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  1. Gabriel stumbled slightly when Adam grabbed his wrist, though he didn't mind. He thought his eagerness was a bit hot, and if he was being honest he wanted to get into Adam's room quickly. When the two walked into the empty elevator, Gabriel honestly didn't know what to say to him. He wasn't even entirely sure if they were going to his room to have sex, or just so Adam could freshen up. Gabriel stole a quick side glance at Adam, before he looked down at the wooden floors. The comment about their rooms made Gabriel look up at Adam, "I'll be the judge of that." Gabriel said with a little smirk, as he placed one of his hands onto his hip. When Adam said his name, he let his arm fall as he hummed in response to his name. When he asked if he could kiss him, Gabriel looked up at him with a little smile. His gave fell to the ground when Adam said his glasses brought about this need. "I think we're passed asking each other at this point, mate." Gabriel said, his blue eyes meeting Adam's for a split second. "We've both sucked each others cocks before, just... kiss me." Gabriel said, his fingers tenderly brushing against his arm. The sensual tension was killing Gabriel. He wanted to press the emergency stop, and just have his way with Adam right then and there - but that could wait. Good things came to those who waited after all. When Adam grabbed his wrist, Gabriel couldn't help but smile at the man. It was even hotter that Adam pulled him into his room. Gabriel honestly thought that Adam was going to kiss him the second the door closed, but instead he lead him to the bed, before he walked away. Gabriel sat down, his eyes looking around the room. It really was the same, though there was a noticeable size difference in their beds. Gabriel bounced a bit, trying to test if it was just as comfortable - though he didn't get to take too many tests, before Adam returned and sat next to him. Gabriel held out his hands as Adam instructed - he even closed his eyes for added flavor. When he heard Adam say thirty-nine shots, Gabriel was a little confused until he opened his eyes. Gabriel's eyes lit up, before he quickly grabbed the camera with both hands. "I love it!" Gabriel said, a smile spread from ear to ear. Maybe it was his artistic nature, but Gabriel loved photography. He wasn't as great at it as he was painting, but he had a few shots that he took pride in. "I can't believe you kept this gift for so long," Gabriel said. "I'm happy you did though." Gabriel lightly bumped Adam with his shoulder. He looked at Adam, his blue eyes studying the mans face. Gabriel lightly bit his lip, before he leaned in and kissed Adam on the lips. His hand snaked around, before he blindly took a picture of the two of them. He hoped that the picture captured it, but if it didn't maybe it would look a bit artsy? Gabriel pulled away, his lips still grazing Adam's as he spoke, "One down, thirty eight shots left."
  2. Adam seemed... sentimental today. Gabriel didn't really know how to feel about it. On one hand it was really sweet, and then on another hand it make him feel really awkward. Gabriel wasn't one to be open about his feelings, so it was weird seeing Adam being so sincere. The fact that he had a gift for him made him all the more anxious, yet Gabriel felt compelled to get him one as well. It was only the polite thing to do after all. He just had to make sure it wasn't anything that would give Adam the wrong idea. Gabriel and Adam were just friends... friends that occasionally slept together. Gabriel was mid-chew when Adam asked him about his culinary skills. He quickly chewed, which seemed to be a lot slower than his usual chew speed, before he gave an uncertain shrug. "I guess," Gabriel answered after he swallowed. "I've been on my own since... I was pretty young, so I guess I've picked up a few skills." Between Eliza and Gabriel, he was the best cook. On the days that Eliza and Fabian invited Gabriel over to dinner, it was always Fabian who cooked their meals. Even before they got together, Gabriel was usually the one to cook for Eliza. "They're not like... gourmet, but it's food." Gabriel shoveled another bite into his mouth, before he took a quick peek out the window. It honestly worried Gabriel that Adam didn't eat breakfast anymore. Breakfast was honestly his favorite meal of the day, and he couldn't imagine his life without it. Adam was a CEO though... maybe he just didn't have much time? Maybe... he should start bringing in Adam some breakfast? No... he'd get the wrong idea. Gabriel leaned forward just a bit to take a bite off of Adam's fork, the tastes making him melt slightly. "Fuck... That's so good..." When Adam asked him if he could try recreating this dish, Gabriel's eyes widened just a bit. He looked down, before his eyes flashed up. "It worries me that you don't eat breakfast," Gabriel said, trying to sound as uninterested as possible. "Why don't you just come over for breakfast once in a while? Not like every day, but like once a week or so. It's nothing fancy, but you'll at least get some breakfast." Gabriel liked cooking for people, though it made him a little anxious that Adam would be in his apartment. After Gabriel finished his meal, he leaned back in his chair and sipped his coffee. "Fuck that was good," Gabriel said, clearly satisfied. He would say that this meal was better than sex, but nothing was better than sex. When Adam announced he was headed up to his room, Gabriel chugged the last bit of his coffee before he sat it down. His eyes darted up at him when Adam invited him back to his room. Gabriel gave Adam a half smile. "Sure," Gabriel said as he fixed his glasses. "I want to compare our rooms together." Besides, this could end in only one way. Gabriel had to make it up to Adam for last night, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. He looked Adam up and down, "What do you want to do while we're there?" Gabriel asked softly, his fingertips just barely touching Adam's. Andika walked up to the table with a leather checkbook in hand. "Alright, here's you're check." He said as he sat it onto their table. "It was really a pleasure. Have a nice date!" Andika said with a large smile, before walking away to tend to other tables.
