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  1. [video=youtube_share;xPwkrbGkjX8]
  2. I totally second the recommendation for Nobunaga Concerto. If you want something more on business, I recommend Hanzawa Naoki, Legal High, 99.9 Criminal Lawyer.
  3. phantom6man


    I've a newly minted fan of CPOP especially Mandopop. I should blame Bii and Hua Chenyu for this. I really like HuaHua, not only is he cute and has a great personality and voice but his stage presence is greatly exhilarating.
  4. I've recently watched the following from this series, HIStory2: Boundary Crossing, HIStory3: Trapped, and HIStory3: Make Our Days Count. I must say, HIStory is a godsent drama as its very rare to see Chinese BL. I personally like HIStory2: Boundary Crossing the best and I am looking forward to see the sequel.
  5. I feel nostalgic. The first time I joined this forum, I was still a freshman in college. Now as I finish typing this message, I'm nearly a sophomore in the bank I work for. Time flies indeed but yaoi is forever.
  6. My favorite BL drama of all time is the first bl drama that I had watched, Love of Siam.
  7. I feel like it has been ages since I last visited this forum.
  8. Untamed is good, I was hoping there were more canon pairings in the drama.
  9. Watched it only last year I think. I would recommend it too. Plus, they have sequel, Hana Nochi Hare which stars Sho Hirano as the lead. I'd let you guys be the judge.
  10. Sherlock (BBC). It looks like it won't have another season tho. I want to give Game of Thrones a chance but every time I watch an episode, I doze off.
  11. There is this new band called Hi!Superb. Their single "Turn Into Love" is definitely lovable. LINK to the music video. It's low quality tho.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLSCvIHL7yY
  13. I'd ask if I can drink his forbidden juice. #enoughsaid :Wink:
  14. Are we limited to fictional characters? Then mine is Akihito Takaba. He's an adorable dork, IMO. I'm into twinks so yeah, that must explain a lot of why I find him hot. :Excited:
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