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    every BL manga but if with theme God x Human, Ayakashi x Human or Omegaverse are my ultimate fav.~


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    I ship every couple that I can ship ⸂⸂⸜(രᴗര๑)⸝⸃⸃

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  1. Banana Fish... TBH before the anime I didn't know a thing about it, but since I watch the anime I instantly fall in love and start to reading the manga and I more in love with the story, I love how the story goes, it heartbreaking but also so beautiful. When I read the Garden of Light for the first time I cried so hard for a good 2 hour or more :Sleepy: even now 1 year after the anime, I still get sad to the point of almost crying or cried my heart out in the middle of night every time I saw anything related with Banana Fish (and my friend that keep posting Ash 'sleeping' in library at group didn't help at all! even so I love to make banana fish art and post some at my IG >///
  2. I need to update my list too, if anyone know new works it would be great~
  3. ahhh Hakuouki! my fav Otoge/anime~ finally a musical about Kazama~ :Excited:
  4. aaaah 2020!!! still far away... but hope they make a good one because they already postponed it
  5. currently didn't play any JRPG becuase of something buuuuutttt~~ that doesn't stop me from playing other game! any Akaseka or toram player here?
  6. @fan_yaoi thank you~ good to be back~ I feel like my artist block getting thicker by each passing day
  7. random thought... "Why I like to sing but I, myself have a complex about my own voice?" "Am'I good enough?" "Why Am'I short!? (156 cm)
  8. FINALLY BACK!!!! HELLO MY FELLOW FORUM MATES! HOW DO YOU DO~ damm~ I missed posting/replying random things on general talk so much!
  9. this is so heartbreaking, I read cruciatus thread and I'm so mad and sad at the same time, now many people became victim of this inhuman group/individuals make my blood boils. I sorry for this unwanted things happened to you, I hope those people will get their karma for stealing and getting profit from it. for the want who steal it... don't you have shame of what you done? people being nice to shared their private collection and you just go ahead to do this disgusting behavior not only you do not respect what the owner wishes but also making money from it. Shame on you!
  10. Oh my... I'm sorry to know that... some people still do such things... thank you for telling me
  11. from https://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/62688-Ookami-kun-wa-Kowakunai the expired link : https://mega.nz/#!UQ9nFKTC!yqLlbwWQDYFuOG0y4dctil3f1zgvjU8YFopbtN-zp8U Can I request for re upload link above? because the link no longer available at Mega (already expired)/the link are broken thank you :8onion73:
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