  3. Gabriel couldn't help but roll his eyes when Adam said that it must have been nice having his sister fuss over him. It made Gabriel happy that someone would care so much about him, but then again it was his sister - it was their job to fuss when needed. "It gets annoying sometimes," Gabriel said as he took his coffee into his hands, and sipped it softly. "I thought she would calm down after she got pregnant, but it seems like it just made it worst. Hopefully when the baby is born, she'll focus all that energy on them." Seeing Adam beaming at him made Gabriel smile a bit. It was nice seeing Adam so relaxed. The last few days had been so busy with business dinners, Adam's time spent at the Bali location, and their fight - it made Gabriel a little happy to see him so excited. "Right," Gabriel replied with a smile. It really was nice reconnecting with Adam after so long. He wished that Adam was over him, but he was rather fun to talk to regardless. Gabriel watched at Adam smelled his tea, his eyebrow raising just a bit. Tea drinkers, I swear... Gabriel thought to himself, as he sat down his coffee and crossed his arms. When Adam mentioned the market place, Gabriel's eyebrows raised with interest. That did sound rather fun. Eliza always said that foreign market places were fun, and Gabriel liked to think he was rather adventurous. "That sounds fun," Gabriel said honestly, as he leaned forward in his seat. "I'm just happy we get to see the monkey's first. Honestly, if I didn't see at least one monkey in this trip, you would have to deal with a sobbing secretary on our way home." There was still a good chance Adam might see Gabriel cry, seeing that the only way back home was on a flying metal death trap. The mention of the gift made Gabriel a little anxious. "A... gift?" Gabriel asked, feeling a bit flustered. "You really didn't have to... I... don't have anything for you." He would definitley get him something at the market place... it was just a matter of what. Gabriel didn't know Adam all that well, so he didn't have a clue as to what would be the ideal gift for Adam. "But... thank you, Adam." Gabriel said as he awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. Andika walked up to their table, placing their plates in front of them. "Alright!" He said enthusiatically. "Here's your guys' food. Is there anything else I can do for you?" "I'm fine. This is perfect. Thank you Andika," Gabriel said with a small smile. Andika returned the smile, his hands stuffing themselves into his apron. "Well, I'll come back to check on you in a bit." He said before he walked away. Gabriel unwrapped his silverware from the cloth, before he started to eat his food. He never had this particular dish before, but he enjoyed it a lot. "Wow..." He said, his eyes wide with surprise. "I'm going to have to find out how to make this when we get home. How's your food? Can I try I bite? I'll let you have a bite of mine." Gabriel scooped some of his food onto a fork, before he held it up.
  4. Gabriel use to love giving Adam blow jobs in college. He found his reactions to be cute, and it only made him hornier. Truthfully, he was a little bitter that he couldn't go that far with Adam last night, but he would more than make up for it later. Physically he was sitting across from Adam in a five star restaurant, but mentally he was on his knees in one of their rooms. It was a little flattering that Adam had the same thoughts about how today was going to end. When Adam asked Andika how long he'd been working at the restaurant, he flashed him a smile as he replied. "A little over a year." That smile of his only seemed to grow when Adam said the word 'date.' This word didn't amuse Gabriel as much. Gabriel looked over at Adam, his eyebrow raising just a bit at the word. He looked rather pleased with himself, which made Gabriel smirk a bit as he rolled his eyes. Gabriel had been so mean to Adam as of late, so he wouldn't correct him just yet. "I wanted to see more of Bali anyways," Gabriel said honestly. Truthfully, Gabriel would have been a bit sad if they didn't go sightseeing. This was his first time out of the country, and if Gabriel was being honest, he felt a lot better having Adam next to him. Gabriel got the sense that Adam was a lot more of a seasoned traveler than he was. "I honestly recommend the Taman Kertha Gosa," Andika answered. "It's a beautiful building, with an even more gorgeous painted ceiling. Though, if you like monkeys, there's also a really fun monkey sanctuary not too far from here." Andika's smile only grew, before he slightly leaned into the two. "Both of them are perfect for dates." He offered them a little wink. The word 'date' made Gabriel blush just a bit, his hand anxiously rubbing the back of his neck. "Well, I'm going to check on your food. I'll be right back." Andika said, before walked away from their table. "I'm honestly really interested in the monkey sanctuary, though the Taman Kertha Gosa sounds pretty cool. We can always try doing both." Gabriel said as he started to open up the creamers, and individually pour them into his coffee. "I've never actually seen a monkey, so it would be really cool to play with one." Gabriel honestly loved monkeys of all kinds. He loved their mischievous ways, and found them to be very adorable - he would never share this passion to Adam. His phone lightly buzzed in his pants, causing Gabriel to reach inside and check his message. He smiled just a bit when he saw it was Eliza. "Sorry, my sister texted me," Gabriel said. "She'll panic if I don't respond immediately." He rolled his eyes, before he opened the text and began to read it. You're coming home tomorrow right? Fabian and I will be picking you up... I miss you're stupid fucking face. Don't forget to buy me something! xoxo "She's too much sometimes," Gabriel said as he got ready to text back. "She's going to pick me up tomorrow, so I guess you'll get to meet her and her husband. I think you'll like her." His eyes looked up at Adam, before they looked down at his phone. I'll be back home around like... nine at night? You know, if I don't get murdered, or go out in flames via plane crash. Joking... Hopefully. Knock on wood, I'm too young, and far too attractive to die yet. I already got you, Fabbie, and Mini-Muffin something. Thanks Muffin, I'll see you tomorrow. I miss you too. After Gabriel sent the text, he put his phone back into his pocket with a soft smile. "My sister gets so anxious when I'm away... it's pitiful." Gabriel was anxious when he was so far away too, though he wouldn't ever admit that to anyone. "But enough about that, let's talk about sightseeing."
