communicate with Baz so long as he was in his horse form. One day he'd like to speak with Black and Baz in their animal forms, but that would have to wait. Fell couldn't hold back his apprehension as he slowly walked to where Black had decided to lay down. Right beside the dog was a pile of leaves and sticks... A rather human sized pile of leaves and sticks. Fell swallowed hard and was even more fearful at the small whine and bark Black let out. 'That's the best warning I can give him,' Black told Baz calmly as he watched Fell bend down by the sticks and leaves. A sigh followed his words. 'Maybe one day Fell will learn to listen to me so I can save him these sorts of traumas.' He watched Fell slowly and fearfully push the leaves and sticks aside, as if he knew exactly what he'd find under them. Black was only certain that Fell had seen what was under all that rubble when he heard the young half-fae scream. Poor thing. In his horror of seeing Erik under the leaves--his body pale, cold, and lifeless--Fell scooted backwards until he'd bumped into Baz's leg. Another scream escaped him from the shock until he realized that it was only Baz he had run into. He looked back at Erik, shaking his head slowly as reality dawned on him. "No. No, no, no.... Erik, no..." Tears formed in Fell's eyes and he covered his face with his hands as he tried to register what all this meant. Not only did Fell lose a close friend, but he also lost the person who could help him save Baz's lake. The risk of losing another person close to him had just gone up exponentially. How long would it take to cleanse the lake now? How could Fell fix the lake on his own? "Erik...." Fell crawled back to the body, not to mourn over it or pray over it, but to look through the pockets. He felt sick to his stomach as he searched for the keys to Erik's shop. He'd need to get in and snatch up the plans for the filter before the government came in and took everything. 'We should go.' Black began pulling at Fell's sleeves as he spoke to Baz. The magical signature that was in the air began rising, and while Black was sure that he and Baz could handle themselves things were always so much more difficult with someone to protect. Better that the three of them get home now than risk encountering this creature of the forest.
  11. Catriona almost didn't believe he had heard correctly. Stillang accepted his proposal? He truly accepted him and wanted to be his husband. The young mercury's breath caught in his throat as his head shot up to look at the man he so dearly cared for. Forcing himself to breath, he watched as Stillang walked closer to him and listened to the words he said. Tears formed in Catriona's eyes as Stillang offered him things he never knew he so desperately wanted. A caring home. A loving family. Kind friends. A place where he was welcomed rather than viewed as an outsider or worse, some strange creature that shouldn't exist. All his life he'd been seeking a place to call home and Catriona finally found it here with the Cobalts and Stillang. Stillang continued to offer his gifts, and eventually asked Catriona that one special question. "Yes!" Catriona cried through his tears with no hesitation. "Yes, yes! I accept your gifts. I accept you. Yes yes yes I'll marry you, Stillang." Catriona couldn't contain his grin as he was presented as Stillang's new betrothed. This was all a dream. It all had to be a dream. These types of wonderful things didn't happen to someone like him. Surely, he'd wake up from this dream in his own bedroom with his father screaming at him about something. But until then he'd enjoy this fantasy. The new couple were swept away to where a large celebration was held. When was the last time Catriona had celebrated? The food looked incredible, music was playing, the room was decadent and beautiful, and it was all for them. All for Catriona and Stillang. "Oh!" Catriona was shaken from his admiration of the room when something crashed into him. That something was none other than little Tam, grabbing his best friend in a tight hug around his waist. Without wasting a moment, Catriona returned the hug, a warm smile forming on his face. "And what's this for, Tam?" "I'm so happy for you, Catri! And you too, Lord Stillang!" Tam focused his attention on the other man, grabbing him in a hug as well. "You didn't tell me you were spending time with Lord Stillang like this, Catri! I wouldn't have been mad about you not hanging out with me!" "I'm sorry, Tam." "You're one of us now!" Tam barely let Catriona get a word in edge wise in his excitement. "You're a Cobalt now! Are you gonna live with us? Or are you gonna go back to the Mercury Kingdom? Maybe switch off? Can I visit you when you go back to the Mercury Kingdom? Is it dangerous? Is everything made of mercury? Is it toxic? Is Lord Stillang gonna live with you there too?" "Mercy, child, give