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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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  4. Cyrus scoffed when he brought up the proposal. He leaned back in his chair and put his book down, meeting Beu eye to eye. His emerals green eyes pierced into him with deep distrust that only grew when the word 'transport box' was brought up. Even when word was said that there was more left of the vampires, his anger only boiled. "A sanctuary where I won't be ridiculed," Cyrus repeated with a soft mocking chuckle. "It's still a God damn sanctuary where my freedoms will be limited and I will still be locked in a cage. It still limits how I spend MY immortality." Cyrus turned his body morr towards Beu, "you call it a park, but I am years older than you, and I don't deserve to be locked away like some Zoo attraction, no matter how prestigious or well respected it is. It's only respected by humans and other mythical creatures stupid enough to go along with it." Cyrus' eyes flickered over towards Yukie before he leaned back into his chair and crossed his legs as if saying that he didn't want to talk to him anymore. It gave Cyrus comfort knowing tgat he wasn't alone... there were more out there. But a transport box? Just because the 'park' was even more respected than this one, it didn't mean much would change. Sure he'd be around other Vampires, but he wouldn't get to know the freedom humans did on the other side. They wanted to keep him boxed up because they were scared. The only way to create a vampire was to bite a human on the neck, seeing that they were undead creatures. The only reason they locked him up was so they could watch him go extinct, but not feel the guilt of not doing anything to stop it - which is what they were doing anyways. Humans only wanted to feel like they were going the right thing, without doing anything at all.
  5. The soft voice made Cyrus turn with a sharp gaze. His green eyes stabbed the two men who walked through his door like daggers and they were Julius Caesar. Cyrus dug even further into his red chair, showing off his fangs as if threatening them not to come a single step more. "Why do you care?" Cyrus said with a low growl. Cyrus caught a peculiar smell which only made him tighten his defenses. Cyrus sniffed the air again, trying to remember why that smell was so comforting; it wasn't a vampire, but it was definitely a mythical creature. Why was he on his side? Humans were scum! But... Cyrus was a tad bit hungry. The Keepers were always a bit apprehensive to come towards him for his rather... territorial nature. "But... I guess to answer your question, I prefer human... but I don't need to hunt it. A blood bag would do just fine." Cyrus used to be a nurse so he could drink the pouches of blood to stay alive. All it took was a little manipulation into thinking that the bags never existed in the first place. Cyrus looked at the two with a sideways glance, still trying to maintain a sort of hostility in hopes of keeping them away from him. Sure, Cyrus was lonely... but he also didn't trust easy, especially when it came to a human and a human-loving creature. He wanted them to leave, but at that same time he wanted them to stay for a little longer. Captivity was driving him crazy, and truth be told he didn't know how much longer he could stand of just... sitting around and waiting for some miracle.
  6. Cyrus could recall the last Tasmanian tiger kept in captivity; it looked so alone, like everything in that moment just wasn't worth living anymore. It paced its cage as if searching for someone that looked just like her, someone that she could curl next to so she could wash all her anxieties away. When he got news that she was left out in the cold to die, Cyrus remembered weeping; not because he was sad that she had died, but because the circumstances. How lonely was she? How cruel did a human have to be to let an entire species go out like that? It wasn't the first time that Cyrus witnessed that evil side of humanity; he saw it in the black rhino, the Quagga, the sea mink, and now almost every mythical creature there is. Cyrus was sick of humanity and their selfishness to keep themselves alive and grow. When Cyrus was human it was a simple time, sure the ancient Roman's weren't known to be the kindest of people with their warfare but Cyrus liked to think they had a respect for the animals and earth in general. Cyrus used to be so many things; a scholar, alchemist, a nurse, an assassin for a short period during the medieval era... He used to live life to its fullest, even if he was undead. He used to drive motorcycles and sleep with a different person every night. He's fallen in love, he's fallen out, he's had his heart broken. Cyrus had it all... and now he was here at this zoo. He was forced to watch as his fellow vampires dropped off one by one, until all that was left was him. Sure, he had a nice bed and even a dresser full of clothing. They even gave him a little wall to have privacy while he dressed. However, he was never alone. There were always people gawking at him like some sort of animal. His mind always went back to the Tasmanian tiger and how disgusted he was to watch them throw bit of bread at it, or yell and cry when it wasn't in plain sight. Humanity disgusted him for this reason. Cyrus leaned back in his chair trying to read Venus in Furs for the thousandth time, but all the gasps and cries were distracting him. He wanted to yell at them to shut up, but then again that never ended well for any other vampire here. Instead he sank even further into his chair, trying to hide his face with his book. There was no way they would harm him though; he could be the last vampire! The thought that there were others just beyond these four walls gave him hope. He would give anything to be reunited with his species... it was lonely being so alone in this world. He used to be able to talk to people, but now all he got were a few words with people and that was it. Cyrus could go over to the bars and tell them his life story, but then all they want is for him to run across the cage or even show them his fangs to prove he was real. All he was was a circus show.
