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  1. Thanks for the add!^^ I hope we get to chat more.

  2. Aaaah! Thanks everyone!! ^__^ :cuteonion57:
  3. oh!! I LOVE FREE! And not only 2nd season...^_^ I'm a fan of Makoto! :Sleepy: Anybody knows something about third season?? (I hope.....^^)
  4. For me the saddest manga is HYBRID CHILD by Nakamura Shungiku! :No!:
  5. I'm reading Ten Count too! ^__^ and waiting for new chapters of Depressing Morning.... T_T
  6. Takanaga Hinako (see my nickname ^_^) Yoneda Kou Hidaka Shoko (I love manga "Yuuutsu na Asa"!!!)
  7. Hello! My name is Morinaga Tetsuhiro. I live in Nagoya and love my senpai... ^_^ Hahahahaaa!! OK... My real name is Julia and I'm from Russia. Nice to meet you. ^_- I found this forum suddenly on the Google Search! but I hope I'll find friends here. P.S. Sorry for my not ideal English. T_T
  8. Ooooh! Thank you for sharing Yuuutsu na asa. :Gangnam: Here the only place I found it to download... p.s. sorry for my English, I'm from Russia.^^
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