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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.



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  1. Call me Beige. I'm from Canada, but moved to America at a young age. I'm a lesbian that is only attracted to celebrities and fictional characters. I joined this site a few days ago, I'm only getting active now. I like almost all genres of music. Except country. No one like country. I've loved yaoi from a young age. Yaoi has sorta been my escape from everything. I first started out with fanfiction, but slowly got introduced to yaoi.... then doujin.... and then actual anime. Boku No Pico was the first yaoi anime I watched (Dear heavens!). My first yaoi was ooooooh boy. I cant remember, I think it was... AHH I dont remember. It was so long ago. My first manga was Sankarea, still a favorite. My first anime was a ecchi harem anime called Girls Bravo. I swear Kirie-chan made me gay. Thank you for reading! It may be long, if so, sorry. :I
  2. Post things you find annoying and very reoccurring in BL.
  3. I like innocent, young looking ukes. Plus if the seme is a bad boy.
  4. !! I need to learn this too! I've learned Hangul, but I don't know any words!
  5. Beige

    Ken Ashcorp anyone?

    AHHH I love him! His avatar is adorable and his voice makes me melllllt~ I love Rival, Touch Fluffy Tail, Absolute Territory, and In the Zone the most. 20% Cooler is really good, but it's based off MLP, and that's not really my favorite. Tasteless is amazing!!
  6. Caillou was my favorite, weird, huh? I liked docudramas for some reason, my dad watched documentaries all the time, I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I watched Bob Ross a lot. I was a weird kid. Pokemon was something I'd watch if nothing was on. Ouran High School Host Club got me into anime.
  7. SO much anime made ma an addict. I can name thousannnndss of titles, I just got into anime three years ago, manga two. I'd say Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler. Colorful made me interested in watching movies, and the first anime I watched was an ecchi harem anime named Girls Bravo with my cousin when I was seven! :7yoyo10:
  8. Let's see~ I've read LOTS of yaoi, so I'm going to see if I can sorta sort these out... Number Five: 19 Days (Manhwa) Deals with a childhood friends. It's a one sided love, and there is a lot of punches and slaps (TSUN TSUN!!!:Excited: ) It's a comedic manhwa, but there's a twist, which makes everyone in the fandom freak out. Number Four: Makkurayami de Kimi to (Manga) Two business men (?) working for the same company. One of them is scared of the dark and makes his coworker sleep with him at night. It's more cute than romantic, there is only one erotic scene Number Three: Koishite Daddy (Manga) Words can't describe how much I love this manga. A single dad, Satou, who is recently divorced moves next to a college boy, Takahashi. The college boy helps with taking care of the son, Rintarou. There's one problem Satou has with Takahashi. Takahashi is gay. It's a comedy. but very romantic and the little boy and his friends are just so cute!! Number Two: Love Kids!! (Manga) Sequel to Koishite Daddy. This takes place years in the future, when the kid, Rintarou is in high school. His childhood friend falls in love with him and Rintarou finds himself falling in love. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree~ Number One: Ten Count (Manga) Mysophobia; the phobia of being dirty. Shirotani is mysophobic. One day he meets Kurose, a doctor (?, I don't remember what it's called... Therapist maybe?) who helps Shirotani with his phobia. There is a reason for everything in this manga, and gloriously tells the story with elegance. BONUS MANGA! Super Lovers (Manga) I started reading this manga two years ago, last season there was an anime adaption! The manga was way better, though. (AHHH THE PART WHEN HARU SPOKE IN ENGLISH WASN'T SHOWN IN THE ANIME!! Made me mad!!) Two brothers, one forbidden love. It's hard to explain this manga in a summary, so I'll use someone else's... "Haru visits Canada to spend the summer holidays in the woodland house of his strict, strong-willed mother, Haruko. There, she burdens him with the responsibility of caring for his younger adoptive brother - a wild and unruly little boy named Ren who trusts no-one and prefers to wander in the woods with Haruko's dogs rather than associate other people. Haruko orders Haru to 'civilize' Ren. As the young man strives to teach Ren how to live in human society, their relationship gradually improves - so much so that Haru plans on taking his 'little brother' to Japan with him once he finds a job. Unfortunately, fate has a cruel habit of interfering with one's plans."
  9. I feel embarrassed and have a lot of anxiety.
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