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  1. 1978

    ♪ Happy birthday, Shion :)



  2. hi there ^^ you're welcome. what should I call you? cloud or silk?

  3. Thanks for the friend request shion ^^

  4. Me: shion Hobbies: watching anime, sleep, stalking some cosplayers' page I prefer to.... I'm okay with both. The type of art I like the most... poem and animation. What i would like to learn is..cosplay and making anime I don't really know what should I write and thank you.
  5. haha it's olay ^^ i know everyone is busy with RL and all.. including me. :hamtaro-005 (5):

    and thanks :3

  6. Took me too long to reply to your message,. :hamtaro-005 (5): Was just getting online now,. Anyway, thank you,. Your profile background is cute,. Love the pout,. cheetah4

  7. your profile is awesome~!! owo *stare at your profile picture*

  8. then I'll just call you Cassy~~ coz Inu mean dog in Japanese and it's kinda rude to call you that. ^^

  9. Some of my nicknames are Cas, Inu, Icchi, Blossom, Inu-chan.......just to name a few. I think its sort of cute, actually.

  10. 1978

    HI :)


    Thanks for your FR, Shion ^_^



    Happy Monday!!




  11. hi there cassy ^^ i wonder what nicknames ppl here gave you.

  12. Well my dear, thank you for accepting!


    Please call me Cassy. Or you can call me whatever you like. Nicknames are something a lot of people here give me.

  13. hey, thanks for the add ^^

    I'm shion. nice to meet you.

  14. haha XD that's extremely late reply but it's okay.

    I'm good. ^^ trying to get used to this forum.


  15. hiiiiiiii how are u??

    thanks for add me toooooooo

    me toooooo

    sorry i'm late:hamtaro-005 (5):

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