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  1. thanks so much! I wish there could have been more chapters...
  2. Miss this series...... I wish I could understand japanese characters....
  3. Ain't this sweet? Forbidden + Romance = Interesting :Excited:
  4. I'm looking forward as well! Will it be a series or an OVA?
  5. Ohhh.... This seems interesting for me.
  6. thank you so much Kokuran! I really love this series. I wonder when the third installment will be translated to english?
  7. thank you very much! This series is one of my all time favorites in BL. In fact, it has a sentimental value for me.
  8. currently unavailable.... can someone please upload it again? I lost my copy....
  9. thanks! you got my question and cleared my misunderstanding So, I believe even if the manga hasn't been completed by the scanlation team but fit the criteria will do for any challenge that fits.
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