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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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    I got into yaoi way back in 2006, so the list of couples I like is quite long. xD
    Atm I'm interested in TsuruIchi, MutsuIzu (some other couples from Touken Ranbu as well), BakuTodo and DoHifu ❤️

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  1. Np about the late reply xD Well, I never did rp so I don't think I would be a good partner, sorry n.n' I'm part of a TsuruIchi Discord group, though. It's a small group because of the size of the fandom but if you want to join and talk with other fans, I can send you the link
  2. I follow the Anakare account on Twitter and Nakigara looks really awesome. They announced they'll release Chigiribako as well (which is what I really want to play xD). And thank you! n.n
  3. I don't know if many people here play the few bl apps that are available on iOS/Android, but a crowdfunding campaign was started for the English version of Beast x Light. While the game can be played normally on the Anakare app and it isn't region locked, the game is entirely in Japanese. I decided to share this here in order to let other yaoi fans know about this. Something different about Beast x Light is that unlike the majority of the bl apps that got released in English, the characters are voiced. Some of the cast include Yamanaka Masahiro, Satou Takuya, Narita Ken and Takeuchi Ryouta. Here is the official Twitter account of Anakare in English and here is the crowdfunding page. Even if you can't donate, sharing this online on social media could help a little.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dZkqmYBKH0
  5. You just mentioned one of the many things that I like about TsuruIchi: Tsurumaru's relationship with Ichigo's brothers. I can't see any other character with whom Ichigo is shipped with that would play with the tantous the way Tsurumaru would. I love the fact that he is great with kids, to the point that he even made Sayo laugh. Spending time with his brothers would be part of the package of being in relationship with Ichigo and Tsurumaru would be great at entertaining them. I also feel the same way towards MitsuKuri. No matter how much Ookurikara says that he doesn't intend to get along with others, he is always around Shokudaikiri, Taikogane and Tsurumaru. Regarding Yamanbagiri and Chougi, I just love how kiwame!Manba dealt with that conversation and wasn't intimidated and Chougi was the one that lost his cool in the end. And you aren't the only one that likes HizaHige in this order(ゝ。∂)
  6. His voice is different when he is voicing semes compared to when he is voicing ukes, so this isn't a issue for me. But his voice when his character is a seme is just so hot that I ended up developing a preference for it xD I mean, there are some yaoi where the seme sounds like he isn't really feeling anything (Liu Jien from Omerta is a good example of this), so I like the seiyuus that do semes that sound like they are feeling good too.
  7. I like Tachibana Shinnosuke as well. I hope that the Si Nis Kanto english patch will eventually get released by the team that is working on it, because I really want to hear his voice in it. I'm waiting patiently for it :leaf15: I really enjoyed Hirakawa Daisuke in Gier (and Tamaru Atsushi, that was his best character, imo), too. I still have to listen to the other cds he did. Do you have a link of the snippet, please? I loved that part of Kani Teki Pervert Romance where Satou-san's character starts ranting, I was laughing way too hard lol
  8. Saito Soma x Tamaru Atsushi (because I'm a shameless TsuruIchi fan, as you can see from my profile lol, and I like seeing the seiyuus that voice the characters from the ships I like doing bl together). I would like to see more with Horie Kazuma doing blcds and voicing semes, because the third track in Makare Vol.3 Drei was really great, the way his voice got lower when Taichi's behavior changed. Yamanaka Masahiro voicing semes makes me really glad because he is really good at it too. And more Satou Takuya x Furukawa Makoto (I would like seeing Makoto voicing a character that isn't a masochist, tho xD).
  9. At least one pair of seiyuus that I wanted to see working together in a bl cd will happen xD
  10. Oh my God, really!? I didn't know about this! I'll download the cd and read the now! xD Thank you for telling me about this! :In love:
  11. Kakkou no Yume! That's the one I was talking about, but I couldn't remember its name xD Itou Kento, I really hope he does a blcd with Kijima Ryuichi lol I kinda felt let down when I saw that he got paired up with Komada Wataru. But otoh, I find it hilarious that he did blcd not only with Komada Wataru, but with Shirai Yusuke as well xD
  12. I know, right? *w* Here is a video I found that has one of Tsurumaru's lines from the game (he says this when he lands a critical hit, btw). I know he only did two, actually. But one was really brief and his character just slept with the MC once, from what I was told. The other one was Akai Ito no Shikkou Yuuyo, which I really liked, but the seme he voiced is the soft-spoken type.
  13. Hahaha, I totally feel that way too. I would be really disappointed if my favorite seiyuu stopped doing bl. I prefer Itou Kento as seme, but it's a good thing that he does both, this way everyone is happy lol Now only if Saito Soma started switching roles more :’(
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