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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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  1. Looking forward to your reply.

  2. Thank you and wish you the same ^_^
  3. It happens. I missed you! I've currently in a jam when it comes to my rp's lately. But can't wait to read it!

  4. I guess you must be pretty mad at me for disappearing like that ): I am extremely sorry!

    Here's me hoping that a reply to the RP will have you forgiving me o:



  5. I guess you must be pretty mad at me for disappearing like that ): I am extremely sorry!

    Here's me hoping that a reply to the RP will have you forgiving me o:



  6. ~~~ Kaito was close to release. Z could feel it. A few more flicks of his tongue would do it. But all of a sudden, he felt Kaito?s hands tug his hair lightly, pulling him upwards. They were both face to face, just for a second, before Kaito pulled him onto his lap. But that moment seem to last forever for Zayne. As they stared at each other, he realized that Kaito would never ever be won over just by sex. He was doing this just to please Z. The thought completely threw him a little. All his life, people only fell for him because he was so good in bed. Kaito was an exception. And though his intentions were good, Zayne knew that the two of them could never love each other, no matter how attracted they were to each other. The realization hurt but there was nothing he could do about it. So he closed his eyes and let Kaito take him from behind. As Kaito started to move inside him, Zayne gripped his shoulders and threw his head back. Kaito always whispered those words before he started to get a little rough. Zayne secretly loved it when his boyfriend did that and took control. It was a welcome change from what he usually went through. Just as Z knew how to turn Kaito on, his parnter had also learned the same about him. Kaito?s hands were on his hips, his tongue on his nipples and his cock buried deep inside him. Zayne moaned with pleasure. With every thrust, Kaito moved closer and closer to hitting his sweet spot. Meanwhile, his grip on Z?s slender hips tightened as he sucked and nibbled the side of his pale neck. Z could fake an orgasm so well, you couldn?t even tell it was not real. Very few people could actually make him cum. So when they actually did, it was overwhelming. He had a tendancy to scramble away before that happened or switch positions. At times, he would also leave the bed immediately and have a hot shower. No one could understand his behaviour. As Z, his duty was to pleasure his client and make them cum. Clients who tried to return the favour were sorely mistaken if they thought they were successful. However as Zayne, he had intimacy issues. It was as if there was an invisible line when it came to sex. The minute it was crossed, he had his guard up and would pull away, both physically and emotionally. It was the same with Kaito. The minute they finished having sex, he would roll away and Kai had never asked him to stay. So when he told him not to run away, Zayne was jolted back to reality. Kaito was the last person he expected to say that. But it was the manner in which it was said that unnerved him the most. It was said seductively. Just like his ex - Yato use to say it. It was all too much for Z to comprehend. He opened his eyes wide and tried to move away but Kaito was holding him too tight. At that exact moment, Kaito thrust into him. The motion caused Z to topple backwards onto the bed with Kai falling on top of him. Kaito was still inside the him and his hands holding his hips tight. Zayne struggled, trying to get Kai off him, his blonde hair all tossed up and his blue eyes wild with fear. He looked like a caged animal trying to free himself. ?Get off me, get off me!? he yelled. From the way he was acting, it looked like he was having a panic attack. It seemed as if Zayne had momentarily forgotten where he was and who was with him. ~~~ Usui sat still, silent and wide-eyed through out the entire exchange. He had no idea who any of those people were but Yato spoke to them as if he knew them all their lives. The longer they spoke, doubts started cropping up in his mind. 