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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.

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    Laurent/Damen [Captive Prince],Hsin/Boyd [In The Company of Shadows],Neil/Andrew [All For The Game],Ronan/Adam [The Raven Cycle],Pip/Lindsay [Stockholm Syndrome].
  1. Omg thanks for sharing! I just got to know of this anime yesterday and planning on watching them in December.I hope this is not another fan service and actual representation actually happens.I need them to be canon!!!
  2. Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler
  3. Oh thank you so much for replying and uploading this!! Unfortunately(well not exactly) I have already read that vol But it's okay! Tq @MikA14
  4. @MikA14 hi do you also happen to have with you the rest of Patreon side stories? Something like turkey,etc I really want to read it, but im not a member :c
  5. Terima kasih! Tq so much. Don't 4get to leave reviews guys or rating to support the author!
  6. I don't believe this,not that I don't believe in the mere possibility that a straight guy could enjoy yaoi,but not when it comes to you.I don't think you're even a straight guy.I get the feeling you're just a person who trying to create a false proof that a straight fudanshi could actually exist and not just a fellow unicorn. Why I think you're a catfish is this: 1.You registered to this site on 22.6.2014 ,went to every forums since that day,answering every questions, joined on every discussions, and then stop on 26.6.2014. 2.That's less than 5 days man. 3.You actually took the time to create a full complete profile.With pictures.And description about yourself.The obvious; just a guy that Loves yaoi so much.This is a set to make you appear more legit.Sometimes, this isn't the case of newbies.Newbies are lazy. 3.I'm been lied before.Its an online gay for you story.She turned out to be a girl.I get her attention; to make as it Is possible for two straight men to fall for each other.She's a good story teller and very dedicated. I was giddy and sobbing at times by the beauty of it all until she make him killed himself.If the admin had not been tracing her location. The readers would be in a prolong devastation. 4.Totally unrelated, Ive had experience watching shounen-ai anime with my two str8 friends before.The were bored,I was reluctant but they insisted, saying they are open and kept telling me to chill.The animes were Love stage and no.6.It was funny at first.Their reaction to the sexy scene was over the top.That's it until their mouth joined in with the dramatic bus.It was this:Id rather watch xxxx than the two guys kissing. It was this:God I want to punch the guy(the uke) cause he was acting all vulnerable. It was this: me want to pour gasoline at living their bodies. It was horrible.Never again.
  7. 1.Captive Prince Trilogy(book 3 ruined it 4 me cuz theres particular scene that is so fucked up I think but book 1 and 2 is just out of this world amazing!) 2.All for the game trilogy 3.In the company of shadows series 4.Stockholm syndromes trilogy. 5.Rock by anyta Sunday. 6.Chance assassins series (I skipped book 2 cause m/f foreshadowing as m/m *eye rolls*) 7.Dance with me Heidi cullinan 8.Something like series jay bell 9.Sparrow through the heart- Agatha bird 10.Interview with the vampire -Anne rice. I almost put the song of Achilles cos the book really destroyed me. I don't know anything about it.I was zombified for a month.I locked that book in a drawer so I wouldnt see it,so i couldn't get depress.But I have issues.1:the descriptive m/f sex scene.I only got handjob m/m scene but you gonna shove at my face the detailed MF scene? No no no.Add to that horrible ending I don't feel justified. 2:Patroclus hugging Briseis? at the tent and how he thought she fitted really well in his arms that maybe if he hadn't meet Achilles he would be with her?? Wtf I thought he's written as gay? I don't mind if he's bi but you don't get to plant that thoughts in me cuz I'd start to doubt along with him too.Like yahh maybe Achilles is not good enough 4 you.Like yahh maybe she will save you from this fucked up lover.It's imperative to me that they're endgame and that NOTHING will ever get between them.Not even that brief thoughts.No no no.Ruined the book 4 me.
  8. Kind of romance-lane Hayes Better than good-lane Hayes Dirty laundry-heidi cullinan Something like summer jay bell(the movie will come out next year yay!) Kamikaze boys -jay bell.
  9. @Suida Again I'm sorry.Could you delete my message? Or can I delete it? - - - Updated - - - @Suida I mean is it possible to delete it?
  10. @Suida I apologized Suida I promise I won't do it again! I learned my lesson *head down* Can you delete that message?
  11. ....ya I don't think they take Yuri/ff request here Bunny.
  12. OK,I just found LFYT.Now I need the second edition: Nest.Thanks!
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