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  1. Happy Holidays Ariesa. :) I miss you so.


  2. Sure! oh., do you want to be the character going to the enemy country or...? (Couldn't send message >_>)

  3. Cool! Do you want to talk about the plot and or the characters for the RP? (Your inbox is full sooo, yeah >w>)

  4. -Insert Rainbow of Knowledge- The more you know~ :3 Ah yes, great minds do think alike. B-)

  5. Interesting. I didn't know. -Giggles- (; Like minds think alike. ;)




  6. Hehehe, thank you so much hon~ :3 ( and it's okay, I'm also one. TWINSYS~) rabbit16

  7. -Sneaks on your page- and saw that your birthday was a few days ago. Happy belated birthday sweety. :) (Confession of a stalk) ^///^ tee hee.

  8. I know you can't see me, but i have the biggest grin on my face. :3

  9. LOL, yes, a super long one.

  10. Oh~, a super long one~! Okay~. Wait my inbox is full? God damn it...

  11. I'll reply to our RP over the weekend. It's because I plan on writing a long-ass reply for ours, and it'll take me a long time, so I can't write it on the weekdays because it'll consume too much time.


    Your inbox is full.

  12. Oh my~! Thank you!! Happy V-day to you too~. yoyo4

  13. Happy Valentine's Day! I lav you and Tsuyo!





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