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  1. Anyone know if Counterattack will continue production in Taiwan? That's what I thought Addicted is doing, and since they have the same creator, why not?
  2. tsen


    Biology aside, doesn't MPreg just defeat the whole purpose of yaoi?!?!?! If I want to see pregnancy I would look for a hetero couple! The only exceptions to this are if one of the boys is transgender, otherwise they can adopt and avoid all the nasty mood swings.
  3. I usually like more equal sekes so age doesn't matter (as long as they're not underage). But I think a seme should be more or just as emotionally mature as the uke. Bratty semes are worse than crying ukes imo
  4. Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, unless you count Hetalia which is kind of shonen ai...
  5. Yay we have a fanclub! I wasted so much time marathoning this series foxy2 Ah but I'm still annoyed about the banning. Wake up, it's 2016, gay people exist and no amount of censorship will change someone's sexual orientation! I bet they wouldn't be complaining about the title if the show was about a hetero couple.
  6. #1 is always art. I won't read anything shota or bara or yaoi handsy. #2 is summary or tags just to check for squicky things like incest, underage, or weird fetishes. If I'm still not sure then I check ratings or reviews on MyAnimeList.
  7. I love Stromae too! My French teacher showed the class "Alors on danse" back when it first came out. I actually don't listen to a lot of original French artists though, and I'm super picky about my music. is really good imo. I like how happy sounds but I have no idea what the song even means (If we only live once, then tell me everything except that you love me??) Also @MaeraFei your recommendations are A+ (I'm listening to them rn)
  8. Has anyone else run into the issue where you meet someone who likes the same tv show or anime and you want to ask them if they like any BL but you also don't want to be too direct and scare them off? :9onion70: Whether you successfully or unsuccessfully made contact with a fellow BL fan, here's a thread for you to share your experiences! Do you bring up something like LGBT issues to see if they're homophobic first? Do you casually mention that you know "someone" that ships a gay pairing? Or do you find out their taste in shows and recommend a similar gay show? I want to know! :_red_fox 2
  9. if you're stuck on the sports anime, maybe try doujinshi? Yaoi-Sei has a couple series *eyebrow wiggle*
  10. There are so many things that ruin BL for me it's faster to list the things I DO like lol But one thing has been bugging me a lot lately. I don't like it when the seme rapes the uke and the story makes it seem like a gesture of love or blames it on the uke. It's just really insensitive to real rape victims and I know things are different in fiction, but I feel like this just shouldn't be romanticized. I actually don't like Junjou Romantica because it started out like this. Love Stage is pretty much the only yaoi I've seen that handles the rape trope correctly (by having the seme go on his hands and knees begging for forgiveness and never doing it again until the uke initiates).
  11. I agree with Kono Danshi Ningyo Hiroimashita being a let down. May I'm heartless idk but that was so boring. Koisuru Boukun disappointed me too. I thought it would be fluffier and funnier and less rapey
  12. @Sai-Miyoshi I like uke Genos especially with villain Saitama :Red_fox: there's just something about a young hotheaded character turning into a blushy mess because of their "master"! but switching is nice too as long as they're together
  13. @lovely_bites you mean this scene
  14. I want to say Durarara... but the author tried writing a Shizaya BL scene already and he wasn't very good at it foxy4 So I'll go with One Punch Man (because Genos is halfway there), Owari no Seraph (because everything else about it sucks), and Gintama (because gay samurai are delightful)
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