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  1. yar, my mum and dad know everything~ if I don't tell them and they find out then I would be dead XD it was funny, there was this one time where mum was looking through stuff on my computer and she found the "black rose butler" dj...she picked on me for a whole week... @SasorisRedKitsune COME TO THE DARK SIDE XD
  2. TRUE next one has the ability to do a hand-stand
  3. my parents have actually banned me from liking Claude x Alois or Sebastian x Ciel because of the age difference...but that's OK 'cause my favorite has always been Sebastian x Claude anyway... but I do very much like Grell x William and I don't know why but I have found that I don't mind finny x Sebastian or bard x Sebastian, I suppose any pairing with Sebastian is a good pairing >w
  4. thanks every one for the warm welcome~ it makes me smile:o. Also I have no doubt in the world that I will have a great time here!
  5. hi there! oh goodness what do I say... erm I live in Australia where there is sea, sun, sand and kangaroos...but sadly I don't really like any of those things...my favorite pass time is probably drawing, I am obsessed with tattoo art and I am planning of becoming a tattoo artist...maybe... my favorite anime and manga is kuroshitsuji. my favorite yaoi manga at the moment is "under grand hotel" don't judge me... erm i suppose that's pretty much me...
  6. I am proud Sebastian x Claude fan, two smoking hot demons what could go wrong? I'm also rather partial to Tamaki x Kyouya from Ouran high school host club.
  7. hmm there seems to be a common starting point for most...I too started with Gravitation, there's just something about that series...
  8. Hello!


    Welcome to Yaoi Otaku! :D


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