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  1. could you please re-upload...the link is dead..its say no file found...:leaf7::leaf9:
  2. i know it's usefull ... mum bought the tee for me because i was long time ill and she thought it will help me but it hurt me instead ... but thanks that we found i was allegic


    i think it may have some efect but hope it want be so bad


    oh that's sad ... this much allergic ... dust and feathers are other things on which i'm allergic


    nice dream :D hope it will come true


    thanks i'm trying but the test are hard and i don't know what i will get from math test ... because my calculator broke at the start of the test so i borrowed one from friend but i couldn't work with it well because she has other type and if i get too bad mark i may fail in math

    haha i'm not sure if in my country we have scholarships :)


    oh wedding :D how it was, has your friend nice dress? :)

  3. Haha if food and drinks would be able to be converted into web pages would be perfect :)) I remember sometimes when I was on the chat room, some users were drinking beer or wine. This way, they could have share it :p


    Haha that's even worst. It would be more than embarrassing to see you are left without your boxers :)))))))))))


    Aha... but yeah, even if you don't have to do the surgery, you still have to stay there near the doctor and watch O_o XDDD

  4. well...maybe can be the nest ainstein , f being able to convert food into web page..**how in world could it be possible**..kinda having crazy imigination,,..hehehe


    oho..aoi_san i not seen me action...its true not dangerous at all...maybe just missing some of they boxer or trousers. rabbit16


    no we the nurses is not doing the surgery...only the doctor....the nurse are just the assisstat, if the doctor need something, or need some hand for support some of body part...hehehe

  5. I'm kinda okey since it can prevent me in eating fatty foods like cake, ice cream...but poor you lenny_chan. you have allergic to ginger, and its having this useful effect to our body. can be used as a herbs.so even if you eat one a little bit of soup which contain ginger in it, also can make you allergic?


    9 degree. that too cold for me. i cant stand degree below than 25, since i have sinusitis (an allergic due to weather, pollen, dust) kinda have to many allergic.

    having low immune system, despite already having these shot for antibody:D


    well i wish to become a millionaire and built up some cinema strictly for BL only**to much imagination lately**:o


    wow!!you are having a pretty hard time there but with party a little can make it useful for stress reliever.

    anyway good luck with the studying.

    hope you score high in your exam, maybe can get a scholarship out of it.:D


    i'm kinda okey, just a bit busy with work andd also with my best friend wedding..lucky the wedding just ended today:)

  6. Ahhahahaa...you kind right, cure for our yaoi sickness is just more & more & more yaoi!!! XDD

    With many S** scene it's better...LMAO


    Eh...you're beautiful too, dee :D

    The differences between you two is, he's more feminine than you... :D

    Cause indeed your brother is really feminine & kinda sexy with that outfit... :D

    Eh how long he dated that man, anyway??? :D


    Eh I haven't hear about that movie??? Do you have link to watch it, dee... :D

  7. How I put it, cause I don't like social media too much, dee...

    Indeed it's right if social media make our far friend become closer, but I just don't like it cause in here lately so much crime happen because of FB too...That's why I'm a bit paranoia :)

    Yup, I use phone & text to communicate with my friend...kinda boring, ha?? :)

    Cause in the real world I'm a bit of quite & shy person, dee... :o

    But in virtual media, I can be more expressive... :D


    Ohhn noo...don't gay hubby, cause in the end maybe they'll cheating behind us with another cutie man.

    How come we can against cutie2 boy, cause in the end we become fangirling around them... XDDD

    Or we want they do lovey dovey in front of our face to fulfill our dream to see real gay couple in the real life... LOLOLOLOLOLOL


    Ahhaahahaha....that will be hilarious if I really do that!!! XDD

  8. Cure for the yaoi sickness.

    oh as a nurse, i should be honest with you, there is no cure for yaoi sickness only the preventive measure to prevent you from hurting you self, which is by watching more and more yaoi/or corrupted mankind with yaoi..:5yoyo34:


    yes hana_chan...That’s why sometime I’m kind of jealous. he's always get the man attention, well since he's kinda looks like a girl, with his round eyes, brown hair, tall...and not to mention that skinny body of his...aisshhh, why did he inherit all of that instead of me...STUPID HORMONE

    yea..that picture of one girl is me...hahaha...not a beauty..i know

    BTW hana_chan do you already seen a movie "How To Date An Otaku Girl"..it’s a funny movie...it’s about a boy, who confesses his love to girl. Girl tells boy she is an Otaku; a hardcore yaoi fan girl.yoyo5

  9. are you serious hana_chan..wow!! what a good girl you are....for me i must log in to my FB account at least 5 times a day.;D

    so how about your old school friend what to communicate with you, did you just text massaging each other using phone?

    here, we make a use of FBl..heck, even our own ward having its own secret group..so if there is a new news we just post it in FB group page..surprisingly now days, some of our people here are using FB as kind of weeding, birthday or party invitation..:)


    i don't mind having a husband who's gay as long as they don't cheat with other after get married...hahaha..isn't it nice, watching BL movies together with your love one**kinda having too much corrupted imagination**.rabbit1


    OMO!!dont tell me you really going to use it in these few days hana_chan. i getting a slight imagination when they smell it...oh god!!

    well you can find it at any gym store, since its usually used by the weightlifting pro to hype them before the competition. :D

  10. manga Bukiyou na Silent vol 3 and vol 4 ch 1. http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/1669-Bukiyou-na-Silent(eng)?p=128775#post128775 EDIT: 300 points
  11. Haha that would be the best invention ever, to be able to convert food and send it by email :))))


    Haha yeah, yeah... not dangerous at all... I could see that... leaf2


    It sounds like from a horror movie... I don't like blood at all XDD

    As a nurse, you have to do surgeries as well, or just the doctor does them?


    I am not a workaholic at all :)))

  12. :D

    here it will be expensive too because we are so far from it


    oh poor you ... i know it's harsh with allegy because i'm allergic to ginger and i found it when i was ill because i drank ginger tee and my tongue got swollen


    haha same here chocolate and cream are the best :D


    :D i thinked it too but now we have 9°C again ... so cold here .... wanna hot weather


    wow good ... i don't have much opportunity to go there .. only with school for some document

    oh really then i will see it maybe not in cinema but i will watch it :D


    oh BL movie in cinema sound like a dream to me


    i'm fine ... studying because end of year is near and i need some good school marks ... but tomorrow i will go party to fest :D

    and how are you?

  13. oppsss....sorry Key_san... maybe I accidentally copied the wrong link. here the correct one; anime: http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/7159-angel-sanctuary EDIT: 500 points
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