them a minute to enjoy their engagement before you bombard them with questions." Altria sauntered up to the group, bowing to both Catriona and Lord Stillang. "Congratulations, you two. Blessings upon you both." The chef would have teased young Catriona and reminisced about the first time they met had she not noticed something odd. She blinked a few times and tilted her head at the mercury before grinning widely. "Looks like Tam is right. You really are one of us." She grinned as she motioned for Lord Stillang to take a look at his new partner. Where they were standing the light hit them in such a way that Altria's skin reflected onto Catriona's silver. In that moment, he was no longer silver, but rather looked much any given person from the Cobalt Kingdom. Though he couldn't see it, he appreciated Altria explaining what she saw. In his happiness, he held tightly to Stillang's hand and placed a light kiss on it. This small phenomena happened continuously throughout the night in various areas where the light hit him just right. Though, as the festivities continued, Catriona found himself more separated from Stillang. Many wanted to congratulate them; several of Stillang's admirers bowed to Catriona then shook his hand, squeezing a bit tighter than was necessary. "Petty," Catriona whispered as one stepped away. He shook his hand out to get rid of the pain as he set out to look for his betrothed once again. "Stillang?" He soon found him and wrapped his arms around his chest, smiling up at the man who made his heart pound of his chest. Once things died down some he'd work to find Livius, but until then he'd enjoy this small moment with Stillang. "Will you dance with me, my love? Please?" The music had just changed to a slow, gentle ballad and all Catriona wanted to do was rest in his love's arms and enjoy his warmth.
  12. Normally, Leo would be ecstatic to have Ray's face so close to his. He'd place a kiss on those perfectly delicious lips right now if he weren't in a complete stupor. After all, how could he, the social media guru, not have Facebook stalked goddamn Ray Fucking Deora??? He should have done that the first day they spoke when they hated each other! The disbelief was evident on his face; he even ignored his milkshake and hashbrowns when they arrived. There were far more important things to worry about than food right now. Pulling out his phone, he immediately began searching for those far more important things. "Fuck you, Ray. Look I don't have time to Facebook stalk every single person that comes my way. And besides, it's not like it's totally farfetched for someone to not have social media these days." Okay, yes it was but Leo wasn't about to admit his mistake. Honestly, he'd had so much fun spending time with Ray, even when they couldn't stand each other, that it didn't even occur to him to look up his social media. The man filled his mind, not his phone, though now he'd be in both. "Oh my god." Leo smiled as he pulled up Ray's facebook, nearly squealing like a drag queen in a wig shop at the pictures of the beautiful man. This must have been how people felt when they saw the painting "Starry Night" in person. Capturing such beauty in a single moment, a single picture, should have been impossible but there it was. And there was that smile of Ray's on his profile. His perfect skin, his perfect hair, his perfect eyes. Leo nearly gasped, but he instead took a sip of his milkshake. Better option to calm his pounding heart. "Ray, you're so damn gorgeous. You could have been a model, you know." Leo spoke quietly, as if to himself rather than Ray. "Fuck, you might even be better looking than me." Leo scrolled through the posts, grinning when he saw a picture of Ray from behind. "And look at that ass! Mmmmmm! Yum, yum!" To extend his compliment, Leo reached down and gave Ray's ass a nice pinch. Just for good measure. Just to make sure it was still there and hadn't gone anywhere. These kinds of things needed to be checked from time to time. "Do you follow me? You better follow me. On all my social media, okay? And follow me on Youtube so you can get updates on my videos." Now that Ray had a new follower/fan/stalker, Leo put his phone away... Only to take it back out so he could snap a picture of his food. Mercy, he was slacking with this social media. As he was posting that lovely picture of his breakfast and a witty caption under it, he glanced over at Ray and raised his eyebrows at him. "Hmmm? What do you mean?" Everyone knew what he did whether he was head diva or not. Everyone. "This head diva has a social media presence to keep up with. I'm always posting about new makeups and trends, or posting from my mom's shop. Soon I'll be streaming games or making videos of them to post on Youtube. My new gaming channel will have me busy. I also have a few new makeup looks based on anime