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  1. Hello I've only watched the critical role recently and Gilmore is definitely my fave NPC so far, but sadly his love is unrequited (I think it is because Vax is in love with a female druid) I have never heard of bright session, It sounds very interesting, maybe I'll try that one too Thank you for your recommendation
  2. Hello Lately I'm searching for BL novels that aren't too dark/sad (maybe something like a slice of love by Andrew Grey) A novel with great humor will be great too Thank you so much :leaf15:
  3. hmm, I don't think I've ever seen any BL movies with full frontal nudity :leaf8:
  4. Right now I am playing Persona Q also I might try caligula effect if I have a chance, it looks cool so far, but the review isn't very good
  5. oooh that sounds delicious~ I really want to eat a bowl of Chinese noodles right now
  6. I am really into Hoshino Gen at the moment. His songs are really good, also his youtube channel has english subtitle now, so I can understand the meaning of the song
  7. my favorite probably be the Persona series ost (Especially the 3,4, and 5) and also the atelier series ost. Both of them are really good, and really make the games shine
  8. Hello How are you? So lately, I've been hooked with manga which revolves around a daily life around gay couples. I think it's cute and heartwarming to see how their lives go after the confession, etc. A few manga that I would really recommend are: 1. Shiawase gohan This is one of the best manga I've ever read. The story revolves around a gay couple, Maki and Hanazawa, and their peaceful lives. It is usually light-hearted, but sometimes they had face some serious issues to get to where they are today. It is great to read a manga that touch a real life situation of a gay couple (for example coming out, family rejection, etc). Plus they have a recipe written at the end of the chapter, so you can also create the food in the manga in real life. (sadly I think this manga is discontinued) 2. Honto Yajuu If you like comedy, then you should love this manga. Honto Yajuu is a gay love story between a police man and a yakuza. I really love how mature the police man is, and how dorky the yakuza is. There are also some side couples too. 3. Junjou Romantica Especially the first couple. I like how the author wants to tackle something like coming out into Usami and Misaki story. I can't wait how it will turn out. Do you like manga which depict the lives of an established gay couple? Do you have any manga/novel with that kind of genre that you can recommend?
  9. I agree with @rarcoryn As a gay people, I feel more connected with yaoi or shonen ai rather than normal romance stuff also, it is nice to see many of mangaka (both in and outside Japan) take it one step further, like coming out stories (like in Junjou Romantica) or a daily life of gay couple (like shiawase gohan, my new favorite)
  10. a few that I know of 1. Harvest moon friends of mineral town (farming)- true love mod : basicly your PS one harvest moon girls edition with male character sprite. 2. Persona 2 (jrpg): you can date one of the boys if I am not mistaken 3. Dragon Dogma (open world adventure): Japanese Skyrim, you can date everyone actually, but I heard that the romance isn't very good 4. The sims (simulator) :you can date everything in here, lol I want to try technomancer, but many people said that the game isn't very good, is it true?
  11. yessss, I really love the first one, I hope the sequel will be good
  12. @littlespiral thanks, I'm gonna read it later I've just finished reading Dinner at Jack and it is really good too
  13. @bondingboys oooh I prob gonna try it, it sounds interesting
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