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  1. 2i6g9lf.jpg

    Whishing you a great year... May all your wishes come true! ;)

  2. Happy New Year Aria!





    I'm preparing for the party already!


    Have fun and Happy New Year! :D

  3. I've been celebrating here! I met 3 friends and drank with them, but one of them stayed only for about 20 mins, so yeah we were 3 friends partying. Anyway the freezing cold made me way sobber even there is just 8 minutes from home.

    And your friend with who you were doing the RPs? Is she fine too?

  4. Actually I don't.

    I do however have plans to go hang with a friend over the weekend after Christmas.

    New years I have no idea what I'm doing.

  5. Good to know everything is working good for ya! :D

    Do you have any plans for the Christmas and the New Year?

  6. Well a decent job I suppose. I just hope I can handle it.


    as for rp-ing occasionally not as often as I used to.

  7. Did you find a good job?


    How about RP-ing? Do you still roleplay with your friend?

  8. Oh no I've been job hunting and trying to get something made and what not and getting sick DX

  9. Hey Aria!

    A busy personal life? Did you get married or something? :p

  10. DX matti! I am so sorry I haven't been on in a really long time. I've gotten busy and side tracked and slowed down on the yaoi stuff. Having a difficult personal life and what not, but I'm hoping to get on more when I have the time. I miss talking with you >w<

  11. 5oi2k2.jpg

    Happy Halloween! ;)

  12. Hi Aria! How are you? Still doing role playing? :p

    I started the exams.. XD

  13. Hey Matti!! it's been forever seen I messaged you or got on here, I kind of had a dead spell for a while. Still kind of am but I'm more active on DA and such, just wanted to say hi and that I'm sorry for dropping out like that without a word.

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