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  1. Episode 12 [480p] - Episode 12 [720p] - Episode 12 [1080p] Sorry for the delay posting this, I was away over Christmas and New Year... did everyone enjoy the series? I thought Episode 12 was a bit rushed at the end, I think that they ran out of time to fit everything in, it really needed a 13th episode... here's hoping for a OAV special to round off the season!! Plus episode 12 ends with a message screen which gives us hope for more!! Rumours of a season 2 are already circulating!! Will we see the 2017 Grand Prix, with Victor, Yuuri & Yuri(o), all competing... quite possibly, Yuuri is running in St Petersburg at the very end!! For those of you who are suffering from withdrawal symptoms already, the dubbed version is still airing, and although I don't usually go for dubbed anime, I decided to download and watch it... for the first time in like ever, I really enjoyed a dubbed anime!! Victor and Yuri(o) with East European accents!! I'm just going to go watch Episode 5 now, and there are 10 episodes currently available, I'm uploading them to my Mediafire 'Yuri!!! on ICE' folder if anyone is interested. Episode 12 subbed can also be found there, and if there are any problems with any of the files please let me know. I still don't have the soundtrack album, if anyone has it to share please post a link here. :Gangnam:
  2. Episode 11 [480p] - Episode 11 [720p] - Episode 11 [1080p] Sorry this is late, I and my family have been sick as dogs, and I've been trying to work, and do Xmas shopping too.. :Sad:
  3. Episode 10 [480p] - Episode 10 [720p] - Episode 10 [1080p] - OMG, what an episode!! Finally, we have an episode where we have mostly Victor's POV... Best Bits: The pool scene (especially when they come back to the room); LOL The bit in front of the church; *squee* The restaurant scene (especially the bit with JJ); LOL The bit at the beach; *feels* THE FLASHBACK OF LAST YEARS GRAND PRIX FINAL VICTORY BANQUET!! ROFL!! I cropped the scene we all want to watch again and again, you can find it in my Mediafire Yuri!!! on ICE folder, the footage comes from 3 phones, Victor's has Makkachin as his home screen, Chris has the medal ceremony, and Yuri's has his Grandad's Pirozhki. The whole episode is :In love::Wink:
  4. Ah, I was so desperate to watch the episode last night that I downloaded and watched the raw (even though my Japanese is crappy), then when the subbed version was finally available I downloaded and watched that too!! Episode 9 [480p] – Episode 9 [720p] – Episode 9 [1080p] Yay, Makkachin is A-Okay… I would have seriously cried if they’d killed him/her off!! BTW, does it say anywhere on the official website or twitter/facebook, what sex Makkachin is? I LOL’d so much when Yuuri went on a hugging spree when he didn’t get his Victor ‘fix’, and when he chased Yuri around I almost wet myself laughing!! It was like watching a zombie parody… I could hear Yuri screaming “Cooties!!” in my head XD It was way cute when Yuri gave Yuuri his Grandad’s ‘Katsudon’ pasties for his birthday, (please don’t ask me to spell what they really are!!), then he tells him he needs to get his act together if they are going to beat JJ, like it’s something that they have to do together!! And who didn’t have a tear in their eye at the end, I total choked up it was so sweet!! :In love: And the reason I'm posting late is that I wanted to finish these... I found a fan subbed episode that included the ending, so I cropped it in movie maker, but no subtitles!! Figured out it was because it was softsubbed, so I had to run it through WinAVI to make it a hardsub, unfortunately that means that there is a watermark on this, but subtitles!! My next project was cropping the Instagram feed and the beach scene from the ending, slowing it down to quarter speed, then adding the full instrumental version of 'You Only Live Once', you can now enjoy 3:44 min of fandom!! Both can be found in the Yuri!!! on ICE 'Music' folder on my Mediafire a/c, you can also find the 480p versions of the anime. :Dancing:
  5. Episode 8 [480p] - Episode 8 [720p] - Episode 8 [1080p] My favourite moments of Episode 8: When Yuuri grabs Victor’s tie, pulls him to him, and whispers in his ear that he’ll show the whole of Russia his love!! Feel the moment!! LOL When Yuuri blows a kiss at the start of his program… Sexy Katsu-don!! *fans self* When cat ears land on Yuri’s head at the end of his program!! Ultimate CatBoy!! XD The way Yuri is sat when getting his score (still with cat ears!!), and Yakov and his ex-wife totally look like a mafia couple!! LOL Lastly, hang in there Makkachin!! ;_; :No!:
  6. @Renny1 & @samara_1417 I'm not really sure what happened there, but I've double checked the links below, and they work okay for me!! Episode 7 [480p] - Episode 7 [720p] - Episode 7 [1080p] :Sleepy: I think I might have messed up because I was really tired when I originally posted. I'll have to check the links on my website post too, since I copy and paste to over here!! The moral of this story is don't stay up late to watch YoI on a Wednesday night, and then post at like Midnight!! LOL BTW, @Embracing Fujoshi & @Rokkojok I wrote the Russian Punk x Cinnamon Roll!! XD I posted it this morning on AO3!! Anyone interested in my Yuri on ICE fan fiction, or fan art, should check out my website... please feel free to squee, and make as many fangirl comments as you like about the episodes on the Anime Review posts!! :Wink:
  7. Episode 7 [480p] - Episode 7 [720p] - Episode 7 [1080p] Must see moments!! Cristophe saying that he's gonna cum, AGAIN!! LOL Victor asking Yuuri if he should kiss him to stop him crying... and then getting told off!! XD Yuuri poking the top of Victor's head; Victor running to meet Yuuri, and knocking him over with a kiss & hug!! Next episode we go to Russia... Yuuri versus Yuri!! and there's gonna be sparks flying, since the Russian Punk is way pissed at the end of this episode!! :Stomping:
  8. Episode 6 [480p] - Episode 6 [720p] - Episode 6 [1080p] Must see moments!! Victor getting drunk and stripping in a restaurant (and Pritchit's photo proof on Instagram); Yuuri licking his lips as he starts to dance 'Eros'; Cristophe competing with Yuuri for the best depiction of 'Eros', and saying that he feels like he's gonna cum at the end of his routine!! :Gangnam: Next episode we have everyone dancing the free program, and I've found the full version of Yuuri's music... Yuri on ICE.MP3 I've uploaded the [480p] episodes, and all the music I have for this series to my Mediafire account.