  5. Gabriel couldn't help but blush when Adam complimented his glasses, and it didn't help that his fingers lightly brushed his skin. Feeling his fingers against his skin couldn't help but remind him of last night; how his skillful hands teasingly stroked him, the feeling of his breath tickling his skin, and even the feeling of his lips pressed against his own. Gabriel wanted more, despite knowing how bad of an idea that was. Sleeping with Adam felt so good though. Gabriel thanked Andika as he was leaving, a soft smile on his lips as his eyes followed the other man. He really was quite handsome. When Adam began to speak, Gabriel turned his head to give the man his attention. Gabriel met Adam's gaze, his teeth biting down onto his lip as he spoke. The offer to fill in those gaps in his memory was so tempting. When Adam parted his legs, he couldn't help but feel a bit turned on. There was a fleeting thought that Gabriel should just come clean and tell Adam he remembered - but what was the fun in that? Gabriel reached out and rested his hand on Adam's, his eyes still maintaining contact. "I'm very curious about what happened last night," Gabriel said in a low seductive tone, his fingers lacing with Adam's. "I wouldn't mind if you filled in those gaps." Gabriel knew that this was a bad idea. They were going to go back to their college habits, but this time Gabriel knew full well of Adam's feelings towards him. Against his better judgement though, Gabriel wanted this so bad. He just hoped that his friendship with Adam wouldn't suffer because of it. Anika came back with the drinks with a bright smile. "Alright here's your Oregano tea," he said as he sat the mug placed on a small dish down, a tiny kettle full of hot water, and an extra tea bag in front of Adam. "And here's your coffee. I made sure to bring extra cream out, just in case." He sat the coffee cup and a small bowl full of different creamers. "Anything else?"
  6. Noel found that Adam telling him to go ahead and look seemed a little threatening. If they weren't in a relationship, why was he so defensive of Gabriel to begin with? It was a little adorable. Noel couldn't help but feel like there was more to their relationship than just that, and the nosy part of him wanted to know what that was. However, he also knew that prying could ruin his career, if he did it to the wrong people. Noel was just the type who wanted to know everyone's dirty laundry though. He knew that curiosity would eventually kill the cat, though he just couldn't help himself. The warning caused Noel to shrug, "I suppose you're right mon aime. I'll be sure to be more careful." Noel said this, though he really didn't mean it. Noel said this exact thing countless times, and he never followed through with it. He was a prisoner to his own impulses. He watched as Adam walked away with a little smile. ~ Gabriel leaned against the wall scrolling through social media. When he got the text to go inside and start eating without him, Gabriel rolled his eyes with a smile. Those are dangerous words. I might just buy everything on the menu. Gabriel wouldn't of course, though it didn't keep him from making empty threats. Gabriel pocketed his phone, before he walked to the hostess who greeted him with a large smile. "Welcome to Rain Forest Cafe!" The hostess greeted, as her fingers played with the corners of the laminated menus. "Is it just you today?" "Two actually," Gabriel corrected politely. "He'll be joining us later." "Perfect!" She said as she grabbed a pencil and a small memo pad. "Whats's you're name cutie?" "Gabriel Grundy." Gabriel replied. The hostess wrote down his name, before she grabbed two menus. "This way," she said as she motioned Gabriel to follow her. She led him to a window seat, where the ocean and even some of the cliff faces were in perfect view. The view was gorgeous that it almost made him forget about his fear of heights completely. Gabriel looked outside the window as he sat down in complete awe, his attention snapping back only when the hostess spoke to him. "Your waiter will be with you shortly," She said sweetly, before she walked away. Gabriel thanked her, his attention turning back to the window. It had only been a few days, but so much has happened in that short amount of time. It was weird to think that one moment he was having his first day of work, and now he was in Bali for work. In that time he seemed to have gotten to know Adam a bit more... it was nice. Gabriel already respected the man, but that respect seemed to grow the more time he spent with him. Gabriel honestly felt a bit bad for almost sleeping with him. He knew his feeling, but as always Gabriel always did what he wanted. When he heard Adam greet him, Gabriel turned his head with a smile. "Took you long enough," Gabriel teased playfully. Gabriel looked at Adam up and down, his fingers rubbing his neck softly. He felt so over dressed. When Adam mentioned his glasses, Gabriel could feel his cheeks heat up. "This is going to be the only time you see me with them, so don't get use to it." The announcement that Adam never ate breakfast caught him off guard, though it didn't surprise him. When he turned the menu over to him and asked him to pick something out, Gabriel's blue eyes looked up at him before they fell down. "Dangerous choice," Gabriel said. He was reading over the menu when Adam asked how his stomach was. His eyes looked up at him, before falling back to the menu. "It's fine," Gabriel replied. "I don't remember much of last night though." Gabriel half lied, with a small shrug. He remembered what seemed important; a hot make out session, a hand job, and ruining it all with a quick run to the toilet. "Hi, I'm you're waiter Andika," Said the waiter. He looked like he was in his early twenties, with dark black hair and gorgeous tan skin. "What can I get for you?" Gabriel smirked, before he looked over at Adam and but at Andika. "This handsome gentleman will have the..." Gabriel looked back down at the menu, his eyes squinting slightly. "I'll probably butcher the pronunciation but he'll have the longton sayur." Andika quickly wrote it down with a nod. "I'll have the nasi kucing... Sorry again if I messed up on the pronunciation." Andika shrugged, "I've heard worst. Not bad for your first try. Can I get you guys anything to drink?" "I'll have a coffee. Can I have extra cream as well?" Gabriel only loved hot coffee, if he couldn't taste it to begin with. Andika nodded as he wrote down the order, before looking at Adam. "What about you?"
