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  1. Hello! I would like to help with JP to EN translations.
  2. Hello, guys! I wanted to share with you this program for coloring manga sketches. It took me around an hour to master it, but it works impressively well. Open source means that the program's code is available for everybody to see. The code is here: https://github.com/lllyasviel/style2paints Setting up the local server is a bit tricky, but if you need help just let me know. Instructions and tutorials are here: https://github.com/lllyasviel/style2paints/blob/master/V3/README.md#launch-server Source: An example of my own:
  3. Hi, guys! I've been looking for the title of a manga I read this year. It was about two highschool guys that became friends just because they are both gay and can talk about it. One of them is really cool and popular (he was blonde, I think) while the other one is kind a nerd (he had dark hair and wore glasses). I remember the "cool" guy mentioning that he liked big men (referring to body weight). In the chapter(s?) I read, they shared a bathtub and the cool guy ends up asking the other one to touch him or have sex with him (I don't remember how far they went). It looked like a very sweet manga with fairly interesting story so if someone knows it and can tell me the name, I'd be forever grateful!
  4. Finally, I finished porting the Ai no Kusabi scans to e-book format! You can find all 8 volumes in here. Everyone is free to re-upload, modify and share these files. No credits needed. Just enjoy the novels!
  5. Reminder that I'm converting the scans from the 8 volumes of Ai no Kusabi to e-book format (EPUB and MOBI). It's a slow process but there are only 3 volumes to go. Today I added volume 5 to the folder.
  6. Hello, everyone! First of all, thank you very much for all the contributions, it was taking me a long time to collect all volumes until I saw those scans. In order to give something back, I started converting those scans to actual e-books. Here is Volume 1: Stranger. The file includes both formats: EPUB for standard e-readers and MOBI for Kindle. I'd love to have another person proof-read this by comparing it to the scans!!! But if you don't have the time for that, please let me know if you find any errors/typos in the content.
  7. Hello, everyone! First of all, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, so my apologies in advance if it isn't. TL;DR: I'm converting the scans of the officially translated version of Ai no Kusabi to ebook (EPUB format). I'm looking for proof readers and people with awesome Photoshop skills to improve the images of the scans before putting them into the ebook. Long story: A couple of days ago I decided to read Ai no Kusabi, an old and pretty famous BL novel, and I found out that the content of the series is scattered all over the Internet. There are fan translations focused on the 6-books version, some of them focused on the 8-books version, some blogs collected these translations and mixed them up together... I hadn't had such a hard time finding a series of books in a long time. Finally I came across this post in the forum, and downloaded the scans of the officially translated books. That's definitely better than all those random fan translations links going around on Geocities-like sites, but I think that's still not good enough for such an iconic novel. I also tried my best to get legal copies, and found out that most books are out of stock everywhere, and only the first three volumes can be purchased as ebooks on Amazon. So I decided to create the ebooks myself as I read the novels. It's going to be a long journey and I'd like the result to be absolutely perfect. But for that, I need some help: Proof readers: it will require to read both the ebook and the scans at the same time, and compare that the text matches exactly. Pretty much what I'm doing while converting it, but the more people the better results. Awesome Photoshop skills: the one I need the most help with. The images in the scans have, of course, low contrast and you can even see the lines from the other side of the page. I'd like the images to look a little less "scan-ish" in the ebook. Any suggestions are welcome! If you have experience editing ebooks, you can also help by making sure I'm following the best practices for it.
  8. Uploaded Chapter 03: https://www.mediafire.com/?tl8dwxsq72qv3ns
  9. Uploaded Chapter 02: https://www.mediafire.com/?2laat1pr2g0z7mc
  10. Original Name: 片思い×片思い Author: UEDA Niku Artist: UEDA Niku Released: 2016 Original Publisher: Kaiousha Genre: Yaoi Type: Manga (Japanese) Translation: ChuiRiza Edition: Gulzak Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete) Download Kataomoi x Kataomoi Manga: Chapter 01 - MediaFire
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