and video game characters planned so I need to make videos of those and post them. When I'm not doing all that I'm meeting with all the lawyers and other important people who I can't think about right now to help with my new makeup line. But knowing these people is how I get jobs like the one we have." He shrugged and snapped a selfie to post on his Instagram, hoping to catch up from his laziness. Finally putting his phone down for good this time, Leo sighed as he indulged in his salty/sweet breakfast. "Everything you see in front of you now is what you see on my social media though. Everything I 'do' is there too. Even if it's just hanging out with friends. You know...." Leo started a thought, resting his hand in his palm as he looked at Ray through his dark sunglasses. "I don't think I would do the social media thing if I couldn't be myself. I'm not like Scarlet and Jackson. I can't get on camera and pretend to be someone else. It was hard hiding that annoying, stupid, nerdy part of me, but now that it's out there I'm happier than ever. Like a weight's been lifted off of me. There's nothing to hide with me so I guess in reality I'm a pretty simple guy. I like make up, anime, and video games. That's about it. That's what I 'do.' Oh, and of course I play with my dog." Leo might have gone on more if Ray hadn't offered him his pancakes. Not one to turn down free food, Leo opened his mouth and gobbled them right up. "Mmmmmmm~ Ray! This is my new favorite spot. Fine I'll admit it. Stupid pancakes taste good. This place should do some kind of collaboration with my mom. God. That'd send people straight to heaven." Before he became too engrossed with his food and forget that Ray was beside him, he decided he'd shoot Ray's question right back at him. "So what about you, gorgeous? You said earlier you didn't have anything that you were super passionate about. I don't really believe that, but I do believe you can't think of an answer right now. Better question, though, what is it that you do when you're not doing Jackson's face? Just working on your own? It's perfect though, you don't need to work on it."
  13. Staring at the closed doors only made Catriona's nerves rise. Part of him wanted to run away, disappear into oblivion to never be seen again. The confident prince found himself wondering if this would really work, if Stillang would find him a suitable partner. The same doubts continued to run through his mind. There were so many others who could better fit the role of spouse. The fact he could become pregnant was a plus, but it couldn't be the only thing. Now that Stillang knew Arialoris existed he could go find one that was smarter, prettier, more experienced than Catriona. Nothing felt guaranteed in this moment. All of the suffocating passion, love, admiration, and desire Catriona felt for Stillang meant nothing if the Cobalt Leader decided the young Mercury Prince was unfit to be his partner. "Calm down, Catriona, calm down. Don't think this way until it's happened. Deal with it then. Until then, try your best. Remember all of the gifts you thought of. Remember Livius' training. Just focus. Just breathe. Just focus." The little pep talk helped, but only until the doors opened. Catriona was momentarily blinded by the light that shined from the room, or perhaps it was just his own nerves that blocked his view of everything. The gasps and murmurs didn't go unheard by him. The clan certainly didn't expect the spoiled heir of the Mercury clan to want to marry Stillang. He was sure that most of them hadn't gotten a chance to see how he'd grown and changed. For them, he was probably still the nasty, arrogant, horrible young man who was far too entitled for his own good. That boy may not have necessarily disappeared entirely, but Catriona had certainly learned to harness all of that energy into something more tasteful. Not that they mattered. Well... They did matter, but in this moment Catriona couldn't think about them or he'd faint. He didn't look for Livius in the crowd, nor Altria and her sister, nor Tam or his friends. He kept his eyes on the man that so easily stole his heart. He had already committed the steps Livius had explained to memory. Performance was one of his better skills. The movements and actions were nothing compared to what he'd have to say. When the time came to pause, Catriona did so, waited for the nod from Stillang, then began to speak. "I'm so nervous, Lord Stillang," he said without thinking. Whatever he had intended to say had gone out the window in the presence of the man he so deeply cared for. "I've never been this nervous in my life. Though, I suppose this is proof of how much you mean to me. I wouldn't feel this way if I didn't care so strongly for you. When I came here I never expected to have my heart taken by another man. Turned out to be a pleasant surprise." When he