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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :)

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  4. I'm afrade I must reject your feelings for I have a lover °^°
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  9. Yoshiro looked up after hearing his name being called by a familer voice and looked up at miharu noticing his half asleep tone and smiled. He looked around as they arrived at the hospital and rushed miharu inside and miharu sat in a waiting room and sighed pushing his hair back as he noticed someone walking up to him and saw that it was the old nurse and he glared. She walked away quickly and he good up and said "I guess I should go to school...least I could do." And he walked away towards the exit and looked back for a moment and soon left. @MisuChan
  10. Yoshiro woke up and put some clothes on and walked out into the living room seeing miharu lyeing there and called a ambulance. When they arrived they took miharu to the hospital and yoshiro went with them and sighed "why didn't he call for me..." Then leaned back feeling guilty. He quietly sat in the corner of the ambulance truck while the paramedics tryed to wake miharu. @MisuChan
  11. Yoshiro sighed wondering why miharu didn't go all the way but ignored it and closed his eyes. He thought about his parents and why he had no friends. Eventually falling asleep still thinking of his life and ended up dreaming of it. @MisuChan
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