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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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  1. Asahi chuckled when Ash mentioned racing him back down the mountain. "Yeah I must agree with you there." He mused. As much as he liked the sound of a race down the mountain it wouldn't be much of a run. Not that he minded. "It really is. I'm glad I could share such a great view with you." Asahi added with a smile. For awhile he was glad to just lie in the grass with Ash, enjoy the start filled sky and relax. After awhile though he knew they should get going. "Unfortunately... it's getting really late... we should probably get going." He sighed getting up and moving to get his clothes and redress. Though it was quite unwillingly that he got ready wanting to spend even more time with Ash.
  2. "Well have to make plans to see each other again." Asahi told Ash hoping that he agreed. Especially considering Ash had agreed it was the best day. Watching Ash lay down beside him made Asahi smile shifting to rest against the other. His cheek being kissed caused his smile to grow, their lips meeting in a kiss had him humming happily returning the kiss eagerly. Wrapping an arm around Ash's torso and leaning into the kiss more.
  3. Asahi felt Ash's teeth in the back of his neck and gasped as he felt the thrusts become more furious. The hand covering his and Ash biting his neck kept him still, biting his lip. After they both had reached their climax and his neck was released he let his head fall forward a little. Ash's tongue licking over the bites he had left felt nice, humming happily. This date had definitely gone a lot better than Asahi had thought possible, he had high hopes for the date to begin with but this was even better. No amount of planning would have prepared him for a nice end to their date. "I must say... this was a great date. The best really." Asahi admitted lifting his head and looking back at Ash with a bright smile.
  4. Having his chin pulled up caused his eyes to meet with Ash's which only seemed to make the fire in him even more intense. Asahi groaned deeply into the kiss, eager to return it and focus on something other than just the thrusts into him. It was disappointing that his climax was rising so quickly again. "Ash..." Asahi moaned trying his best to keep it back but finding it increasingly difficult. He wasn't able to hold it back for long and was even more disappointed with the fact that he came but loved how great Ash felt inside him and how amazing he felt with him. Ash may not have been his first partner but definitely his favorite. No one made him feel the way Ash did.
  5. The sound of Ash's growl caused a pleasant shiver to rake down his spine. A deep groan escaped him at the rough bite to his neck knowing that Ash was surely leaving a mark. Asahi definitely didn't mind finding he liked that Ash wanted to mark him. His mind was quickly distracted from those thoughts when he felt Ash's hips start picking up again. Gently biting his lip as he focused on that lovely feeling, pushing back into his thrusts.
  6. Asahi gasped his body shuddered as he was entered again. Feeling Ash's tail wrapping around him as well. His ears flattened as he bit his lip loving the feeling of Ash being inside him again. This entrance was easier for Asahi feeling how there wasn't as much resistance and only making him even more eager. Ash looming over him as he was had him moaning before the cock in him was even moving though his pleasured sounds grew louder as it did. All Asahi wanted was for Ash to take him properly, make him his. It didn't matter how many partners he had in the past or how few Ash had, all that mattered was the two of them right now and how amazing they were making each other feel. "Don't hold back, Ash." Asahi breathed with a pleasured groan pressing his hips back into the other's.
  7. A breathless laugh was Asahi's first response to Ash asking about them going again. Finding that he was actually really excited and eager at the thought of Ash really being up for a second round. Being maneuvered onto his hands and knees Asahi's ears appeared, twitching excitedly at the thought of being taken again. Looking over his shoulder he gave Ash a heated and desperate look. "You can have me as many times as you want." Asahi honestly told him. Even his voice sounded needy and desperate, matching how his body felt. He wiggled his ass encouraging Ash to just take him. His heart still racing and body still quivering in excitement.
  8. It felt amazing! That was the only thing Asahi could think about with Ash. A pleasured cry escaping him with the rougher nips and the iron tight grip Ash had on his his hips as they continued their quite passionate movements. His body quivered from pleasure his breaths an unsteady mess. He could feel his climax quickly approaching despite trying so hard to fight it back wanting this to never end. "A-Ash!" He cried out his climax hit him hard, insides clamping down even harder on the other's hard member. Asahi clung tightly to Ash as his body was rocked by the orgasm. It was intense and Asahi absolutely loved it. There was absolutely no way he was going to let this be the only time they had sex. He had all he could do not to keep moving his hips and have them just jump into a second round right away. Asahi had to remind himself this was Ash's first time with a guy and apparently only second time ever. So he tried his best despite having just cum to keep his stamina and desire tamed. Even if it was easier said than done.