  7. Everett looked at the lowball and smiled awkwardly, his eyes flashing up at the bartender to catch that wide smile. His smile soon became a little less awkward, and he looked over at Caleb as he pressed the glass to his lips. His eyes flicked over to the bartender, "thank you... to both you and Alexis I mean..." Okay, maybe Everett wasn't completely over the awkward stage of being at a social setting, but that's what the alcohol was for! When Caleb directed his attention back towards Everett he did the same, his body turning to completely face him. The question made Everett laugh with a soft snort, his hands reaching to cup his nose the second the embarrassing noise escaped him. "Honestly, despite my small stature I could hold my own. Though, when I get drunk I guess I get sentimental." Everett said before he threw his head back, and swallowed the shot. He pulled back and took a deep breath, "fuck that's strong." Everett said as he turned the glass upside down, something he started doing since he started to drink because of Indiana Jones. Everett looked overt at Caleb, and leaned forward in his chair. "What about you? How much does it take until you take your shirt off, all the while dancing to Macho Man?" Everett smiled, his bright blue eyes meeting with Caleb's before they turned to the table. Maybe it was because it had been so long since he had even a sip of alcohol, but he was already starting to feel a little looser than he did. Everett was still just a tad anxious, but he felt a weight lifted off his chest just a little. It wasn't like his anxiety levels were at an all time high right now, which was nice for a change. It felt nice feeling... normal again. There was a time Everett felt so free, but that part of him had been gone for so long.
  8. Clyde laughed when Adrian grabbed him by the waist, and pulled him into his chest. He leaned into it, and looked over at Adrian while he talked. There was an odd sense of relief when Adrian said he was scared too; Adrian being scared made Clyde feel a little less alone, and in a way that was comforting. He smiled when Adrian said he wasn't going to lose him, his hands running through his hair as he kissed his neck. Never in Clyde's life had he felt so complete. Clyde rolled his neck at the cheese ball comment, "you're the one with more experience in this feeling thing." Clyde said, unable to stop smiling. His smile soon dropped when Adrian apologized, his gaze falling when he said that he had to keep him satisfied. Clyde pulled away from Adrian, and looked off to the side. "Why... look, I told you I love you, so you don't need to worry." Clyde said, clearly a little hurt. "I'm not going to cheat on you, Adrian." Clyde looked down at the messed up blankets and rolled on to the side of the bed. "I'm going to sleep." It bothered Clyde tgat Adrian thought he was going to cheat on him. Maybe it was because itvwas a fear he had as well, which could be traced back to his parents unwillingness to commit. Clyde was so scared that his parents bad habits would become his, that seeing Adrian so petrified of him cheating hurt him in ways indescribable. "Night Adrian." He mumbled softly, looking over at the wall.
