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  1. Yuuuumeeee-chaaaaannnn

  2. Yes they both are :D Buuuuuuut i actually stopped learning for a while, because i applied for Software Uni and if i get the admission i will barely have time for sleep xD

  3. Ah sure thing--! And sorry about the delay--I've been pretty swamped with school o)--<

  4. ahh awesome. Just post your sheet http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/18936-infector%7C%7Ccatalyst-%5Bgroup-rp%5D%5Bprivate%5D


    ohh. the Character sheet format is on the first page :)

  5. Ehehe, yep :) How have you been?

  6. Uooh ok, Yuki-tan then~ e u e ))b

  7. Shhh, dw dw there's no rush at all ok? ; v ; Take your time~

  8. huhu//curses school o)--<


    Lmaoo, so dutch and German are somewhat similar in a way? :''D

  9. hello yume, still interested in joining the RP infector||catalyst?

  10. Then i hope Yume will find more free time to come as many times as Yume wants xD I have really great time learning Dutch. I know German. In the first moment when i see the Dutch word i am like WTF and then listening the pronouncing in Google translate audio i am "Shut up! This is the same word " xD

  11. Uwaaah! *sobs* My brain and fingers are trying to work. Hopefully I will have a reply for you soon! Q__Q

  12. Nah, just call me Yuki-tan. Snow-san is too...formal. Lol

  13. Yes, me too, many r very eager to be watched and read lol but sadly, dont hv time

  14. hngh I have so much to read and watch ahhh, aww even bread? Bread is delicious = q = ))/

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