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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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  2. Ash thought for a moment and then blushed as he was really close to his face, his heart started to race rather quickly. He looked away and nodded his head before whispering softly to his boyfriend. "Yes you can, and it's more than special Tetsu.. You're so sweet." He faced him again then leaned into him and give his lips a slow romantic kiss waiting for the other to return it before he pulled away. Most definitely he was deeply in love with Tetsu and it was easy to see they both cared for each-other, nothing seemed to matter at this point. "Tetsu..? You can have all of me tonight, and don't hold back okay? I want it just as badly as you do.. I was waiting for the perfect time." He chuckled softly trying not to sound nervous at a time like this. There was nothing to be nervous about, that was his boyfriend and he has known him for awhile so he wasn't going to get hurt at all. Smiling softly he gently pushed the other off him and began to sit up so he could take his shirt off, once that was off and onto the floor next was his pants but he had a belt and wasn't sure if he could get it off as quickly as the other would be able to. But he wanted to try, as he reached for his belt he noticed his pants were tight and a small bulge was inside pushing at the seem of his pants, quickly he undid the belt and released the pressure letting out a soft moan. Shit.. He thought and frantically looked over at his boyfriend who was only watching him which made him blush even harder.
  3. Ash blinked his eyes when his boyfriend was already finished eating, normally he ate really fast anyways but tonight it was kind of surprising to him. With a soft sigh he was done eating as well, knowing the dishes needed to be done he wanted to start them but decided against it since Tetsu was waiting. Running through his mind he wondered what his cute boyfriend was going to give him now. A smile spread across his lips as he walked upstairs, the soft noise of them squeaking made it noticeable that he was almost there. As he reached the door he raised his hand up grabbing the knob and softly said. "I'm coming in darling. I hope you don't mind." After that he pushed open the door and walked right inside. The smell of flowers and scented candles filled his nose. Noticing right away that they were the ones he liked made him blush and he normally didn't like doing that. He slowly ran his hand through his hair and walked further into the room before stopping in front of Tetsu. "Thank you sweetie. I'm sure that isn't all but I love the candles and flowers already." He slightly chuckled before wrapping his arms around his boyfriends neck and pulling him close to his body. His eyes closed and now he was more relaxed just being in his arms, like he had mentioned before just being with each other was enough for him. "I love you Tetsu." He softly whispered into the males ear.
  4. Sorry for the wait. I'm on vacation visting family. I'll try to reply soon or right after I come back from it. Real sorry for the wait.

  5. Ash let out a soft sigh before looking through the cabinet once more to see if he could find the bag of pasta that he knew was still in their. The male nodded and grabbed the pot and placed it on the stove before pouring a couple cups full of water inside it and turned on the burner allowing it to boil before he would put the noodles inside. Finally he had poured the noodles inside the pot and was leaning against the counter when he heard his boyfriend come out of the bathroom and over to where he was at. A smile was on his lips when he was kissed on his ear and then his neck which the other knew it was a big turn on spot for him. "Thank you sweetie and yeah I know today is our 8 month anniversary, thank you very much" He took the note from him and read it slowly. With a nod he turned around and wrapped his arms around the males neck and pressed into his chest and kissed his lips roughly then chuckled softly. "You know we don't have to do anything romantic, just being with each other is enough for me besides you still need to eat and it is kind of late." The younger male turned his focus back onto the food before turning it off seeing as it looked finished, then he grabbed the strainer and then put the pasta on the plate that was next to him on the counter. His heart was beating rapidly as he tried not to think of anything sexual, even though his boyfriend was standing naked in his kitchen with only a towel around his waist. How tempting it was but he refrained from doing anything right now, but he was telling the truth he didn't mind not doing anything romantic with him, then he looked over his shoulder at Tetsu. "Food is done sweetie hope you like it and put anything you wish on it."
  6. Ashton shook his head and walked after him heading into the nice big room that never seemed to have changed. A sigh left his throat and walked over to a chair and sat down. Right now for the time being he was only listening to what he had to say and then he would speak, but when he started to talk about the past was when he glanced at the floor. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ash didn't mind his boyfriend actually playing basketball because it was something he loved and nothing could make him happier. Not even him. A smile appeared on his lips while he spoke and then nodded. "Sure I don't mind, my parents are away for the weekend, had some job offer they wanted to check out." With a shake of his head he walked down the street with his boyfriend as he rambled on about his game. With a shake of his head he let out a soft chuckle before stopping at the front door of the house and pulled out his keys, then put the right one in the lock and turned it. Finally after hearing a click he pushed opened the door and walked right inside dropping his small bag to the ground and then kicked off his shoes. "Come on let's get something to eat, you must be hungry." He called to him as he walked through the small hallway and entered the kitchen. Flicking on the light he walked to the fridge and opened the door looking inside to see what he actually had made or what they could cook at least. Not much but he could possibly manage making some pasta and sauce, if Tetsu even liked it. "Umm.. Tetsu sweetheart we don't have much, I can cook up some pasta if you would like some.. If not then I could go to the store and buy you something." He asked him as he made his way over to the cabinet where he reached inside and grabbed the bag of noodles and placed it down on the counter so he could get everything else ready. "Don't worry I have the money too, if your concerned about that."
  7. That's alright. I have been crazy busy too. Now im going to reply :D