  9. Everett smiled awkwardly when he saw the mischievous smile on Alexis' face, and rubbed the back of his neck. He was thankful when Caleb directed her attention elsewhere. He gave her a small wave when she started to walk away, and turned to face Caleb. He shot him a genuine smile when Caleb apologized and shook his head, "no... it's alright." Everett said as he sat down, facing Caleb. "I like her. She seems like a good friend to have around. I'm just... awkward I guess." Everett laughed gently, his fingers tapping against the wood of the bar. "I was flattered that she offered to put me up on a wall, or that she even recognized me in the first place." Everett looked down at their feet, before he looked up at Caleb. He felt a little rude for turning down the offer. He loved his fans, so what was he thinking? Maybe Everett's ex-boyfriend really did mess him up. He wasn't here anymore, so what was Everett so scared of? "So... I'm going to tell Alexis tol... but I guess I'll let her put me on her wall. I was tol hasty I think." Everett said in a whisper, his cheeks turning a little pink. "She just caught me off guard I think." Everett sank in his chair, the need to get alcohol in his system growing. "Well, with that said lets get our drink on!" Everett smackef the table softly and turned in his chair, feeling a little more than awakward in this moment.
  10. Clyde sighed happily and wrapped an arm around Adrian's chest. He was still breathing heavily, and their sweat made them stick just a little. Clyde had no idea that such vanilla sex could be such a work out. Who would have thought? He could feel his cheeks heat up as Adrian spoke, his heart beating his rib cage viciously. Truth be told he was terrified, but maybe that came with love? Maybe love scared everyone, but Clyde was too cowardly to take the plunge until now? "Thank you for being so patient." Clyde said, his fingertips running across his side adoringly. If Clyde were in Adrian's place, he would have left long ago. But then again, Adrian was the bravest person Clyde knew. Taking the plunge seemed easier for Adrian to do, and it didn't make any sense to him. "I feel like an ass that I've been so stubborn." Clyde admitted as he covered his face with the palms of his hands. "I've been so scared of losing you, and I was always comparing everyone to you. But... I don't know. It still scares the shit out of me, but... I'm just so scared of losing you." Clyde turned his head to look at Adrian, before he turned his head back. "Oh god... that sounded so stupid." Clyde chuckled as he sat up, running his fingers through his blonde locks. "Are you proud? You're making me sound like a cheese ball."
  11. Clyde gasped lightly when Adrian nipped his neck. His body was still a little sensitive, and it felt like he was on fire still. Sex with Adrian was always the best, regardless of how fast or hard he was going. A tiny smile crossed his lips when Adrian spoke, his arms wrapping around his neck. "Gentle sex is only good with you." Clyde said honestly, before their lips met. He kissed him back, his heart swollen with, dare he even think it, love. Clyde still couldn't believe he said those words he had been dreading for so long, but in a way they lifted a weight. Clyde pulled back from the kiss, so be could rest his forehead against Adrian's. "I love you, Adrian." He said again, his fingers running up and down Adrian's upper arm. It was like a breath of fresh air telling Adrian. It was almost like he had been subconsciously wanting to tell him how much he meant to him, and now that he did he was more at ease. Of course Clyde was still nervous; those anxieties over fucking all of this up were still very much prevalent. But maybe loving someone always came with those anxieties. Clyde kissed Adrian again, the taste of his lips his drug.
  12. Clyde moans gradually became louder, and his fingers would dig in just a little more each time Adrian thrust into him. "Oh God," Clyde moaned out. He could feel his orgasm creeping up with each thrust, his body burning like a comet entering the atmosphere. When Adrian asked if he could come inside Clyde couldn't help but crack a smile. He didn't know why he found the question so cute, but he did. Clyde kissed his neck, lightly biting the skin. "Please cum inside of me, Adrian. Fill me up." Clyde whispered into his ear, his own orgasm only moments away. He wrapped his arms around his neck, his body feeling like it was going numb. It only took a thrust or two until Clyde came, his head burying itself back into Adrian's shoulder. He bit Adrian's skin to muffle his moan, but not hard enough that it might draw blood. His fingers grabbed at his skin, and his legs wrapped even tighter around his waist as if he was trying to pull Adrian even deeper. "Fuck..." he moaned out, his body clad with sweat. His breathing was heavy like he just ran a mile, or did jumping Jack's.
