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  1. Hi there! Thanks for the friend request <33 How're you?

  2. I feel better then usual. I usually feel drained & unmotivated, but today I feel recharged. Also sleepy at the same time...
  3. I have yet to pick up the manga! I've been meaning to do that though. Thanks for reminding me ~
  4. Dandere

    Hello hello~

    Thank you guys so much!
  5. False. Eh... they are alright lol Next one likes to listen to death metal
  6. True Next one is in a relationship
  7. "What would you do to me if you were giant and I could fit in the palm of your hand?" Asked by some random stranger at the train station. He ended up following me onto the train and kept asking weird questions like that. It was really, really, weird and awkward.
  8. The weather isn't so bad here, it's 68°F
  9. Crystal Castles - Frail [video=youtube;9p6Z-9AwRrU]
  10. Cardcaptor Sakura and Tokyo Mew Mew were my anime obsessions when I was a little kid! But I think I didn't become a full-blown anime fan until a friend of mine introduced me to Naruto. That's when my childhood began to spiral into Anime Hell.:Being-joyful-01:
  11. I started watching that recently, its pretty cool so far. o:
  12. How's everyone? I'm new here, and uh....I'm 22 years old, from the U.S., and I need more friends who are into yaoi. I also like some k-pop too, though I'm still pretty new to the whole thing. Anyway I look forward to spending time here, and I hope I can get to know some of you c:
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