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  1. Really really thank you for your update, you are so sweet. I really love this series, wonder if there will be another more chapter about Okino-kun and his boyfriend, they are also cute. ^_^ :In love:
  2. Yay, finally got a translation of this manga, it's so cute, especially the god. It's such a waste that Hasumi sensei didn't make a sequel of this. Thank you so much for sharing this ^o^.
  3. Thanks @cruciatus for upload the continue of this story, it'd be so sad if this really is just oneshot.
  4. Hello Grave, How ru?


    Sorry for bothering you now. At least I'd like to Thank you for all the thanks that you'd given me. It was really wonderful each time thanks again. But for the pw issue hope you'll understand and we'll still keep on playing together in here too.


    Plz feel to free to talk directly to me, you're always welcome dear!

  5. Aah I see... its nice to see Yunjae photo here by the way. onion1

    Hello there ^^ Nice to meet you

  6. instead of saying that i'm a yunjae shipper, i just think that their photo is so beautiful, i have many photo of all the former couple of DBSK and Super Junior.

  7. Hey, I saw your ava and wondering. Are you Yunjae shipper too? :_red_fox 15

  8. u r welcome i hope i did help ^_^

  9. Thanks for your help.

  10. Here I made an explanation about How to download from jumbofiles

    I hope that help u : LINK

  11. i re uploaded the links for "Sex-Pistols by Kotobuki Tarako": HERE

  12. Can you reupload the link? It's all death now
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