reached the proper point, Catriona bent on his knees, bowed his head slightly, and held his hands out with his palms up. "I have a few gifts I'd like to offer you, Lord Stillang, in hopes you find them acceptable. Though know that I'd attempt to give you the impossible, my lord. I'd give you the moon and every star in the sky if I could. I'd dive to the depths of the ocean and grab all of the hidden treasures there. There's truly nothing I wouldn't give you." Catriona would give Stillang his beating, silver, bloody heart if he wanted it, though that didn't seem the best thing to say in front of the clan. "My first gift is one of convenience and politics. Your marriage to me will give you direct connection to the Mercury Kingdom. It would be easier to engage in trade with us and we could even provide you with military assistance if you needed it. Even something as simple as tourism could open many different avenues between the two kingdoms. Overall, an easier time engaging with political and economical policies with the Mercury Kingdom is something I happily offer you. I also offer you my talent for the arts. Aside from politics I hope to give back to the Cobalt clan in another way. I'd be happy to teach the young ones, or anyone who may be interested, various artistic skills. Singing, dancing, painting, certain instruments, sculpting. It'd be my honor to give back to the clan in this way. While I understand you have your own worthy instructors for such things, you can also count on me to do my best to encourage such learnings." That was the easy gift to offer. Everything else shook Catriona to his core, but he took a deep breath and continued. "I had difficulty deciding which of these next gifts were most important. They're all so very important, I think. Their value differs only slightly, my lord. Just ever so slightly. The next gift I offer you is both to you and your clan, and it is my loyalty. I'm aware that Mercuries are... We're not the most trusted people in the world. Know that you'll never have to question where I stand. I will always remain by your side until the day I leave this earth. I'll be a trustworthy partner to you, one you can always count on and rely on. I'll never let you down. I'll never betray you. I'd die before anything such as that happened, Lord Stillang. Next, I offer you my love. It's a simple thing, but you'll always have it. You'll always have my chest to rest your head on when you're weary. You'll always have my ear when you need someone to listen to you. You'll always have my hand to squeeze when you need someone's touch. I'll keep the world at bay when you need time to simply breathe. All of these offers will stand for the rest of our lives. Lord Stillang, you added a new hue to my monotonous silver and I hope I can add a new hue to your blue with all the love I'll give you." Catriona took a deep breath. For him, the moment of truth was finally upon him. "I offer another gift to you, which is strangely a secret. I offer this gift to you right here and now, and I offer it to your clan as well. There are few privy to this secret outside of the Mercury Clan, if any. For your precious clan members, I find it appropriate to reveal it to them. If I'm to be yours, then they deserve a gift as well, no?" Another deep breath. "I offer all of you, the clan and Lord Stillang, the secret of the Arialoris. We're a special type of Mercury... Men who have the ability to give birth. And of course, I am one of them." Catriona stopped speaking at the few gasps and whispers that filled the space. Only when everyone quieted down did he continue, his heart pounding hard enough that he was sure he'd die right here and now. "Which leads me to my next gift. I'd be happy, so very happy, to give you a child, Lord Stillang. And with the gift of an heir I offer my next gift, which is to love that child with everything inside of me. You will not have to fear the harsh environment I grew up with effecting my love for the child. I want my child--your child--to be nurtured, taken care of, and loved. I'll love the child unconditionally, Lord Stillang." Catriona laughed lightly. "I don't think I've ever said the word 'unconditionally' in my life. For you, though, and for my child you can believe that I would die for the both of you. I'll never allow the terrors I was raised with to reach this child. I will teach them to sing. I will teach them to play instruments. I will teach them to create sculptures. Oh Lord Stillang, I will simply love you and this child with all I have." Catriona swallowed hard, suddenly wishing he had water and perhaps a bed to rest his frazzled body on. "With these gifts, Lord Stillang, I ask you to accept me as your partner. Your spouse. I love you so much and I hope my gifts showed that today." With that, Catriona lowered his head and waited for the Cobalt leader's response.