  7. Adam Akagi, Noel thought to himself, in an attempt to glue this mans name to his memory. Noel liked to memorize named of people who looked important. In his line of work, he never knew who he'd be working for in that moment. Adam was staying at this amazing hotel, and he had one of his workers with him - which told Noel that he had to be a pretty high ranking person within his career. How high this man was on the corporate ladder was a mystery to Noel, though that didn't mean it was any less of a good move to get on his good side. The key words were as if, which meant that Gabriel was probably available. Noel wasn't use to being told no from anyone, so he found it weird that Gabriel seemed to push him aside. Truthfully, it just made Noel curious about the man - sleeping with him would just be a plus. Though, Adam was a good looking man too - might even get him a gig. Noel was a switch in bed, and didn't prefer one over the other - as long as his partner was attractive or had a good personality, he would jump their bones in a heartbeat. The threat made Noel smile ever so slightly. Why was he being so protective over Gabriel? It was a little cute. "You make a very good point," Noel said as he propped his elbows against the cement and leaned back, his feet kicking slightly to keep him afloat. "I wont do any funny business with your secretary, though I can't promise I wont look at him." Noel said as Adam moved to check his phone. He couldn't help but notice how his face lit up, or notice how cute his laugh was. Noel smiled at Adam, "you know, you seem pretty close to your secretary." Noel said plainly. "I saw you carrying him yesterday, you seem like a great boss. Not a lot of people would do that for their subordinates - mine wouldn't." ~ Gabriel wrapped his lower half in a towel, feeling a bit refreshed after his shower. There was something so perfect about five star hotel showers. They were so spacious, and the water pressure drummed against his skin perfectly. When he walked out of the bathroom, he immediately walked to his suitcase and picked out his outfit for the day; he wore blue plaid pants, with a black t-shirt tucked in, and a black beanie that sat far back on his head so that the fabric would slouch at the rear. Gabriel walked over to the mirror to check himself out, his body twisting slightly so he could see himself from other angels. His bruise looked much better than it did yesterday, which made him happy. "Look at you, hot stuff." Gabriel said to himself. He then walked to his phone, seeing that Adam texted him while he was in the shower. The word dummy made him smile. Psh, I knew that. I was just testing you. I'll be up in a few minuets. Looking at his phone only reminded him of his fatal mistake that he forgot his contacts as home. He put down the phone, before rubbing his eyes softly. He brought his glasses, though no one saw him with them on besides Eliza - not even Jet saw them on his face. Gabriel found glasses attractive on men, though he hated them on himself. They weren't him. He looked at his suitcase, the bulge in the front pocket screaming at him. There was no other option. Gabriel got up, unzipping his the front pocket and grabbing a black glasses case. Opening revealed thick framed square glasses, that he liked to call 'Buddy Holly Glasses.' Gabriel put on the glasses, (the world around him much clearer now) before he grabbed his room key and phone and left. It only took a few minuets before Gabriel made it to the restaurant, so he grabbed his phone to text the man he made it. Hey boss, I'm at the restaurant. Get here soon, I'm starving.
  8. Hey friend! Was gonna PM you but your inbox is full

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  9. It felt nice having Adam run his fingers through his hair. It made Gabriel's body relax into the bed, and his eyes were dangerously heavy. Having his hair played with always relaxed Gabriel. Eliza use to run her fingers through his hair when he would get panic attacks as a kid, and for whatever reason it was something that just worked for him - thankfully the last panic attack he had was when he was a teenager. Breakfast with Adam seemed really nice. Gabriel honestly really liked spending time with Adam, sex was just a bonus. Gabriel found Adam to be incredibly funny and easy to talk to - though it did put Gabriel in an awkward spot when he proclaimed his love to him. When Adam moved his head to his nape, Gabriel buried his head into his pillow again. He loved the way Adam's hands were working on his muscle. Gabriel couldn't help but laugh softly when Adam said he had masturbation material. He couldn't help but feel guilty that he couldn't release it for him. When Adam told Gabriel goodnight, he couldn't help but feel a little sad. He wished Adam could have stayed, but he understood that they were treading on dangerous ground if he did. "Goodnight Adam," Gabriel said, his fingers brushing against Adam's hand while he kissed his head. Gabriel watched Adam leave, before he sighed softly. He hugged his pillow, before burying his head into the soft fabric. The room felt so quiet that he swore he could hear the hairs in his ears. Gabriel sat up, his stomach clenching as he did so. Grabbing his stomach, he leaned forward and grabbed the remote to the big screen TV in his room. He turned it on, and unbuttoned his black shirt. His nipples were still a little sensitive, though he ignored them. Tossing the black shirt aside, Gabriel crawled into his bed and drew the covers over his body. "I'm never drinking again," Gabriel lied to himself softly, his head relaxing into the pillow. It only took a few short minuets for Gabriel to fall asleep, his body feeling like it was on a lazy river as he drifted into the Sandman's arms. ~ The morning sun strategically hit Gabriel's eyes, waking up the raven haired man. He groaned, before pulling his bed covers over his face. His head was pounding, and his tongue felt dryer than the Sahara desert. Unable to cope with his insatiable thirst, Gabriel sat up and grabbed one of the white coffee mugs that came prepared in the room. He filled it with water and chugged a two glasses of worth, his already upset stomach feeling like it was doing a headstand as it entered his body. What even happened last night? Gabriel thought to himself, as he leaned against the bathroom sink. His hands cradled his throbbing head and his eyes were shut tight, and he tried to gather everything that happened. Eclair and him were telling tales of Adam's like, he came to pick him up, they apologized, and... "Fuck," Gabriel said to himself, Adam's talented hand probing his mind. He let his hands slide off of his face as he grabbed the pants he wore last night, fishing out his dying phone. When Gabriel read the text about after breakfast, his heart dropped to his stomach. "Fuck, breakfast!" Gabriel cussed, as he quickly texted Adam. I just woke up! I just need to take a quick shower, and I'll be down. Gabriel quickly texted, before he plugged in his phone and took a shower. ~ Noel walked to the pool in only his swimming trucks, his towel thrown over his shoulder. People looked, but he was more than okay with that. He was a professional model, so he was more than use to people looking - it's how he got paid after all. Usually the mornings weren't too terribly busy, though when he walked into the pool area he found a brunette man. Noel squinted his eyes slightly, recognizing the man as the person who carried that minx of a man to his room. Lucky, Noel thought to himself as he threw his towel onto a chair, and dived into the water. He swam underwater a bit, before he came up for air. He ran his fingers through his auburn hair, as he took a deep breath. He looked to the side, catching a glimpse of the man in the pool. Noel was admittedly nosy, and which made him curious about the nature of him and Gabriel's relationship. Gabriel told him that the man was his boss, but they looked awfully close last night. "I like your form," Noel complimented the man. "I've seen you around the hotel with that black haired subordinate of yours. I'm Noel Beaumont." Noel introduced himself as he leaned against the concrete walls. "I couldn't help but notice how cute he is, you're a lucky man."