  13. Clyde opened his mouth slightly when Adrian's tongue ran across his lower lip, letting his tongue slip into his mouth. He moaned softly, his fingers lightly grabbing at shoulder blades. He kissed back with almost as much passion, his legs wrapping around his waist tightly. He tilted his head just a little to deepen the kiss, his body feeling as if he was floating. Clyde broke apart the kiss, his lips still touching Adrian's lightly, "I'm so close..." He whispered softly, his blue eyes tracing ever crevice of his boyfriends face, "don't stop... go faster..." Clyde bit his neck, leaving another brightly covered hicky on his neck near his jawline. He moved his hips a little against Adrian's cock, his face burying itself back into his shoulder. Clyde was still in disbelief that he confessed to Adrian. It didn't really hit him how large of a step that was, or maybe he was just choosing to ignore it. Clyde did love Adrian though, and he felt so stupid for being so scared to admit it after all these years. No one even came close to Adrian as far as he was concerned. When Liam tried to set him up on dates, there was always that floating thought that swam through his head that they weren't Adrian. Back then Clyde convinced himself that it was because he was the only man that could make him feel so amazing during sex. There was always that voice that told Clyde he was just fooling himself, but sometimes it was easier to lie to yourself, than come out with the truth.
  14. Forest looked down at the smaller human, the cigarette hanging from his lips. After a few seconds of thought he rolled his eyes and took the cigarette from his lips and placed them inbetween his long skinny fingers, "fine. Just don't talk." Forest began to walk, trying not to achknowledge the other male even though he gave him long stares. The humming annoyed him just a tad, but he would be lying if he said it didn't amuse him as well. Maybe it annoyed that part of him who wanted to keep everyone at that stupid group at bay. Forest pressed the cigarette to his lips and inhaled the smoke, trying to keep his mouth shut... but damn it whatever Orion was doing was working. "How long have you been in the program?" He finally asked after a few several minuets, trying his hardest to at least not look at him. Forest didn't want Orion to blabber to Trevor the Tool that he 'made a break through!' If Forest did open up, and Orion told him then Trevor would never leave him alone. His intentions were always good, but they were useless if the other people didn't want the help. At this point Forest wasn't going to attempt anymore - three times were supposed to be the charm, but it seemed life had a different plan for him. Now Forest was just hoping he died in some freak accident, though if anyone knew that who knows what they would do. Forest took another long drag off his cigarette, his hands making sure to pull down his sweater every so often. If there was one thing Forest was nervous about it was people seeing his long scars on his wrists. They gained too much sympathy, that he felt like some smothered puppy surrounded by toddlers. Maybe Orion wouldn't react that way, in fact maybe he would say nothing... but Forest just didn't want to talk about it, so taking that risk was out of the question.
  15. Everett jumped in his seat when Caleb used such a harsh tone. He lowered his blue eyes and leaned into his seat, his heart beating against his stomach. When Caleb appologized he looked over at him, his thumbs anxiously twiddling together. "It's fine... I understand." Everett said with a small smile and a wave of his hand. Everett was still anxious, the tone of Caleb's voice bringing back memories of his ex-boyfriend that he wanted to avoid at all costs. When the car stopped and Caleb offered him to buy him a drink he sank in his seat just a little and smiled, "okay... but I'll get the next drink!" Everett said, Caleb got out of the car. He moved to unbuckle his seat belt, his eyes flashing towards Caleb as he opened his door. Everett couldn't shake the feeling of this being almost date like, which was a weird thought in itself. He tried to shove it deep in his stomach as he thanked Caleb and got out of the car. When they entered the bar Everett's eyes immediatly moved towards the large wall, amazed with all of the people who signed it. His eyes only shifted when he saw Alexis move to give Caleb a hug. He stepped away just a little to allow the two of the enough room, his eyes flickering to the ground awkwardly as they spoke. God he needed a few drinks to loosen up just a little. When Caleb started to introduce the two of them Everett smiled at Alexis and offered a small little wave. A small blush crossed his face and he nodded, "y-yeah! Yes. I am..." Everett tried to straighten his posture just a little, trying to give off a sense of confidence that he used to have when he preformed. He was so happy that someone recignized him. No one rarely did, and it felt good for someone to remember he exsisted. Everett's blush only darkened when Alexis mentioned the wall, his hands moving in protest. "Oh no... I'm no where as famous to make it on your wall... Those people are pretty amazing. I'm just a Used-To-Be-Upcoming figure skater... but thank you, you are very sweet." Everett rubbed the back of his neck just a little, with a small smile.
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