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  1. Anita.... Pa kabar? Still in Jog? Hmm....if i not mistaken, you had already graduated aren't you?

  2. Yeahp, it's been ages. Sure I'd love to check out your stuff. That's kind of a cool business you've got there. I'm doing fine, really. Just some bumps on the road but it's kind of fine. :") Have a great day ahead.

  3. hello there

    it was indeed such long time ago since we have last talk

    haha its understandable tho, we were just too busy with our life

    i was finally finish my study in college and work on my own bussiness

    i do have so shop in instagram, they're makeup and bags, hope u can try to look em up sometimes (the accounts are @bagsandbeauty_byanns and @beautystorebyanns)

    anyway what're u doin now? :)

  4. :_red_fox 5cheetah15:Frustrated:
  5. it's been so long since I'm back and kicking here in yo. Damn my work did such a good number on me. How are yah?

  6. i wish you all the best in life




  7. @cruciatus @No Time For Losers Ltd. Ah both of you again (and as always)! LOL ... Keep fillin' my days with more and more awesome manga! Thanks for sharing this one. Really hope to see the english translation tho. Ja~!
  8. Hey..hey..how are you dear?

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