  14. A soft laugh escaped Fell at Baz's teasing words. Oh, if only the kelpie knew just how badly Fell was craving him. Or perhaps he did know. He seemed very aware of how desperate the young half-faery always was for him. Though it hadn't been too long since their last session together, Fell was already looking forward to another. These restrictions put on him were certainly a dire punishment, one capable of driving him mad. Still, he smiled at his kelpie, reaching out to touch his cheek only to stop right at the last moment. A small whimper left him as his hand retreated away, though the smile never faltered. "You're so cruel to me, Baz," Fell said gently, looking at his hand as if it had been burned. "You know how badly I want you and yet you tease me about my desires." Those shining eyes of his looked Baz up and down, much in the same way Baz had admired his faery. What Fell wouldn't give for Baz to take him right here and now, command that he take off his clothes and spread his legs for the kelpie to abuse that tender, aching hole of his until Fell passed out from the sheer power of his manhood. "You hurt me so by not allowing me to touch you. It's like you've deprived me of air, my love. Though I'm a determined man. I won't stop working until I'm back in your arms once again." If there was one thing Fell could be proud of it was his ability to complete his tasks. Finding his friends was just another errand that needed to be ran, and at the end of it all was the wonderful prize of Baz's body. "Is it easy for you, Baz?" Fell asked, tilting his head to the side as he regarded the man who so easily stole his heart. "Do you find it difficult to keep your hands off of me or I am the only one who feels this pain?" The answer may not have been what Fell was hoping for, but by now the half-fae knew to never expect one thing or another from Baz. He was always a surprise; nothing was predictable with Baz and that was one of the many reasons why Fell desired him so much. Regardless of what the answer to his question was he wanted to know the answer. He wanted to understand Baz's degree of feelings towards him in some capacity. Then again, Baz might not even answer the question. Fell laughed at the thought; so unpredictable. "I was asking about the humans just so I know what my options were with them. I want to help, you know I do. I just... I can't allow them to be near you. I simply don't know what I'd do if they touched you again, Baz." Fell rolled his neck, feeling his tense muscles as the hours drew deeper into the night. "I fear the next elixir I give them won't force them into a temporary sleep, but rather a permanent one. I've never felt so..." Possessive. Jealous. Angry. Hateful. Spiteful. All of these words came to Fell's mind, but he dared not speak them aloud. Baz couldn't know just how dark his heart had become in that moment. The desire to heal left him and was replaced with a desire to harm. And oh, how he'd happily harm those humans. Before he could think any farther on the matter, he saw Black emerge from the darkness of the forest. The dog trotted over to the pair, dragging a jacket in his mouth. "Oh!" Fell met him halfway and examined the jacket. "This belongs to Erik. Baz! This belongs to my friend! He's the one I need to help me fix the lake. Oh no, oh no. Please don't be dead, Erik. Please." A momentary panic set in as Fell imagined the worst case scenario. He'd still fix the lake with or without Erik's help, but it would be far more difficult and take much longer. He needed Erik for this mission. "Black. Do you think you can trace the scent? If you smell his jacket do you think you could--" He was cut off by Black growling at him accompanied by a few threatening barks. Fell didn't back down but rather cocked his head to the side, wondering why Black was acting this way. After a few moments of being growled at, Fell lowered his head as he spoke to the dog. "Did I offend you? These are menial tasks I'm asking of you, aren't they? I'm sorry. I really am. I just... I need help." Perhaps Black was the one who stuck around Fell because of his cuteness. All it took was that simple apology and Black was back at it. He hated himself for it, but he sniffed the jacket and headed off to the forest to began tracing the scent. Fell turned back to Baz, his expression one of hope and desperation. "Can you help me follow him, Baz? Out of everyone, Erik is the one I need to find the most. I know we just got back, but he may be able to track him directly. Please, Baz?"