  10. Gabriel gasped within the kiss when Adam grabbed his bottom, but it only urged him further into the kiss. When Adam thrust his hips up, Gabriel couldn't help but moan from the friction against his clothed manhood. A small smile traced Gabriel's lips when Adam said his honesty turned him on. He met Adam's eyes, his fingers gently running through his hair. "Maybe I should try it more often," Gabriel teased with a small wink. When Adam flipped him over, Gabriel couldn't help but let out a loud suprised laugh. He wasn't exepecting that, though he did love seeing Adam loom over him - he liked being completely at his mercy. Gabriel looked up at Adam with hunger in his eyes, when Adam said he was going to reward him. "I like the sound of that," Gabriel said softly while Adam brushed his lips with his thumb. Gabriel opened his mouth willingly when Adam put his fingers inside, his eyes never losing contact with Adam's. Gabriel did as Adam instructed, and gave his thumb a long lick - his eyes never breaking contact from Adam's. He wanted more than anything at the moment to give Adam a blow job, but that would have to wait until later. When Adam told him to suck on the finger, Gabriel grabbed his hand, before he wrapped his lips around it. His tongue skillfully licked the length of his finger, trying to imagine that it was Adam's cock. When Adam rubbed his nipple, small shivers rushed down his spine, and he gave a needy moan. I want him so bad, Gabriel thought to himself as Adam pulled his finger away. A loud moan escaped his lips when he felt Adam's hips buck forward, hands finding themselves wrapped around his neck. Gabriel seemed to melt as Adam moved his hips, the question only turning him on even more. "I feel amazing, Adam..." Gabriel said honestly, his lips giving quick pecks to his arm. When Adam stopped moving his hips, Gabriel looked up at him desperately. "Adam..." Gabriel whined softly, his teeth biting at his bottom lip. He needed Adam to touch him, to make him melt. The question made Gabriel nod needily, his hips bucking slightly when Adam unzipped his pants. "I do... I want to make it up to you so bad. I'll so anything." He shivered when Adam slipped his hand into his pants, his body slightly squirming. The command made Gabriel's heart pound in his chest. Fuck yes... Gabriel thought to himself, his fingers running through Adam's hair when he kissed his temple. Gabriel could feel himself melt into the mattress the second Adam moved his hand. He moaned, his hip bucking into his hand. When Adam licked his ear, he half expected him to kiss him. He wanted to kiss Adam more than anything right now, but then he wouldn't be able to see him cum. "Y-yes," Gabriel replied, "I love your hand..." Gabriel's hands quickly clasped the sheets when Adam tightened his grip, his face twisted with pure pleasure. No one ever made him feel like this from a simple hand job, though the dry thrusts could probably be contributing to the pleasure. Truthfully though, no ones warmth was quite like Adam's. Gabriel loved feeling his skin against his skin, or feeling his breath against his most sensitive parts. Their chemistry was undeniable. If Gabriel wasn't so hellbent on avoiding relationships, then maybe they would... No... Gabriel didn't want to think about that. Gabriel was already so close, so when Adam closed his fist around his aching cock it drove him over the edge. His back arched just a bit, the feeling of ecstasy starting to fill his stomach. The question made Gabriel nod, his head falling into the pillow as he looked up at Adam. "Adam... Adam... Adam's hand is making me cum, and I love it." Gabriel moaned, his body tensing just a bit. It only took a few short seconds before Gabriel came into Adam's hand, his body trembling at the pleasure. "Fuck! Fuck! Adam!" Gabriel moaned as he came, his hips thrusting into Adam's hand as he chased his orgasm. He soiled his underwear but he could hardly think about that at the moment. Gabriel relaxed into the bed after he came, his hands grabbing Adam's face as he kissed him hungrily. He bit Adam's lower lip as he pulled away, his teeth releasing it just to watch it snap back. "That was amazing, Adam..." Gabriel said softly. "I could fuck you all night long," Gabriel kissed Adam's neck, before he pulled away and sat up. The world seemed to spin around him, his stomach feeling a little uneasy. He was fine. It would be fine. Gabriel kicked off his shoes, before he took off his pants and underwear. He was really not feeling all that great, but he figured it would go away in a bit - there were more important things happening. "I want to return the favor," Gabriel said as he straddled Adam again. He bent down, kissing his neck. He lightly bit down on the skin, before he sucked on it hard enough to leave a dark red mark. Gabriel went to go lower, but he could feel his stomach turn. "Fuck, I'm so--" Gabriel grabbed his mouth, before he rushed to the bathroom, and fell on his knees besides the toilet. Drinking that much was definitely the wrong decision. It was so embarrassing... Adam was in his bed, and everything was just starting to get heavy. He wanted Adam so bad, but maybe getting a bit of alcohol poisoning was for the best. After Gabriel was done, he quickly brushed his teeth, before he collapsed onto his bed. "I'm so sorry Adam..." Gabriel apologized, his head stuffed into his pillow. "I'll make it up to you..." Gabriel felt so sick, and he really didn't want to be alone right now - though he didn't want to give Adam a false sense of security by inviting him to stay. Besides, the man was hard and he probably wanted to relieve himself. "I'm so sorry..." Gabriel apologized again, as he turned his head to look over at Adam. "I promise I'll make it up to you tomorrow. I think I went overboard on the alcohol tonight." Gabriel groaned, before he stuffed his head back into his pillow. "I'm never drinking again..."
