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  1. Thanks :) I actually haven't been able to finish it lol but I really like it.


    Thanks for the welcome Sarah, nice to meet you

  2. hi Dalton :D

    thanks for joining the all about Mirage of Blaze group , its good to see more fan

    Have a good day :D

  3. 1 I could never pick a favorite uke, but some of my favorites off the top of my head are Onodera Ritsu, Shuichi Shindou and Misaki Takahashi. I prefer the innocent type, but I'd prefer them to have a bit of a latent wild side if you get what I'm saying; I wouldn't want someone to just lie there the whole time crying and blushing (the blushing is crazy cute though). In reality I'm a 'top' but I wouldn't classify myself as a seme, I'm not as aggressive or whatever. Although, I might be ok with being an uke lol. My ideal man would be Ritsu, Shuichi or Ichigo Kurosaki (yes I know he's not an uke, seme or even involved in any yaoi but still lmao). I hope I didn't like cross a line of oversharing just now lol, if so then gomennasai, I'll watch myself next time haha
  4. Thanks everyone (or should I say mina-san?) I do try and be as fantastic as I can, thanks for noticing, naemi lol. I'm sure you're pretty fantastic yourself. Well milcream I'm glad I caught your interest I wouldn't call myself much of an artist, not anymore anyways. In high school I finished so many pieces, I was like a machine or something, I even won a $1000 prize for 3rd place in this art contest. But for the past 2 years or so I haven't really worked on anything. Are you an artist? And I'm sure you're an awesome and fascinating person, you shouldn't put yourself down like that :\ I don't thing you're overreacting, you just seem energetic its interesting Gurl please, of course we can be friends! We'll definitely get along. When I'm able to get together pictures of some of my artwork, I'd love for you to see it
  5. I was just scouring the internet for a good quality version of the TV size Shoudou, the 2nd opening for Junjou Romantica (which is surprisingly hard to find) and stumbled on to this wonderful place lol. I'm a huge yaoi fan, but for some reason it never occurred to me to look for a message board devoted to yaoi/BL. Anyways, I'm blinky38, or blinky, or Dalton or whatever you wanna call me. I like art, anime, music, etc. Occasionally I like to edit/remix music or videos, I like painting, drawing, photography, digital art/photomanipulation and mixed media. I'm a creative person in general; though most of my en-devours remain unfinished or screwed up, I occasionally come up with something I really like. I think I'd consider myself borderline otaku, but then again I'm not sure where the line is lol. The past few months me and my sister waited all week for friday so we could watch a new sekai-ichi hatsukoi; that and junjou romantica are probably my favorite yaois. I heard they're coming back with a 3rd season of junjou, if its true I'm really excited, most yaoi just gets made into a 3 part OVA or something like that and I prefer my anime to have lots of episodes, as long as quality isn't sacrificed in the process. Well I think I've babbled on enough for one post; if you made it through all this i commend you haha. Anyway, its nice to be a member here, I'm excited to see what all yaoiotaku's got going on and what kind of people I'll run into. rabbit8
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