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  1. "Ahh I understand so if you were it might make things worse." She said looking at him and sighed as she thought of more questions. "So after this next movie do you have anything else planned or lined up for yourself?" He asked
  2. "Yeah I will." He said and soon they stopped at a store and Jason ran in and got some medicine soon coming out and looked like he bought ever kid medicine in the drug store. After getting into the car they headded home. "OK I got it." Haru was sleeping and Kuro was sleeping as well now
  3. Yuki looked at them. "They look fun, but I don't know how to play on them." He said as he looked at it and tilted his head. "Yeah I am glad I do feel bad that we pulled him away from heaven, but I do hope he is happy with Yuki." Zero explained it was his hope and everything
  4. "how long was it before you had the first child it'll probably be about the exact same amount of time. It doesn't change not normally." Hidan said looking at him.
  5. "you know Yu even though you're a pain in the ass I still love you. I will never stop loving you until the day I die. And even then I will love you in death." Mika whispered as he looked over him the rest of the night.
  6. Alex smiled as he too started to eat the food making him happy as well. "It does taste so good It makes me happy to eat this I am glad that I made it I hope you like it just as much." He said smiling
  7. "Yes I want it. It makes me happy." she said laughing and looked at him. "If you want you can get a fancier bed." Max said looking at him. "Don't worry about money."
  8. "I might." He said and looked at him then took a deep breath. "Ok so what one should we play with first." He said looking at him then kissed his cheek and then sighed not knowing what to do next
  9. "I guess we will I can't wait to see what kind of people they are when they are growing up." He said smiling and looked at him him then kissed his cheek
  10. "Good I will like that as well." He said looking at him happy that this was happening and that he was with him.
  11. Mika just held him close and then kissed his cheek. "How is it even if your sleep you are still like this." he said laughing and smiled happy that this was happening and everything. "You don't know how much I love you."
  12. "Yeah maybe we should give him some cold meds when we get home just in case." He said thinking about it and sighing not sure what they should do with him next Haru slept with his cat who went to sleep as well
  13. "yeah Jasper said that you wouldn't be too long so I wanted to wait for you. I mean after all you are the wonderful person who wants me too stay here with you guys." He said smiling
  14. "honestly I have no idea where to start.... Why don't we start with what your favorite game is and work from there?'' he said looking at home and then took a deep breath looking around the room
  15. "why don't we eat something first and then go play some more games?" He said looking at him then looked at him not sure what to do next
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