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  1. Tony moaned as Lucas licked the tip of his cock "Do you plan to make me hard again my neko? Be good boy for now and clean yourself". He washed himself quickly and smiled "You are always cute and even cutter when you blush. Plus you are seducing me non stop with your big eyes. It's hard for me to resist your charms".
  2. Kitty jumped from her place to hug Eiichi "I was wondering why you let Aki alone but now I know. You were cooking for us". She went back to her seat and started to eat looking at Aki "Bro, father asked me to look into your cellar for some wine. He said not to tell mother about it, just to give me some bottles to hide in my doll's luggage". Aki rolled his eyes "Father is really mischievous, same as us. I will ask my maids to go look after the bottles". Aki gave the order to his main maid and gazed to Eiichi "I miss you already" he whispered to his lover.
  3. Arata giggled "Because he has no clue I'm not human but a neko. And we do eat lots, especially milk and fish". He yawned and once he got his ice-cream he smiled "Thank you. I like here so we should come more often" he said to the waiter who ran away hearing his words. Arata purred as he tried the ice-cream "It's yummy and my mouth feels fresh now after too much spicy food".
  4. Akihiko Sakurai Age: 18 years old Hair: blonde Eyes: green Position: seme Likes: weapons, fights, horses, darkness. Dislikes: annoying peoples, rain, cold. Akihiko is the heir of the royal family from the Sakura Kingdom. Being the only male in his family (he had four younger sisters) he’s spoil by his family and his servants. He hates mostly to study, he’s a warrior and loves to be on his horse most of the time or fighting with other youngs. The nobles’ daughters as well as princesses are after him most of the time but he never pays attention to them. It’s not easy to be a prince, especially a bright prince as his father wants. But Akihiko will have a surprise…
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