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  1. I no longer see the link to the book when I clicked on the blue button below it says no item found
  2. And if you do answer me, you will need to press "view conversation"& answer there or to my profile and post a visitor message, because if you answer on your own wall, I will not see it:( Or you can send me a pm!:D

  3. Hey Hey Hey I have just read "Swim With You". (I took a loong time, I know:D) But it was a lot a lot of fun!:D thank you for tagging me!


    Although I can't seem to find the thread where you did it or the story itself anymore:( I wanted to write my review there, but I couldn't find it anywhere O_o

  4. That's okay. I am planning to self publish I am just trying to get my scene outline together before I write the 1st draft.
  5. So far I haven't read it recently, but I agree that the older brother's It seems like they just decided to forget the older brother's character development. The Last episode I read was episode 63 and there are 70 left. I can't believe it's over. I really want to read the 7 episodes to figure out what happened @Mochi
  6. I read the book twice before I saw the movie and I think that the tone in the movie compared to the tone in the book was different. I think Elio and Oliver had great chemistry, but I think it was just how the most emotional and intense scenes such as the phone call from Oliver and the sex scene were downplayed. The movie Elio didn't seem as expressive as the novel Elio. I think some of the emotional scenes after Oliver and Elio were closer were put as lighthearted. As for the peach scene, I think the director did the best adaptation of the scene. My main issue was not showing the sex scene between Elio and Oliver.
  7. @Mochi I don't think Oliver betrayed Elio either. He never led him on, but it was inevitable that one of them would end up heartbroken. Their love was beautiful. We got to grow with Elio which makes Elio's sadness all the more devastating.
  8. @batista I'm into psychological, suspense, forced as long as the plot is good. So far, I have failed to find anys. good dark fantasy yaoi mangas. Ai no kusabi was good but it's a novel so it doesn't count.
  9. @Mochi I read warehouse, I really like that one. I also just finished reading the most recent episode of An Easy Target, I know you didn't mention it. I have never read the others you mentioned but I will check them out. As for #1 thank you. If only writing was just as easy as reading
  10. @Jochie That's true. I thought Oliver really loved Elio. It felt as if my heart was breaking along with Elio's.
  11. Your welcome. Yes it's the Italian cover. - - - Updated - - -
  12. Elio's final internal narrative tug at my heartstrings. The novel, Call Me by Your name by Andre Aciman will stay in mind forever. Okay, maybe I'm being a bit over dramatic, but the story awakens emotions in me I didn't think I had. Spoiler Alert for anyone who has not read the book As I read the book, I found Elio strange at first, and the detailed imagery of Italy through his eyes immersed me within his life quickly. The pace was slow, but not so slow that I would get frustrated. There were moments I admit where I questioned Elio's sanity such as the moments when he spoke of wishing Oliver was dead. I am heavily paraphrasing that here. The description of the settings made me want to not only visit Italy, but it complimented the inner feelings of Elio too. The subtle hints Oliver gave Elio at the beginning of the novel, build up nicely to the point when Oliver explains to Elio that he liked him and he touched him as a way to hint that he liked him. It was cute how Elio beat himself up for moving away when Oliver touched his back. Which leads me up to my next point: Time. Remember how I mentioned earlier that the pace of novel was slow? Well Oliver and Elio were both shy. It's already established at the beginning of the novel that Elio's father host a graduate student each summer. Oliver's time is almost over in Italy and it's evident that the beginning of their romance started later. I never realized how short their romance was until the ending of the novel. The sensuality, the sex, the kissing was intense and that's all that matters. Quality over quantity. Each touch, each whisper, each caress advanced the plot until the climax. No pun intended. Oliver tells Elio he's getting married and just like that, I can feel myself spinning in disappointment as if I was Elio. Right then and there, even as Elio ages, I still see the 17 year old Elio at the beginning of the book. The Elio who was not sure of himself, the Elio that cried as Oliver sensually ate the peach right in front of him, the Elio who felt one with his lover as he called him by his name. @Jochie @Mochi
  13. I cried while reading the book during the second time. I was doing laundry at the laundry mat, so I went outside to make it look like I was just taking a break.
  14. @Jochie Yes. you can read my review. I have not posted it yet. I will post it today, but I will tag you when I post the full book review.
  15. @Mochi, I enjoyed the movie and I think the director did his best to adapt it. I will be doing a full review on the book first, (not on here), but you can visit my page to see the book review. Feel free to message me about the movie
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