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  1. @ZX-MetalMonster Sure, would you like to PM me and we can discuss things?
  2. Well, right now I don't really have a profession so to say but I work part-time in retail, outside of that i'm also an artist and looking to go to college soon to become a translator. I love to learn about different languages and different cultures of the world.
  3. @Lemon Juice Hi hi!!!! Welcome to the site, hope you have a lot of fun
  4. @Sai-Miyoshi AAAA THANK YOU >////
  5. @Sai-Miyoshi You look really cool! *v*
  6. I'm okay but not going to lie, i've been feeling pretty ignored on this site :')
  7. @Rebel Heart I joined and wasn't abelto be online for a long time but i'm back now so technically i'm new but technically not haha. Thanks for the welcome though
  8. I really need to get caught up with it!
  9. Hello everyone, i'm searching for a long term or short term roleplay partner. Requirements: Literacy etc, etc, the usuals! I am in many fandoms and am will doing to rp ships as well us just oc stuff so make sure to let me know what you want to do, i'm flexible with plot as well as post-length although I do prefer 5+ lines! Some of my main fandoms include: Persona 4 DMMD Yowapeda JJBA and much more, the list is huge. Comment below or PM me !
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