  15. Catriona looked after Livius as he left, his mind attempting to wrap around everything the man had said. It all seemed so obvious and yet so distant to the young mercury. Did he really not have to give any sort of material thing to Stillang in order for him to accept him as a partner? The idea that Catriona could walk up to him and simply offer himself, his loyalty, his love, and whatever else he felt in his heart seemed like it wasn't enough. There had to be more. There simply had to be more to it than that. Then again the Cobalts were far different than the Mercuries. Catriona spent his life attempting to gain and gain and gain. Everyone did. His mother had done so, his father, even his brothers before they died always worked to gain something. A physical something to show off their pride or knowledge or excellence. Catriona's own life could be displayed in his clothes, his jewelry, the mercury statues he liked to build, trinkets and lavish furnishings, and whatever else was befitting of a prince. He always had something to show. There was always something physical to show. It was probably why he went out of his way to give Stillang the mercury horse statue and the earring. Those two items, however, were not simply things. They were tokens. One, a token of remorse, and the other, a token of gratitude and perhaps even love. He wanted Stillang to have those things. He desired for him to have those things. They were more than just physical objects Catriona gave to the cobalt leader. They were representations of his sorrow and his desire. They were little pieces of Catriona that he wanted Stillang to have as his own. Then again Livius wasn't so much saying that material items were completely useless. He did explain that romance only went so far after all. Perhaps then the key was balance. That seemed to be a trait in the cobalt culture that the mercury culture was severely lacking. Balance. Physical gifts were great, but meant nothing if there wasn't a true intent behind them. There was much to think about, but all Catriona had been doing since he got here was thinking. His world had been turned upside down and his mind was reeling from the shock of it. So much of the learning he grew up with was unraveling itself each and every day he spent in the Cobalt Kingdom and new learnings were forcing their way into his tired mind. Well, he was happy to to dedicate himself to these learnings for Lord Stillang. The rest of the day was spent with Catriona in his bedroom, practicing the walk and gestures he'd have to perform, as well as thinking about what "gifts" he'd offer to Stillang. Once he felt as if he had all of it committed to memory, he grabbed some of his jewels from his treasure box and headed back to the tailor Livius had taken him to. They had done an excellent job of creating a new wardrobe for him. While there were still several pieces that needed to be worked on he knew one piece would be perfect for this ceremony. "Will you please help me put this on?" Normally Catriona would immediately run towards anything bright red. Standing out was something he liked to do in the Mercury Kingdom. Not that he didn't already stand out as a royal who was an Arialoris, but he liked when the attention was placed on him. Striking colors such as red always helped with that, but today was different. Today was certainly a big day for him, but it was also a big day for Stillang. Out of the two of them Stillang should be the one looking the most impressive. Livius had said it and Catriona agreed. Rather than overshadow the man he was trying to win over he should humble himself. The word "humble" was never in the young mercury's vocabulary until he'd arrived at the Cobalt Kingdom, but now more than ever he needed to take it into consideration. Which is why he decided on light, simple colors that almost never graced his body until today. He looked in the mirror and admired the sleeveless pantsuit, colored a lovely soft cream that slowly faded to a light delicate blue as it went down. The pant area was wide, enough so that the suit itself looked more like a dress. Frankly, he'd be surprised if people didn't mistake it for a dress. He loved the way the blue rested at the bottom of the pants; the delicate shift from cream to blue made him feel like he was resting on a cloud traveling across a beautiful blue sky. He'd never seen himself in something so... Modest. So sweet and tender. Long cream colored gloves that went to his elbow completed the look, or it almost did. With a bow to the tailor, Catriona went back to his room and dug around in his treasure box for one more thing. He'd never worn the hair comb he pulled out of the box, not once. It was never expressive enough for him, but today it was perfect. He used it to pull the front of his hair out of his face and secure it behind him. The white diamonds blended in well with his hair, enough that when looking directly at it one would probably only recognize the blue diamonds shining from him. He never thought he could feel beautiful wearing something so simple, but he loved it. He loved all of it. Now he simply awaited orders. He was ready to propose to Stillang... Or as ready as he'd ever be.
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