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  1. Hey H... I mean, Agent Slut!


    This is Agent Whore signing in. Do you confirm?!



    I remember I was The Guy that made you come on, you even proclaimed your love to me despite our bosses No-Sex-No-Touch policy for Agents!


    Why Are You Never There When I Am On - these were your words back in the day and they are mine now! Where are you?! Wake The Fluff Up! This is an emergency! The sleeper cell has been activated by the higher ups!


    Ah, the good old days are back. We've been given a mission! Let's bring the fun times back shall we? Let me get personal here... Agent Slut, I wanna kiss you and touch you soo much I can't go on this mission without you!


    Send me a PM the moment you get on.


    PS: If this is her boyfriend/girlfriend accessing her acc (you're not supposed to do that, you know? Trust issues?), I'm not her Ex, I'm just her whore, she's no agent, she's just my slut. Big Diffie!

  2. Gahhhhh!!!!!!! Soooooo grey!!!!!!

  3. Are you kidding me? How many times more will you change your nickname?XD

  4. Howdy! :) ... so good of you to think of me...

    Yes...my love life is great...my love is being really patient/understanding when it comes to our circumstances...


    And..I'm finished with college life...at the moment I'm still a bum,,,,but my goal is to have a job before June ends..


    How about you...how are you dear?.. what's happening in your side of the globe?... :D

  5. Hi,

    How are you these days? We still haven't had the chance to talk.

    I hope you're fine- about your love life, any progress/regress?

    Still studying?

    Drop me a line or pm me!


    See you! Have a good morning! ^__^

  6. Unfortunately calm + quiet! Fortunately not boring!

    Don't let people think you're boring! ^...^ A lot of pplz think calm pplz are boring. Cruel world!


    Woman, how are you? *smiles*

    Happily browsing YO and doing your work? ^ ^


    I've been off for so long. Remember me? I'm that nice, polite, but blunt guy, whom you used to talk to. :hamtaro-005 (6):


  7. Welcome, welcome! Have a nice stay!

  8. Hi Babe, where are you? I'm on, you're off. That's unbelieveable!

  9. *kisses* I missed ya babe. Where have you been?

  10. Moved on? Moooved on? *amercian style argument* You can't leave me! YOU CAN'T! If you do I will jump! I will... I will.... oh... who cares. T__T Luv ya too babe! ^^

  11. Viewer discretion advised( +16):

    It seems my Blackrose left me alone.

    I will never ever be alone

    For I will get a new wife

    and fuck her 'all night!

    Rose is dead!

    Ningen is hurt and sad! T__T

  12. Hey Pheobe!


    So, writing me a wall post means you're finally back? PM me sometime!

    I wrote you an sms earlier this year- but, then I lost my cell + all my data including your number. T___T

    I hope everything's fine! See you- *hugs*

  13. hello my friend... its been ages... i missed you very much... :)


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