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  1. I have returned from Hiatus

  2. .








    Hi Sai-Miyoshi!!



    I hope you have a great day!









  3. Hey there, thanks for your postcard! :) I have moved to another city, and I don't have your address. Would you mind posting it again?

  4. Merry christmas sweetie! ♥️

  5. I just finished up with my finals and it was stressful -_- Good luck with yours! Trust me I know how t is. Ohhh that game sounds similar to Overwatch. Not that I've played that either. I don't usually play many multi-player games. I think the last one I played was Friday the 13th or Dead by Daylight... Some horror game haha! But 62 characters sounds awesome! Such variety!

  6. Haha no problem, i was busy with university anyway XD exams are next week so study study study >___< Ive been ok, mental health aint so good but im coping and being productive :3 And yeah, smite is hella effing good, altho only if you like inline multi player games XD It doesnt have a plot either, but there is always more to learn and there are 62 characters with more being developed all the time :p So yeah i love it XD XD XD

  7. So I'm sure that you've forgotten me by now, but I didn't realize that I left you hanging on our visitor message conversation! I'm so sorry! I was looking through my visitor messages and I just... I thought I responded to you and never did >.< So sorry! Well... In the meantime how are you haha! I think we mentioned that we both played games. You mentioned a game called smite, but I've actually never heard of it. Is it really good?

  8. I am currently in Bretons (Northern Wales) and of course it is pouring rain :3
  9. So not true, everyone has interesting things bout them :3 Well i love eating and sleeping too XD XD XD What games do you play? ^^ Ever heard of smite? :3 and naa i wouldnt consider myself interesting either tbh XD i love photography and am trying to make my own, unpaid of course, patreon (i dont like youtube) and am studying in Cardiff atm :3 Do you study? ^^ or are you still in school? Or do u work already? XD

  10. Oh goodness I don't think there's much that's interesting about me. I'm always sleeping, I love eating, and I like video games, yaoi, and anime haha! I truly think that's me in a nutshell! What about you? Surely, you're more interesting than I am!

  11. Im glad you like it, and thank you for accepting ^///^

    Anyway, how are you? And tell me more about yourself ^///^

  12. Thank you so much for adding me as a friend! Your user page is so very cute. I'm loving the sakura blossoms falling all around <3 Kind of makes me feel peaceful hahah!

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