  8. Hey very sorry for the late reply. I graduate next week so its been crazy busy for me in IRL

  9. Hey don't forget about our role-play :)

  10. Hello and thank you very much. :)

  11. Ashton looked up at the other only for moment when he spoke to him, before he said anything or followed him he nodded slowly. He followed him onto the elevator and stood across from him on the opposite side still looking at the floor, never removing his hood off his head. He started to breathe heavier as he was asked about his boyfriend hitting him and he gripped the bottom of his sweatshirt tightly and then slowly looked up at him, the bruise now visible to the other one. He scoffed and raised one of his hands and pressed it against the others chest. "I'm fine Tetsu, it's only a bruise I must have been sleep walking. Don't worry about it." He said in a soft tone. Does it hurt?!? Of course it hurt but he wasn't going to tell his old friend/boyfriend that cause he would worry or get involved and that's not what he wanted to happen. A smile spread across his lips before he pulled his hand away from the males chest. "Let's just talk about whatever you needed to talk to me about because I have a couple classes later that I need to get to." He spoke softly, and it was about his college course that he was taking.
  12. Hey, love your avatar.

  13. Hey about our rp remember that you don't want to get back with my character and to keep it interesting your suppose to choose between mc and your current boyfriend my character dumped you in high school and treated you terribly. And after a few years he now wants to get you back even tho your already in a relationship and have moved on. There's got to be some drama otherwise I'll quickly get bored. I'll reply soon. I look forward to rp with you

  14. Ashton ran down the street hurrying to get to the Hilton Hotel to see his ex boyfriend Tetsu, he had a hood over his head to hide the bruise on his cheek but he knew Tetsu would eventually see it and question him about it but for now he would try to hide it. As he walked inside the lobby he glanced around quickly as he panted, he wanted to find him before he left or thought he wasn't showing up at all. Then as he thought he might have already left he spotted Tetsu wearing a black shirt and jeans, so he decided to casually walk over to him and then smiled softly. "Tetsu, Sorry I am late I had to find my clothes.. Rough night." He joked and looked down at the floor trying to keep his face hidden as much as possible. If him and Jax were going to break up then he had to do it soon, other wise he might lose his chance at being happy with someone he cared about a lot, which was Tetsu. He cared about Jax but at this point he didn't want to be in an abusive relationship, because it would make him depressed and he wasn't stable for that kind of stuff right now.
  15. A few moments of them sitting there and talking about what they were going to do next, and then the red head stood up and his focus was now on him, so he decided to get up as well. Once they walked outside, the blue haired creature looked around and smiled softly. Fresh air was good and it felt nice to finally be outside for once and actually be away from the people inside the building that they was just in. Without hesitation the male moved a little closer to the red head and lightly bit his lower lip as he watched him, damn this guy was really attractive and he was really interested in getting to know him a little better. He spoke softly. "Umm Ayame? Do you think maybe we could go back to your place or i mean we could go to mine but my place probably isn't as nice.." He trailed off while looking down at the ground for a few minutes, what was he saying? Aito was very quick on asking to go somewhere private, and that wasn't a bad thing because he wanted to at least be prepared if anything was going to happen between them and something might. As they walked down the street he looked up at the night sky and just stared at the sparkling stars, he loved nature and animals so he was more so an outside person but that wouldn't stop him from going inside. Then he stopped and reached over grabbing the other males hand as if it was a reaction that happened a lot but it really didn't, normally he would be grossed out by it but this guy reassured him a lot.
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