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  1. After overcoming my shock that Jimin was the rebellious student and Yoongi was the straight laced High school student...........all the ffs I have read till now fell apart. So any links to stories which actual pertain to above categories, my searches have failed me and with the YoonKook week going on my alerts are filled with sugakookie pairings. I havent gotten my fill of This yoonmin. Please help me, Thank you. Also give links too
  2. Dear Erogaki,




  3. Do u like undertaker...??? O_O........hes so hot!!!
  4. really?? *smirks* u hesitated..~~ *evil smirk*

  5. U r a big pervert under all that prince-ness...arent you, zeta-oujisama?

  6. yes that sounds nice Zeta-oujisama

  7. BTW, wanna rp with me??

  8. Thats some confession~~ So you are going to be a prince?? would you like me to call you 'Zeta-oujisama'...???

  9. I am sorry I can't do that.. I am not available at the moment for pet. Also I am a prince is about time I accept my role. I can love you... ^^ I have plenty of that.

  10. How about getting on your knees and calling me master? just kidding...!!!

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