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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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  1. The Vice president couldn't help but smirked after looked at the long haired male who looked speechless and annoyed at the same time. 'ooh~ such a great expression you have here, cute boy~' he thought. Kazuki whistled playfully as he heard the boy's answer next to him. "araa~ now you act like a well bred person.. even though you acted like a punk a moment before.. so cute~" he giggled while showing up his mocking smile. "oh my~ it's usual that I want my cute new employee know my daily life, right?~" he said with playing tone. 'I know you almost lose your temper, pretty boy..' he thought while kept showing his mocked smile that slowly turned out to the excited smile. "whoa~ finally~ you showed up your real naughty side, yuu chan~ that's a sweet grin you before~" he commented, not budged by the green haired male's word even slightly. Kazuki tilted his head up as realize that the other stood and ready to leave. "aww~ I'm scared, yuu chan~" he giggled and stood up as well. Suddenly he waved right to Yuuki and shouted out at the same time. "yeah~ I know~ I love you, Yuu chan~ see you tomorrow at my office deary!~" It seriously made everyone on the cafetaria looked at him and Yuuki who already inside the closed elevator, and the vice president just laughed and call Yataka right away. "yataka chan~ activate my nighty chan on our system, okay?" he ordered before leave that place.
  2. Looked at the cute response that his boyfriend made, Tetsu just chuckled a bit before smiled and gently patted Daichi's head. "I know, Daichi.. I said that I won't rushed it, right? you can take your time.. I'll be waiting until you're ready.." he said then give a peck on the other blushed cheek. However Tetsu pouted the older male and chewing his food in sulking way. "then I'm sorry that I'm too weak to accept your flick on my forehead.." he said even though he giggled at the end. Pushed aside his empty plate, he looked at Haru and Fujika back while throw rolled eyes to them. "you two just act like a boss but in the reality you're not.." he stuck out his tongue to them. While Fujika just giggled and enjoying her food until its finished, didn't really get bothered when her brother threat her before. Tetsu looked up Daichi and nodded while still having his pout on the lips. "yeah.. you're the only one who know me so well, Daichi.." he buried his face on the other neck for a moment and smiled at him. Even though he blinked cause noticed that Daichi rubbed his sides again. "wanna go back to our room soon? you still looked so tired.." he said softly and rubbed gently Daichi's back.
  3. As the cute squeak of his lovely neko passed Taka's ears, he couldn't help but smirked widely then pushed more his fingers to bundle of nerve while moving his cock slowly. "but your body love the sensation when I touched your sweet spot, right, Riku~" he whispered in teasing way to his boyfriend. Although he teased the neko, his own body couldn't help but reacted as well since Riku's butt kept twitching around him.
  4. The brown haired male stared at the neko who start to lowered his butt until its touched his tip of cock. He moaned as his cock made its way inside, felt his own fingers that still inside Riku's butt. "oh damn~ I just added three finger but it feels different than usual.." he said with breath that heavier along second passed. "..and your butt twitched hard than usual, too.." he said teasingly and hissed a bit since he just felt the taste of Riku's bites on his shoulder because the ecstasy takes more his attention. Then after another second passed, Taka start to wiggle his finger and pushed it more deeper than before, wanted to reached his boyfriend's prostate before he moved his hard cock, while biting his boyfriend's earlobe that fortunately near his head.
  5. Tetsu reachs his spoon and start eating as he heard Daichi's word and scratchs the back of his head and look at the male beside him. "e-erhm.. I don't really know even by myself but if you say that you're not ready then I'll wait you.." he smiles while watching his boyfriend's blushed cheek that made him more adorable. Jolted and hissed at the flick of the older male, Tetsu rubs his reddish forehead as he pouted at the male. "ouch.. no violence to your brother in law, Haru.." he pouts again before continue to eats his foods. Meanwhile, the purple haired women can't stop giggled because of her brother and start to eats the delicious food in front of her. "araa~ don't be so shy, Tetsu.. I'm your sister that bathed you until 7 years old, you know~" she giggles back and drink a little. On the other hand, Tetsu almost choked with his own foods because of Haru and Fujika's words that made him dizzy and embarrassed at the same time. Reached his water, he gulps it down and throw a glare to the two older people in front of him. "could you stop both of you.." he pause and glance to Haru. "I don't wanna wear belt like you recommend, so no thanks.." he said and pouts at his sister that kept giggling, pointed his fork at her. "stop revealing my embarrassment event or you can't visit here, anymore.." Tetsu keep sulking after he finished his foods and rubs his face instead at Daichi's shoulder. "it's better if we just eat by ourself. so that two people over there won't make our time like thiss.." he pouted back and hugs him from beside, still make sure of his hand so he didn't touch the hurt part.
