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  1. Oh, my bad, you're right, they still would have to edit all their posts to add the tag
  2. I have read just a few posts of the download sections, so idk if this has been done already, but wouldn't it be easier that once a manga it's completed, the OP edits the post and adds "completed" in the tags? that way ppl could see all the completed works using that tag too.
  3. @Saga Oh, sorry, I didn't know that was advertising too, I have to read the rules again xD
  4. @Saga True, it's not everyone will know about that, especially since we dont live in japan, so the fandom will be different... Also, I just realized that my dumb ass didn't put the link to the posts xD I remember one of the posts was from here, but the other one I don't remember where it was from...doesn't matter, anymore I guess
  5. No idea, but have you tried searching by genre? here is the advanced search for "romance+psychological" manga in MAL, I hope the URL it's correct (I guess psychological it's one of the genres bc of his trauma.) Maybe you will find it there.
  6. @Saga I see, but that makes a bit confused as why there are a bunch of similar posts to the one I linked in the OP, that say that certain terms are outdated...I guess then the people they interact with and communities they are part of don't use those terms, and that's why they said so? Thanks for the info, and either way, it's not like those posts would change the way I talk. If anything, I switch between BL and yaoi depending on the group of friends I'm talking to bc they use different terms (the ones from FB use yaoi, while the ones from Tumblr use BL, but in general it's true ppl use almost only yaoi)
  7. well, from those mangacaps you put it looks like the type of ship I like:Red_fox:
  8. I have a personal blog where I wrote a quick review about a yaoi manga and put a link to it from this forum, is that ok? It's here. EDIT: 5000 points as the blog was already established/older. Thank you! ;D
  9. OMG THEY LOOK SO CUTE!!! I hadn't seen that pic of Kara before!
  10. Welcome, @LadySpooks! I have been in others where there were way more users so it was fast paced and entertaining, but mostly bc also the users put some effort creating new threads, commenting others,...keeping the place alive. But also others were even thought there were about the same amount of users here or even a bit more, they weren't very active and pretty boring actually: users would end up posting mainly in random trivial threads that were unrelated to the topic of the forum, rather than creating new threads related to what the forum was for and posting in said threads. So regarding that, this forum it's pretty active. About getting lonely...just go to threads of topics u like and comment something, the best places to do that is visiting the most active threads, which some users have already mentioned before (I visit mostly Otaku Central and Non-yaoi Talk for the Other Manga and Anime section, although the later one doesn't seem as active as the first one).
  11. I would like to be Aoba and make Noiz and Kojaku my bitches
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