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  1. Arata smirked "You are such a naughty human. But luckily my cum will stay there due to the butt plug I inserted inside you". He then stood up and held Kiyo's hand tighly into his "I want a new hat and a shirt, and we have to buy something for Sara as well since we are visiting her tomorrow. Do you think she will like some puzzles for her age? I heard some clients at work chatting about such gifts for kids. They said it's good for their brain".
  2. Aki gently touched his lover's hand "Time to go to the stables before Kitty does something bad" he laughed and left in a hurry. Kitty was already on Thunder and laughing. Aki gazed on her and sighed "You are spoiling the hourse too much Kitty". She turned around her head and smirked "I only give him an apple and two carrots. I can't spoil Storm yet as she's just a foal". Aki nodded and quickly mounted the horse behind Kitty "Then let's go to a walk as Eiichi is busy checking if everything is ready for the ball".
  3. Tony followed his lover into the kitchen and smiled seeing his mother was decorating a cake "Is this for a client?" Rose nodded "Yes, your aunt and I are a great team now. I plan to move here forever and also I will sell my old flat. I had only bad memories from there". She smiled "You two have to cook the dinner as Luna as no clue to cook and Linda left to deliver the roses". Tony laughed "Ok mom. My neko and I know how to cook".
  4. Kitty ate everything from her plate and asked "Can I go and see my foal now?" Aki nodded and asked the nanny to take Kitty to the stables. "Tell Yuki to let Kitty to see Thunder as well. She can ride him for 15 minutes". Once Kitty left Aki gazed to his lover "Can you check how the food for the party is going? You have to check the ballroom as well and call me when our clothes are here. I'm sorry I have to ask you this love but you are the main servant so you have to check everything along with the main maid".
  5. Tony got out of the tube and grabbed a towel to dry himself "I'm hungry now my neko. Let's go and see if the ladies cook something for us". He took some jeans on him and a t-shirt and throw the dirty clothes on a basket "I will ask mom to wash our clothes later Lucas. I have no clue where my aunt keeps the washing machine".
  6. Arata blincked when he saw the bill "Did I really eat so much?" he asked Kiyo and took out his credit card to pay. "Sophie told me that the man pays on a date. So I will do what a man should do since you are my wife". He also looked into his pocket for some tip for the waiter. "Let's go Kiyo, since we are in mall we should buy some clothes as well". He smiled hoping Kiyo is having fun on their date.
  7. Tony moaned as Lucas licked the tip of his cock "Do you plan to make me hard again my neko? Be good boy for now and clean yourself". He washed himself quickly and smiled "You are always cute and even cutter when you blush. Plus you are seducing me non stop with your big eyes. It's hard for me to resist your charms".
  8. Kitty jumped from her place to hug Eiichi "I was wondering why you let Aki alone but now I know. You were cooking for us". She went back to her seat and started to eat looking at Aki "Bro, father asked me to look into your cellar for some wine. He said not to tell mother about it, just to give me some bottles to hide in my doll's luggage". Aki rolled his eyes "Father is really mischievous, same as us. I will ask my maids to go look after the bottles". Aki gave the order to his main maid and gazed to Eiichi "I miss you already" he whispered to his lover.
  9. Arata giggled "Because he has no clue I'm not human but a neko. And we do eat lots, especially milk and fish". He yawned and once he got his ice-cream he smiled "Thank you. I like here so we should come more often" he said to the waiter who ran away hearing his words. Arata purred as he tried the ice-cream "It's yummy and my mouth feels fresh now after too much spicy food".
  10. Aki smiled "I'm very hungry this morning so please serve the breakfast. Bring some milk for Kitty, she had enough juice for now". Kitty nodded and jumped on Aki's lap "Where is Eiichi? Why are you alone this morning?" Aki petted her head and sighed "He's cooking our breakfast. Don't tell me you love him more than you love me now?" Kitty giggled "No silly, but you two are always together. Plus maybe I love him more, he spoils me with good food". She made a sign for a maid to approach "Eiichi will eat with us, please tell him to join us quickly".
  11. The waiter rolls his eyes "We never had such a costumer. He ate lots for sure and drinks lots of milk". Arata came back from bathroom and smiled "I want chocolate icecream with strawberries and some fruits as well. Peaches and grapefruits and maybe some apples as well". The waiter nodded and ran back to the kitchen. Arata laughed "Is he ok? He looked shocked that I asked for ice-cream and fruits".
  12. "You are such an obedient neko. Since you already clean your hole, I will cum on your chest this time. But be sure later I will fill your ass" Tony said as he pulled out his cock and cum on Lucas' chest. "You are still blushing. Why are you so cute?"
  13. "When you are on heat? You didn't have your heat since you are with me. Maybe because we are having sex daily" Tony moaned as his neko was playing with his sack "Do you really like my cum deep inside you? Even it is hard to clean your ass after?" he said and smirked "What if I want to come on your chest and not on your hole. Will you let me?"
  14. Aki dressed himself in some casual clothes and ran to the garden where Yuki was waiting him. "Yuki, I will like to go to the stables after my breakfast. Kitty wants to see her foal and I will like to feed Thunder". Yuki smiled "So the little Princess is coming again. The foal seems stronger now, she ran with her mother last night, also Thunder needs a walk, you know he's a stubborn horse like you, he prefers you to walk with him than me". Aki nodded and smiled seeing Kitty. "Good morning little devil. Why are you dress like this?" she was wearing her riding suit again. "I want to have a ride on Thunder and I know you will let me". Aki nodded and lift her into his arms "Breakfast first my lady. After that we may visit the stables. Did you take care of your poney?" Kitty sighed "Nope, mother said no horse for me today. But she let me to visit you and asked the nanny to keep me away from stables. Of course, I won't listen".
  15. Arata sighed "He already knows I like his food but keep teasing me about my huge stomach. The food was good here but too spicy. I'm a cat, I can't really eat spicy food". He looked around and smiled "I will go to bathroom then. I drank too much milk. The waiter looked at me like I was a calf for drinking so much milk". He ran to the toilet while the waiter approached their table "Is your friend ok? We never had such client - he drank all of our milk".
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