  6. Tetsu couldn't help but blinked his eyes a couple of times as he heard the unexpected words from his boyfriend, glanced at the bashful boy beside him. "a-ah.. u-uhm.. if you like to be called my wife I'm gonna be really grateful, you know.." he laughed awkwardly, felt more shy than the other boy. Yet he perked his head up and his character switched. "hmm~ you're right.. then should we prepare our wedding soon, Daichi? so you can officially be my wife?" he caressed Daichi's cheek gently. On the other hand, Tetsu looked back at the older male who kept poked his cheek, narrowed his eyes back to him and shifted his glance to his sister as well a couple of second. "I know that, Haru.. so stop give me a lecture when we wan to eat.." he paused then grinned at the boy beside him. "..I will pampered him completely but.. with different way though~" Meanwhile, Fujika that heard Tetsu's words couldn't help but giggled with sparkling eyes. "oh my~ our Tetsu already became this adult~ should we celebrate it, Haru.." she grinned at the male and glanced to the sick person. "Daichi.. you're lucky to have a bold boyfriend like Tetsu, you know.." she giggled softly. Hearing Fujika, made Tetsu back to his sense and became his usual but with soft blush on his cheek. "o-oh.. come on, Fujika.. stop teasing me like that.. Haru's cooking will be cold if we kept talking.." he scratched the back of his head and drank the water that being served by Haru before, which made Fujika giggled more loud. Try to ignore that, Tetsu looked to Daichi and caressed his cheek. "you can eat by yourself? or you wanna me to feed you, Daichi?" he asked softly.
  7. Taka couldn't stop groaned as his neko moaned out on his cock but at the same time got excited because of the neko's reaction. He didn't stop his fingering at all as Riku stopped played with his hot rod and moved on his laps. Chuckled softly at his boyfriend's words, he grinned to him. "don't wanna~ I think it's better to feels to different stuff at the same~ like being double penetrated, right?" he answered with another chuckles that mixed to soft groan since Riku bit his earlobe. "come on, Riku~ just lowered your butt and feel my cock so your lovely butt could be in ecstasy.." The punk male said teasingly, made a scissors motion with his fingers so his member can entered easily.
  8. "e-eh? err.. y-yeah.. like a wife.. I didn't expect that you said that.. I thought you don't wanna be compared to girl.." Tetsu a little bit startled and chuckled awkwardly as he kept lead the said male to downstairs. "good.. we arrived safely to downstairs.." he smiled and pecked Daichi's cheek as a small reward. Fujika just laughed at the older male's words as kept watching him prepared the stuff on the dining table. Yet she looked up because Haru walked toward the lovebird instead and poked her brother's forehead, giggled at the sight but rolled her eyes at Tetsu to teased him as well. "w-what? Is it wrong to just lead him by holding him tight? I'll be falling instead if I carried him since it's safer by leading him.." Tetsu puffed out his cheek thought he know that Haru and Fujika just teased him. After made Daichi sat on the chair next to him, he sat himself along with his sister as well. "I just want cold water.. ah.. but prepare just water for Daichi since he's still in healing state.." he recommended while Fujika just giggled and waved to Haru. "I wanna iced tea, Haru.."
  9. While feeling his whole body trembled in ecstasy, The punk male kept let out a heavy grunts along with a couple of moans as the neko's tongue touched his tip while giving blowjob to his hard rock cock. However his smirks bloomed back since the said neko squeaked so cutely even his butt tightening around his fingers which made it hard to slick in and out. Taka who started to get impatient, start to positioned his finger and hit right on the bundle of nerve of Riku's which surely made his boyfriend moaned out. "come on, Riku~ your butt twitching hard for my cock, right so get ready and sat on my laps~" he signaled with his another fingers with a smug grins.
