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  1. Amazing banners indeed. Thanks @Saga, flawless as always! ^_^
  2. @Saga Thanks for the eye candies! ^_^ I missed this thread too! NSFW
  3. Coconut-latte macchiato
  4. Omelet with salad
  5. @~Silver_Pedal~ Lol!! It happens! ^_^ Nah, my dear, rather a gourmand here looking for some food eye-candy! ^_^
  6. @~Silver_Pedal~ Thanks for the recipe, it sounds interesting! Take a shot of it if you can. ^_^
  7. @~Silver_Pedal~ Yeah, you could try it, it's a lovely dish, at least to my tastes. ^_^ You are so beautiful and so cute, by the way! ^_^
  8. @pechadur You are very beautiful and cute! ^_^
  9. @fameandfortune212 Oh my! What a handsome and stylish man we have here! ^_^
  10. The aubergine parmigiana tasted so good! I tried Jamie Oliver's recipe, here it is for you guys in case anyone wants to try it. ^_^ Aubergine Parmigiana Recipe (by Jamie Oliver)
  11. @~Silver_Pedal~ Thanks for the new recipe! I wanna try some aubergine parmigiana tomorrow, hope it turns out good. ^_^
  12. @~Silver_Pedal~ OMO Thanks a lot sweetheart! I will make this marinade right now so they have time to rest in the refrigerator till tomorrow evening when I'm planning a nice pork chops dinner. ^_^
  13. @~Silver_Pedal~ Thanks a lot for the recipe! I will be sure to try it out! ^_^ Dear, for a grilled steak, how long would you let the meat to marinate? And do you have any recommendation for a good marinade for pork chops? I plan to grill some steaks but not really sure how to marinade them. Any advice would be appreciated! ^_^
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