  11. Gabriel couldn't help but moan softly when Adam kissed back. This felt so right. Years swimming through a sea of men, nothing ever felt as nice as kissing Adam. They had a certain sexual chemistry that couldn't be ignored. When Adam pulled away, Gabriel looked up at him with want in his eyes. Gabriel wanted men before, but it was nothing like what he felt for Adam. When Adam told him to listen, Gabriel grabbed Adam's shirt and leaned against the door. Gabriel couldn't help but look down when Adam told him it wasn't his fault. Gabriel felt like he had a large part in all of this. If he didn't sleep with Luciel to begin with, then this would have never happened. Gabriel moaned when Adam rubbed their clothed erections together, his grip on his shirt getting tighter. He felt like he was floating. If Gabriel was being honest, he kissed Adam for two reasons; to apologize, and to get into his pants. Being honest about his feelings came hard to Gabriel. He knew what he wanted and got it, but when it came to telling people his thoughts and feelings it seemed like the most difficult thing he could do. He gasped when Adam licked his ear, trying to form exactly what he was going to say, but it was hard when Adam was riling him up. Gabriel looked up at Adam and met his gaze. He couldn't help but think about how handsome he was. Gabriel reached up and grabbed Adam's face when he pressed their foreheads together, his heart racing in his chest. When Adam kissed him a bit roughly, Gabriel didn't mind - he liked it rough. Gabriel couldn't help but moan within the kiss when Adam brought their hips together. When Adam touched his butt, he smiled softly. Gabriel tightened his grip on Adam's shirt, before he brought him over to his bed and pushed him onto it. The second Adam landed, Gabriel straddled his hips. He kissed him softly, before he sat back up. "Before we go any further, I should answer you..." Gabriel said as he gnawed at his lip anxiously. "I am doing this because I want you so bad... But I also feel guilty for sleeping with Luciel. I knew you guys were friends, and did it anyways. I know..." He looked away, embarrassed blush covering his pale cheeks. "I know how you feel about me, and I did it anyways." Gabriel sighed, as he rubbed his neck. Hell, they shouldn't even be doing any of this now. "I know you punched me by accident, and I'm not... mad at you. I just feel... guilty... I guess..." Gabriel said with a soft shrug, before he took off his sunglasses and tossed them onto the carpet. Gabriel looked down at Adam, his fingers finding themselves curled his brown locks. "I'm sorry I'm always hurting you," Gabriel apologized softly, before he lowered himself and kissed Adam affectionately. He lightly bit Adam's lower lip, before he let his tongue gently slip inside of his mouth.
  12. The kiss on Adam's cheek shouldn't have bothered Gabriel as much as it did, but for some unknown reason it... did. It was just Adam. Eclair could have Adam for all he cared - even if the thought seemed to tug at him slightly. It was lust. Pure lust. Adam was just an amazing fuck, and nothing more. Beyond that, Adam as his boss. Their relationship had to stay strictly professional. They had a few blips in the past few days, but that was expected with someone he carried so much baggage with... right? Gabriel smiled at Eclair and returned the wink, his eyes glued to the door as she left. He only looked away when Adam spoke to him. He nodded in agreement when Adam said that they should head home as well, though he wasn't too sure if he could walk. It felt like he could feel the world spinning under his feet, and he wasn't too sure if the drinks in others hands would be safe if he was able to walk. When Adam told Gabriel to hold his neck, he did so without any fuss. His cheek pressed against his shoulder as Adam lifted him onto his back, and he made no effort to move it. "Mmhmm," Gabriel hummed when Adam told him it was just until the car. His eyes felt so heavy... Maybe if he closed them for a bit, it wouldn't be too bad. No, he had to wait until he got to the car! Gabriel held onto Adam a bit tighter, and breathed in Adam's scent. Back in college he really liked how Adam smelled, and that never changed. "You still smell the same..." Gabriel mummbled, both drunk and half asleep. "I always liked the way you smelled. What do you even use?" Gabriel laughed softly, his eyes threatening to close. When Adam sat him in the car, Gabriel buckled himself in and leaded his head against the window. Within seconds he fell asleep. He always felt so... tired when he reached this state. Maybe it was a bad idea to order long islands and shots? Gabriel woke up when he heard the sound of the drivers side door opening, he rubbed his eyes and unbuckled his seat. He felt a little less drunk, though he wasn't one to turn down a free piggy back ride - it was the only perk of being small. Gabriel held onto his neck, and breathed in his scent again. He wanted to sleep with him so bad... The thought made him bite his lip. He was so tired though... But it was nothing that a quick snog could fix! On the way to the room, Gabriel caught his gaze with the man from earlier, who gave him a smirk - he was probably assuming something about their relationship, which was getting real old. What was his name again? Leon? No... Noel! Gabriel rolled his eyes, before he dug his nose into Adam's neck. When Adam asked Gabriel for his key when they got to his door, Gabriel waited until Adam put him down for him to reach into his pocket. At that point though, Gabriel figured he could just open it himself. The mention of talking though made Gabriel stop. That's right... Gabriel reminded himself, as he leaned against the door. "Yeah... of course." Gabriel said, the world starting to spin just a bit less. He looked up at Adam, unsure of what to really say. Thankfully, Adam spoke first. "It's okay..." Gabriel mumbled, as he tucked a piece of his hair behind his ear. He always felt so awkward when people apologized to him, and even more awkward when he knew he had to apologize as well. When Adam mentioned his sunglasses, he rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah..." He admitted, feeling a little anxious. He looked up at his boss, watching as he stuffed his hands into the pockets of his jacket. Truthfully, Gabriel expected him to touch his face, and it surprised him when he held back. Was it weird if he wanted Adam to touch him? "Look... Adam... It's okay..." Gabriel said as he rubbed the back of his neck, "I should be apologizing... and I just..." Gabriel groaned, as he leaned his head back. He was never great at apologizing, but there was one thing he was great at. Gabriel looked at Adam, his blue eyes taking the man in. "I want to make it up to you." Gabriel walked over, and grabbed Adam's denim jacket and pulled him forward. He looked at him, before he kissed him softly on the lips. That soft kiss quickly turned into a deep, needy, hungry kiss. All Gabriel wanted at this moment was Adam, and it showed. His hands wrapped around Adam's neck, pulling the man closer as he blindly opened his door with the key card. Grabbing Adam by his denim jacket, as he pulled him into his room and blindly slapped the door shut. Gabriel leaned against the closed door, pulling away from Adam as he took off his denim jacket. "I suck at apologizing, but I want to make it up to you tonight. It was a shitty thing I did sleeping with Luciel, but... if it makes you feel better, I... thought about getting back to you the whole time. No one has ever made me feel like you do."