  9. Episode 5 [480p] - Episode 5 [720p] - Episode 5 [1080p] Excellent episode, had several bits that made me ROFL, but my fave line is right at the very end when Yuuri makes his speech on TV about his theme 'love', and all Victor says in response is that he's gonna burn his ugly tie when he gets home!! He totally sounds like a doting wife!! XD :Excited: BTW, I totally want to pair the new cutie skater with Yuri!! A japanese cinnamon roll, and the russian punk!! He even looks like confectionary with that hair... LOL I cropped the opening and ending credits in Windows Movie Maker, so please feel free to enjoy!! Opening MP4: History Maker (no sub) - Ending MP4: You Only Live Once (no sub) BTW, this my whole Yuri!! on Ice folder on Mediafire, and this is where I store the cropped screenshots I'm using in my fan fiction 'The Russian Perspective' which you can find on AO3.
  10. Episode 4 [480p] - Episode 4 [720p] - Episode 4 [1080p] Hah, Victor offered to be Yuuri's boyfriend?! and he turned him down?!?! Yuuri you are such an idiot!!! but it was so cute how he over-reacted LOL :Sleepy: But the cutest was him waking up in bed with Makkachin after the Onsen on Ice. Next episode starts the first lot of competitions, the regional championships in Japan.
  11. I found these this morning, and thought I'd post them, with some info on CD & DVD releases. Opening Theme MP3 (TV SIZE) - History Maker - Dean Fujioka Ending Theme MP3 (TV SIZE) - You Only Live Once - Wataru Hatano The full 3:10min version of 'History Maker' is available NOW on Amazon Japan as a MP3 download, the full CD release of 'You Only Live Once' is released on 23 November, and is 4 tracks plus a DVD with video clips, the series soundtrack CD is available on 21 December, and has 4 tracks including 'Eros' and 'Agape'. Talking of DVD's, there are 6 DVD releases planned, with the first being released on 30 December, though I'm not sure how many episodes there are on each disc, and I still haven't found out for definite exactly how many episodes this series has planned, whether it is going to be a standard 12 episode season, or if we are going to get more!! Anyone who can confirm any episode info, please let me know... useful info sites can be found below!! Official Site (in English) - Facebook Page - Twitter Feed
  12. Episode 3 [480p] - Episode 3 [720p] - Episode 3 [1080p] My this anime carries on satisifying the fujoushi in me... as well as being seriously funny too!! This episode we have the Onsen on Ice competition... Yurio's agape versus Yuri's eros!! :In love: Fave lines have to be: 1. (When Victor is demonstrating Yuri's routine for dancing Eros) Yuri - "It's enough to make even me a man, pregnant! Such Eros!" 2. (Yuri on performing Eros himself) "Trying to be the Playboy isn't me. I want to be the most beautiful woman in town, who seduces the Playboy." (especially poignant since Yuri describes Victor's performance as the Playboy seducing the most beautiful woman in town) Oh, and make sure you watch the next episode preview or you will miss this little nugget!! 3. Yuri - "Who'd even be happy to see me naked on ice?" Victor - "At the very least, I would be." :Playing with fire:
  13. I wish to nominate this anime to be included in the yaoi anime section... okay, so it isn't actually a yaoi anime, but I've watched shonen-ai anime that are less slashy than this!! Hell, I've seen actual yaoi anime that are less slashy than this!! Seriously, I almost choked in surprise at the end of the first episode when Victor tells Yuri that he is going to be his coach... standing stark naked in the bath with just an artfully placed fountain in the way, (plus we see his naked ass as he stands up), then he points and winks (he does this a lot in episode 2, usually after saying some sort of slashy double entendre). I didn't recognise the name Mitsurou Kubo at first, and then I realised she is the creator of the manga Again!!, and slightly ecchi romantic comedy appears to be her thing, and her co-creator is also a woman with many anime production credits to her name Sayo Yamamoto. But however you look at it, this feels like two fujoshi got together to create a sports anime about ice skating, with a overt BL theme, and this was the result!! I decided not to post my thoughts until I'd seen episode 2 in case I was mistaken, but if fangirl slashy moments were sugar, then I predict that this series will put any fujoshi in a diabetic coma!! Episode 1 [480p] - Episode 1 [720p] - Episode 1 [1080p] Episode 2 [480p] - Episode 2 [720p] - Episode 2 [1080p] BTW, take special note of the ending visuals... it totally plays like a BL AMV!! :Building snowman:
  14. Mirror Download -> Omega-verse Project Season 2-1.zip
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