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  1. em...I don't know who told you this but in this case 秘恋 is to be read as ひこい or HIKOI. Yes, one reading of 恋 is レン (ren) but here in the manga title it is 'koi' reading only. Even the mangaka tells how to read the kanji with furigana on the cover, see~
  2. 桜の夢

    Immoral Sex [JP]

    Immoral Sex [JP] Title: Immoral Sex / インモラル・セックス【デジタル版・18禁】 Mangakas: Harada, Ogawa chise, Aiba Kyoko, Akabeko, Yamamoto Ataru, Narashima sachi, Yao, Dia shiromitsu, Nagi wataru, Akane Abe, Banana nangoku, Ike Reibun Released: 2019 Buy: Amazon / Cmoa / Renta / Ebookjapan This is R18 explicit/uncensored version. Read online: Chapter 1 - Doku to Sex / Harada This manga is for preview only Only share on yaoiotaku.com do not upload or share anywhere else I don't want file to be stolen so it is download disabled for now. Only sharing chapter 1 because I hope others will also buy it if they like and also because I'm not sure if it is safe to share complete file if thieves are still on this site.
  3. Sorry I just now saw this after posting my comment... This is great news! Hope that sites are taught a lesson, better if they are locked in jail for making money from stolen things~
  4. Aah I'm so unhappy to read this. Cruciatus san you've given me so many happy moments... Because of the raws you share I could practice Japanese and then could read so many new mangas and know of new mangakas... They became favorites and I also started buying my own copies when I can. But still you share so many raws that I could not buy and I was always excited and happy whenever I saw new posts by you~ you have done so much for this place and all fans like me..... But because of horrible rotten people so many others will suffer now. I hate them all so much who abuse your kindness!! I would have like to share some of my own raws but all these comments made me realise that everybody who is sharing is getting there things stolen or made money from them. I don't want this to happen to me too so I will not share here. If the admins can expose and kick out the thieves or make the forum more secure, may be then~
  5. Nice, thank you for the share~
  6. Thanks for sharing, didn't know there is more to this series~
  7. Thank you, excited to read sensei's newest manga~
  8. Impressed at amazing art and serious story by this new mangaka. Thank you~
  9. すみちゃん かわいい!! Thanks for share~
  10. This kind of story makes me happy so thanks for the share~
  11. This remind me of her Maou sama manga. Thanks for this~
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