  13. Gabriel frowned slightly when Eclair said that this would be her last story about Adam. Though it was getting pretty late, so it made sense. Gabriel placed his elbow on the bar, and let his chin rest in his hand. The mention of the kitten made Gabriel smile. It was sweet that Adam even wanted a blind cat. Most disabled animals go unnoticed and unwanted, so it warmed his heart that Adam wanted this cat so bad. What made him sad though, is that Adam was scolded for the act of kindness, all because 'pets were a waste of time'. Gabriel honestly didn't know where he would be without his cats. They were his entire world. His heart sank when Eclair said the cat was gone. What kind of heartless asshole would throw a cat out like that - especially when they were blind and sick! Gabriel honestly didn't like Haku at all, from the little he knew about the man. He seemed to have this impossible standards of how someone should and shouldn't act. Gabriel wanted to give the man a piece of his mind, but at the same time that would probably end badly for both him and Adam. When Eclair said that the cat gave Adam the kind of love he desperately wanted, Gabriel's eyes fell to the counter. He ran his hands through his hair, feeling a little guilty that he couldn't give Adam that love. Hearing these stories about Adam though... made him feel a bit weird. He always respected Adam, but hearing how much he cared deeply for this cat, and even how he wasn't afraid when he suddenly found himself on the open ocean almost... warmed his heart a bit. These stories made Gabriel want to see Adam as soon as possible, and it made him feel weird. Maybe it was the alcohol. His eyes shot up when Eclair said the cat died, and his heart sank deep into his stomach. "At least... the cat had Adam for those five days." Gabriel said, more so trying to make this positive for him. It knew how love and affection felt, and Gabriel liked to think it knew how to give it as well. Haku did remove it out of kindness, but it still didn't made Gabriel like the man. The sudden announcement of Eclair's feelings towards Adam caught him off guard. It made sense now that he thought about it. Adam and Eclair would be a beautiful couple, though why did the thought make him feel a tiny sting of pain? It was lust. If they were together, Gabriel would never be able to sleep with Adam again - that had to be it. The mention of what Gabriel could only guess was him, made him awkwardly rub his neck. When Eclair moved in close and slung her arm around his shoulders, Gabriel couldn't help but smile. "Cheese!" He said with a large grin. He pulled away when Eclair removed her arm from his shoulders, a smile still plastered on his lips. Eclair was fun to hang around. He hoped they had more moments like these in the future, or at the very least stayed in touch when they went their separate ways. "Can you send me that picture?" Gabriel asked. Gabriel turned his attention back to the bar, and ordered four shots of tequila. "You know, a night isn't finished until you have a few shots, Eclair." Gabriel announced as he pushed two over to her, and kept the other half. He quickly took the shots, and he could already feel like he could feel the earth moving under his feet. He had so many confusing feelings right now, that he couldn't really understand about Adam - so the only thing he could do was drink about it. Gabriel finished off his long island, before he ordered another one. While he was waiting for it to be served, he heard a familiar voice from behind him. Gabriel looked over his shoulder, and found Adam. It was nice seeing him. The bartender placed his long island in front of him, which prompted Gabriel to grab it. With his free hand he pushed his sunglasses further onto his face, and turned to face Adam again. "You're here!" Gabriel greeted, his speech a bit slurred at this point. "How did you know where we were?" Gabriel asked, before he sipped on his drink. Gabriel reached out and grabbed the denim jacket, "you look nice with this on." Gabriel complimented, his blue eyes looking up at Adam. God, he wanted to sleep with him more than anything right now. He wanted to feel Adam's hot breath against his skin, and feel his skillful fingers work his body until he felt like he was about to melt. But they had to talk first. Gabriel had to tell him that he wasn't mad at him. Gabriel chugged his drink, before placing the glass back onto the bar. "Mm... We should get back to the hotel..." Gabriel announced, his fingers running through his black locks. "Thank you for tonight Eclair. I had a lot of fun. Stay in touch?"
