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  1. hey! Thanks for the free! christmas wishes!! Same goes to you and hope you have an excellent new years c: btws i'm loving your display pic gintoki looks so gorgeous and his hair so fluffyyyy

  2. I love dj scenes too - especially the hidoku shinaide DJs they are steamy and hot af.. as for other scenes, I have like a gazillion favourite scenes from ff from like a gazillion different fandoms. At the moment my favourite are some of the top rin x nitori ones on ao3
  3. foodie


    saame i try to avoid it because i'm not a fan of female pregnancy fiction so i'm defs not a fan of male preg. I don't mind AUs where males COULD become pregnant (like alpha/omega AUs) but I generally like the stories where they don't get pregnant
  4. ahaha ohymygosh jam?? That's soo cute - is it because they are so sweet together :3
  5. yayy!! This is exciting because there aren't many live action adaptationsss WOOPEE!! We are getting spoilt this year - first docchi mo docchi, seven days and this so far!
  6. ohmygosh!! Thank you so much for the links :DD Gonna go watch the first one to refresh my memory and then head straight into watching this one THANK YOU !!
  7. sack of poop.... . . . .. . . . ... how do you like your eggs?
  8. All the entries so far look great!! Here's mine because why not have a happy autumn you guys while i celebrate spring ^^
  9. @Shroom YUSSSS that scene with the chocolate that was amaaaazing. I also loved how arata asked shingyouji out on a date in the change room it was pretty much the first time he actually showed interest in shingyouji and he asked in such a sweet way by using the shirt as an excuse buT UGHHH that was so romantic and my heart melts every time I think about itt THEY ARE SO SWEET OMG Has anyone seen this niconico broadcast (? i think) called triple zone? It's got baba ryouma, watanabe daisuke and from watching a few eps on youtube they sometimes had mao as a guest.. I'm not sure if it's still on or what not because I'm no good at jap but it's cute to watch if you're a fan of the actors (some of the vids are from like 2012 so idk if they're still making the vids)
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