'Who were these people? How did Yato know them? Did my brother hang out with such people? Why didn?t Yato tell me about them? Does he not trust me?' Usui couldn?t bear to even think that. He loved Yato. They were so good together. But a part of him was scared now. If Yato could keep such a big secret, what else was he hiding? Thoughts swirled around in his head. Each one, more bitter and darker than the other. Even though he was listening, he didn?t hear a word of their conversation. His head was swimming, the earlier giddy feeling of the evening had passed. Gradually, the doubts in his mind gave way to anger. Usui was a mild mannered guy and rarely got angry. But the situation called for it. He was so lost in thought that he didn?t even realize the group had left the two of them alone once again. Yato?s voice brought him out of his stupor. Usui glared at Yato. He couldn?t believe he had the balls to crack a joke! Without a word, he jumped to his feet, grabbed his backpack from the ground and stalked off. He was so mad with Yato, he wasn?t even looking where he was going. Muttering a string of curses, he broke out into a run, trying to put as much distance as he could between his boyfriend and himself. He knew it was a childish thing to do. He should have waited to hear what Yato had to say for himself. But Usui was upset and knew that if he had stayed, the two of them would have ended up fighting. He needed to calm down. He needed to get his emotions under control. And the only way he would be able to do that was if he was as far away from Yato as he could possibly get. ~~~
  7. Bertholdt inhaled sharply at those words. He still couldn?t quite believe what was happening. Tristan had slowly made his way down, biting, sucking and kissing a trail until he was on his knees. The general managed to regain his composure and stand very still. This itself was quite a feat as he was completely turned on by the man before him who, Bertholdt had to grudgingly admit, had quite a talented tongue. The lower Tristan went, the harder he got and it became more and more difficult for him to keep a straight face. He bit his lip so that he wouldn?t be able make a sound and clasped his hands behind his back so that he wouldn?t do anything stupid. But the sight of the Prince kneeing in front of him, staring up at him with those mischevious blue eyes completely threw him. And just for a moment, Bertholdt allowed himself to forget their predicament. As he gazed into the Prince?s eyes, he felt as if he was put under some sort of spell. He momentarily forgot that he hated the man or that Tristan was his prisoner. He also forgot that they were sworn enemies and that the two of them could never be lovers and would never ever be able to live with each other. In that moment, for Bertholdt, just the two of them existed and nothing else mattered. The fierce kiss they had shared a few minutes ago was enough to prove that both of them were attracted to each other. Neither of them were professional actors to fake that kind of passion. Of course, the Prince had his own agenda. After all, he was a prisoner here and was the one who had made the first move. He probably saw the way Bertholdt was looking at him and decided to exploit it. After all, Bertholdt always had a soft spot for redheads. But Bertholdt cast that niggling doubt aside. For the first time in his life, he felt something inside of him shift and he decided to just 'go with the flow'. The thought though, surprised Bertholdt completely ? never had he ever felt like this before. He was a man who planned everything ? down to the last minute detail. Spontaneity had never been attributed to his nature. So this sudden decision scared the hell out of him but once he decided to do something, he always made sure he followed through with it, no matter the consequence. In this case, there was just one problem - the cheeky redhead on his knees staring back at him, waiting for him to make his next move. Prince Tristan Cornelius Alwyn II Edelheart The man was too smart for his own good. Bertholdt knew that if he moved too fast or changed tactics suddenly, Tristan would get suspicious. He had to proceed with caution. He cocked his head to the side, not breaking eye contact with the Valerian. Somehow, he had to win the man?s trust, impossible as it sounded. It was going to be a long drawn out process. Time ticked by slowly and he was still struggling to come up with either a witty comeback or a course of action to follow. Finally, he couldn?t hold back anymore. Bertholdt unclasped his hands, reached out and gently tucked a stray strand of hair behind the Prince?s ear. ?You know, you will be the death of me? he murmured softly, more to himself than Tristan, before going down on one knee so that they were face to face. There was a moment?s pause as they simply looked at each other. Then, Bertholdt leaned forward, closing the distance between them, as he gently kissed the Prince again.
  8. Hey. It's been awhile since your reply. Did you still wanna rp?

  9. Missing you. :'( looking forward to your reply and really enjoying the rp.

  10. Oldie replied! *throws confetti in the air*


    Graduation eh? Good luck with all the stuff that happens before - exams & vivas were what I had =_=’ Hope you’ve finished them. If not - all the best!


    I’m alright - plodding alone... whoops I mean ‘along’ XD Let me know when you’re free! We should catch up ^^


    Hope you won’t take another 4 months to respond •_•’


    Take care BO ~

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