  14. Gabriel smiled when Eclair called him pretty, "It's okay. I take pride in it." Gabriel said as he straighten his posture, and flashed a cocky smile at the woman. Gabriel wasn't a narcissist, though he knew he was an attractive man. He had past partners that said he had the same beauty and poise as Caravaggio's Boy With a Basket of Fruit painting - when you sleep with people in the art department, they tend to give you odd compliments like that. Gabriel watched as Eclair chugged the bottle of peach soju, and was admittedly impressed. He frowned slightly when the bartender told Eclair to slow down, his eyebrow raising at the guy ever so slightly. If she wanted to get wasted, who could stop her? He'd even go down that rabbit hole with her. He chugged the last bit of is long island, before he ordered another one. He gave Eclair a side glance when Eclair said that Gabriel earned the castaway story - not like she could see with the sunglasses on his face. When the bartender returned with his long island, he turned his body to face her as he sipped on the long island. Gabriel couldn't help but wonder how Adam looked as a child with his floaters. He couldn't help but imagine the current Adam wearing arm floaties, the image a bit ridiculous. Adam had a sister though? What was she like? Did she have unrealistic expectations as well? When Eclair described how Adam was nowhere in sight, Gabriel couldn't help but lean forward in his seat completely invested. Gabriel knew that Adam would be found, but how long would it take? When Eclair went into detail about how they found him, and even went so far to flap her arms wildly, Gabriel let out a loud laugh - though it was short lived. Eclair was lucky to have met Adam as a child. It probably made it easier for her to actually understand him. Adam was a nice guy, though he couldn't help but wonder how kind he was with child like innocence. Was younger Adam as jealous as the Adam Gabriel knew? Did he strive for perfection just as the Adam today did? When Eclair passed the baton to Gabriel, he smiled at the woman. He took a sip of his drink, feeling very drunk at this point. "Hmm," Gabriel hummed in thought as he grabbed a peanut. "A Runaway Adam does sound fun." Gabriel said as he cracked the nut open, and popped it into his mouth. When Gabriel wracked his brain full of any memory with Adam that didn't involve sex, there was one that was screaming at him. "One time I dragged him to a house party, and convinced him to do a keg stand." Gabriel smirked, clearly amused by the memory. "Then he drank god knows what else, and tried to convince me that he was fine. I'm a seasoned party boy. I did my first keg stand when I was fourteen, and I did not slow down since then." Hell, he was just starting to slow down, and he was almost twenty-six. It was a miracle his liver was even working to begin with. "So later in the night I'm trying to get Adam to drink water, and the little asshole takes a sip and spits it back into my face - I totally get it, I've been there. But karma seemed to retaliate pretty quickly, because he ended up puking all over himself. I ended up taking him home after that, and I got him all cleaned up." Gabriel rolled his eyes, his finger tracing the top of his glass. "I stayed with him the entire night, and made sure that he was alright. I couldn't just leave him like that. I promised him I would never tell a soul, but I'll make an exception for you." Gabriel winked at Eclair, before he downed his drink and asked for another one. What Gabriel left out is that the morning after is when they started sleeping together. Gabriel couldn't explain how it happened, it just did. It was like they looked at each other, and something just clicked. While he was waiting on his drink, he picked up his phone and saw that Adam texted him. "Speak of the devil," Gabriel said as he opened the message. He smiled, before he started texting again. Thanks Adam... don't get lost at sea on your way here. Gabriel added a winking emoji for extra flavor, before he sent the message. "So..." Gabriel said as he pushed the sunglasses further on his face, the feeling almost numb against the flushed flesh. "What's this about a runaway Adam?"
  15. When he heard Eclair's voice, Gabriel turned his head to look over at her. He offered her a small smile, before he pushed his sunglasses up - he really didn't want anyone seeing the bruise. Just in case he fabricated some lie to tell people, so nothing would hit Adam. "I figured I would start. I hear I'm much better company with a few drinks in my system." It was so peculiar seeing Eclair dressed so... casually. He pictured her to be the type who always dresses in casual formal attire anytime she went out. It was nice seeing her dressed so casually. Gabriel took a sip of his long island as Eclair was ordering her drink, his eyes gazing over at the woman. She was indeed odd. Though he could also tell she was incredibly intelligent, and Gabriel respected that in a person. The comment about his employment made Gabriel look down at the counter. Gabriel felt like he didn't meet any of Adam's standards, and it honestly made him wonder if he only hired him because of their past - he couldn't help but feel a little sad at this thought. "I have a ton of secretarial experience," Gabriel said as he twirled his metal straw in his drink. "I respect Adam, though I also treat him like a person. I hate kiss asses." Gabriel spoke honestly, his eyes glued to the swirling drink. "I just like to keep my head down and work." Besides if Gabriel was pressed up against him expressing how much he respected Adam, he would get the wrong idea - he learned that from the beach last night. Gabriel didn't want to give Adam any hope that anything would ever evolve from this, so he could avoid hurting him anymore than he already had. Though Gabriel couldn't help but wonder why he felt so eager waiting for Adam's texts today. The mention of the beach made Gabriel look up at Eclair, a small smirk on his lips. "Adam got lost at sea?" Gabriel said, finding this to be a bit unbelievable. Adam Akagi, the 'perfect' man was lost at sea? Guess he had to make this story good. He tapped a finger on the bar, trying to think of a story that didn't involve sex. "We met in Psych class. He was the top of his class, and really most people found him eye candy." Gabriel smiled, his hands running through his dark locks. "One time this girl was being really creepy - I'm honestly pretty sure she had some weird shrine dedicated to him or something. Poor Adam couldn't shake this girl off." Gabriel sighed softly, "This poor guy was so desperate to shake her off, so I intervened. I walked up to the girl, wrapped my arm around Adam's waist, and called him babe. Adam looked so confused for a second, but it didn't take him long to play along." A grin spread across Gabriel's lips as he shifted himself slightly. "The girl eventually got the hint, but for added flavor we would hold hands when she was around. My minor was in theater, so I slayed it." Gabriel left out the fact that their friendship soon turned into a sexual relationship, and it would never be brought into a conversation at all. His phone buzzed softly against the wooden bar, his eye flashing down to see a text from Adam. Gabriel pressed the home button to see the text, a little frown spreading on his lips before he smiled. Gabriel was fully capable of finding his way back! Though... the more he thought about it, the more anxious he felt that he didn't know the way at all. Maybe asking Adam to meet him afterwards wouldn't be such a bad idea? "Sorry, let me reply to this text real quick." Gabriel apologized, before grabbing his phone and replying. I'm already a bit tipsy. It might be better if you met me at the bar... I really don't know my way around. Gabriel sent the message, and was just about to put his phone down when it buzzed in his hand. He flipped it over and read the next message from Adam, the following message making him a little uncomfortable - but why? I'll see you in a bit. I'll text you when Eclair and I are finished. Gabriel sent the message, his eyes flashing up at Eclair. "So did I earn Adam's Castaway story?"
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