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  1. Seme of the second couple, i guess he was Kamio Shinchirou, was so good. I love when semes moan also *-* Thanks for sharing, i loved it!!
  2. If Tsuda Kenjiro or Suwabe Junichi were to do BL one day i would die just from nosebleeding while listening yoyo4 God, such sexy voices!!
  3. Yeah!! I was waiting for this *-* Thank you so so much
  4. Haha i always scare for it if that thing will one day really happens to me :_red_fox 15 My parents don't know about my yaoi passion and my sister know about partially-not like i said all of it- One of my friend learned it recently and now she reads yaoi also hihih
  5. Omg!!! Thank you soo much for uploading this!! I was waiting for this
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆



  7. @Tocco all links are dead.. :No!: Can you please re-upload them?? cheetah7
  8. Is this for a manga or novel? Cause i can't find any links for manga :'(
  9. Hidamari ga Kikoeru is the only manga which made me cry
  10. Natsume Isaku (and Takari Rihito of course) is my yaoi goddess.. I love each manga of her made :leaf15: My favourite Ameiro Paradox, even though it is really hard to choose one I'm re-reading Ameiro Paradox recently, too
  11. This manga and it's cd drama are really very good. I can't help but read this again and again
  12. I think, life isn't like it seems. After some time passes you see it is not like your imagines. Or maybe it is an imagine itself,.. Everything is fake and we think that we're living. But what did make us believe that?
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