  10. The brown haired male's breath start to heavier within second because his neko start to moaned against his cock, which made his toes curled for a while but he managed to calm his face. He tilted his head to the side and raised one of his eyebrow as Riku's just nodded as his comment, flinched cause his boyfriend's mouth start to vibrated since the said neko purred heavily. Taka even throw his head to the back cause the neko played with his sac suddenly, even though he caught up with his boyfriend's surprise attack he kept pushed his fingers deeply and added more finger. Smirked as noticed Riku's tail twitched while sway side to side, he pulled it suddenly, hoping the neko will let out a great sounds.
  11. Tetsu chuckled softly at his boyfriend's words and poked the said male's cheek playfully. "then you should cooked me every morning to wake me up, my lovely Daichi.." he smiled and watched him get off slowly from the bed, made sure his hand ready to caught Daichi if he fall suddenly. "good.. hold me tight, Daichi.. stepped slowly, okay.." he said softly and lead him slowly outside of the room and hold on Daichi's body part that didn't hurt. "you okay, Daichi? now.. stepped real slow when you walked one downstairs, okay?" he said and helped the other again until they reached the kitchen. Fujika giggled at Haru's words. "you lucky you said something like that to me who didn't care about eating anything. but it will be rude if you say that to another lady.." she chuckled and stood up then walked near the cabinet, watched the male doing. "nah~ Daichi's a great boyfriend, you know.. since he can tamed the punk and uncontrollable, Tetsu.." she giggled back and waited the male if he wanted her help, looked up as noticed the lovebird already halfway to the kitchen.
  12. "so now that's my fault? okay okay~ I'll make sure to be responsible, Riku~" The brown haired male said playfully and couldn't help but smirked back since he got a cute response after he made his surprise attack, start to moved his fingers in and out. He grunted really soft as the soft and hot mouth of Riku's covered his little junior that slowly harden. "you take a revenge with that kind of blowjob, hmm? I can't feel anything, Riku.. you should try harder.." he said with mocking face -though he doesn't really meant it, just wanna tease the neko-.
  13. When Tetsu just sleep for a couple of minutes, his nose start to twitching as a delicious smell passed it, flutered open his eyes but closed it since he's still sleepy though his stomach said the opposite. Yet, he woke up at the moment he felt hos boyfriend's body shifted to the side that made his eyes open wide. "hmm?yeah. I'm getting hungry too since I smell the great food from downstairs.. let's eat what Haru made.." he said, get off from the bed and stood right in front of Daichi. "can you stand up? here.. take my hand as we walked to the kitchen.." he hold his hand to the other. The young female kept yawned a couple of times before looked back at the male, smiled widely at him. "nah~ don't worry, Haru.. me and Tetsu anything that we saw so no problem if you served any kind of foods.." she giggled and shook her head at the next word of the other male. "I don't think Tetsu wanted to be helped though.. He's a kind o stubborn person who don't want to be helped easily.. just helped him when he's really unable to help your brother to here.." she smiled and stood up. "so should we served it to the table, Haru.."
  14. Taka just couldn't stop smirking while his cute boyfriend nudged his body and chuckled cause Riku's cheek became rosy pink. However he jolted a bit cause the small hand of Riku grabbed his cock and start to stroke it which made his little junior reacted and twitched a bit. "oh my god~ you want another round, hm? I'm just teasing your butt a little but you stroked my cock.. naughty cat must be punished~!" he said then right after that he pushed three fingers of his suddenly inside Riku's loose hole.
  15. Tetsu caressed Daichi's head which laid on his laps then closed his eyes back and breathed softly as he kept himself sleep in good position so he won't make his boyfriend's body squeezed with his. He hummed in his sleep and even sometimes smiled since his feeling much better after told the burden that he felt a couple of hours before. Meanwhile, Fujika hummed and rolled his head to the side oh the table before slowly opened his eyes and rubbing it to make her sight a bit clear. "hng? foods is ready? okay.. gimme five minutes to make my sleepy go away.." she said then stretched his body while sat straight on the chair.
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