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  1. hey! Thanks for the free! christmas wishes!! Same goes to you and hope you have an excellent new years c: btws i'm loving your display pic gintoki looks so gorgeous and his hair so fluffyyyy

  2. haha i've been replying to a lot of threads is all... Thanks for the add :"D

  3. Wow, u r already hella active for merely being here for a week 0___0

  4. Hi! Thanks for the friend request. :o

  5. Hello! Hello!

    Thank you for accepting~

    Please call me Sandra or Madame or whatever your heart feels is the right name for me~

  6. hey! Nice to meet you, thanks for the request :"D

  7. MY FAVOURITE IS DEFINITELY TAKESHIxMORITA I WAS BALLING MY EYES OUT AND CRYING SO MUCH they are so sweet and they didn't even get to see each other for very long... the first time takumi saw his friend smile... fajljlBAFHBGRHLSBUILRGAUIRL ugh. I also love misu and shingyouji because they are so sweet and had real nice scenes together
  8. omg lol i just realised the last post was like 3 years ago.. oh well. I hope you guys are still takumi kun fans at heart! <33
  9. I loOved when misu dragged shingyouji to the fitting room and started putting on the shirt for him. They way he asked shingyouji out on a date was just sooo sweet and it's probably the first time he has been the most honest and passionate toward shingyouji after realising his feelings. Also when they shared the chocolate.. that was hot as hell fk.
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