  9. Asahi loved the feeling of Ash's hands tightly gripping his hips. That grip suddenly becoming tighter ava being the only warning he had as the other's hips started quickly thrusting into him meeting each movement of his own hips perfectly. Moaning loudly his own hands gripped Ash's shoulders tightly. "Ash!" Asahi gasped breathlessly. Head tilting back at the nips to his neck and eyes falling shut. Asahi was drowning in pleasure, it may have been Ash's first time with another guy but Asahi's body felt and was drowning like he was a pro. He could get used to feeling this more often.
  10. It definitely felt great already! Asahi was eager but he had to keep himself patient at the moment both for him and Ash. Shifting a little he managed to take him the rest of the way moaning deeply into the kiss. Their lips parting to let them breath he reached for Ash's hands which had dug into the ground and lead them to his hips instead. Asahi definitely preferred them there over the ground. Dipping his head down to press his lips to Ash's neck. "Hopefully this will be a great first time." He purred really wanting it to be. At the very least good enough so he'd be stuck in the other's head. After giving himself a chance to adjust and Ash a chance to get comfortable with the feeling of being inside him Asahi started moving his hips. At first only a little bit, moaning again at how great even that felt. It didn't take him very long to set a steady pace and to let himself stop thinking about it or anything else and to just enjoy it. Let instinct and desire take over and control his movements.
  11. Hearing Ash say he had been with a woman once had Asahi nodding his head with an understanding smile. He definitely knew why that hadn't worked out. Clearly woman weren't who Ash was attracted to. Being told he had not been with any men before in such a quiet manner had his smile changing from understanding to encouraging. "Well, I'll consider myself to be very luck then to be the first guy you'll have sex with." Asahi replied giving Ash another kiss. He had wanted to say the first and last really hoping that this was a good sign and that he'd be the only one of interest to Ash. It took quite some restraint not to voice that, feeling a little possessive. Pushing those thoughts aside he shifted in Ash's lap and slowly started to slide down the other's length. As eager as he was Asahi didn't think trying to take Ash in one quick move was a good idea. No matter how appealing that thought actually was.
  12. Asahi chuckled softly liking the way Ash looked at his naked form. Dipping his head he caught the others lips in another deep kiss but he didn't let this one last as long as the others. While he was excited and eager he wanted to ask something that was kind of important. Their eyes met again and while Asahi was more than ready to just slide down on Ash there was something he wanted to know first. "Very much so." He replied with a smile teasing by rubbing his ass against the other's hard length. "Ash? Have you ever... had sex with another guy before? Or... at all?" Either way Asahi was more than willing to have sex with him right now but for some reason he couldn't help but think this may be his first time, at least with another man. Which didn't bother Asahi he was just curious since it had been quite some time since he had been anyone's first.
  13. "With pleasure." Asahi purred living up the other's length again. He did this a few more times before taking him in his mouth. Doing his best to take the whole length though now that he had Ash's hard member in his mouth he realized only practice would make it possible to take his whole length into his mouth. That didn't stop him from trying, taking a little more each time. Running his tongue around the length enjoying the taste and this chance. After a little while he pulled back releasing Ash's length and smiling at him as he sipped out of his boxers and crawled back into the other's lap. "As much as I do enjoy sucking your cock I'd enjoy it being somewhere else even more." Asahi purred.
  14. Asahi definitely liked the way Ash was looking him over. His eyes were watching him remove his underwear eager to see what was hiding underneath. What was uncovered definitely made him half a pleased hum passing his lips. "Now that's a glorious sight." Asahi purred with a smile. Reaching out to run his fingers teasingly along his shaft. He was even more eager now shifting out of Ash's lap so he could lean over and run his tongue along the hard length. Enjoying the taste his blue eyes looking up at his handsome date with a pleased sparkle.
  15. "Maybe just a little." Asahi teased. It was hard not to tease and want to embarrass Ash a little, especially when it allowed him to see that face flush a lovely red. A curious look crossed his face when Ash spoke in such a manner. "Believe me, I'm sure I can handle it." Asahi purred with a smile. If anything he was even more eager to see what Ash was packing. Well... see and feel which is why he shifted to help get Ash out of his pants and to slip out of his own. He loved the confidence Ash showed, finding him even more attractive though he had not thought it was possible.
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