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  1. I am quite obsessed with BL works that I am also buying non manga merchadise of series I like. It's a dangerous hobby. I am fluent in Japanese so I read BL novels as well. They are actually better than manga as much more goes on and there's a lot of character development.
  2. Anything by Araya Miki is usually really funny. I also thought Kisama to Ore by Konno Kita was pretty funny too. It's about an older brother who turned into a dog and the younger brother takes care of him.
  3. It's cloudy and gloomy. Was like that for Christmas too. No snow for Christmas this year either. Not that I like shovelling snow. Hope the New Year is nice and sunny.
  4. Thank you for your hard work and I understand your decision. It is annoying that they keep on taking your raws and making money off of them. I hope people now go and buy the manga on their own. I used to download your raws to see samples of the work, but now I can see samples on ebook stores. Every title I downloaded and liked (I would only read one chapter to sample) I have bought the actual manga to support the artist. The more sales of their books (paper or ebook) will lead to more works by them. We now live in a world where it is possible to import manga from Japan or buy eBooks online (as long as you have a credit card). It's not like 10 years ago, so I hope people who have downloaded your raws and liked the works will support the artist and buy their works, and not be satisfied with just the raws they got for free. Once again, thanks for your hard work. Thanks to you I have bought a lot of BL manga and don't regret buying any of them.
  5. Thank you. Can you tell me what this is from? Is it a furoku with Daria, or an extra track with a CD, etc?
  6. People who have like 1 or 2 posts are saying that they cannot see the password. It is there. Take a good look or you may have to change browsers. Good luck!
  7. It's there. I don't know. Maybe it's your browser? Is anyone else having trouble seeing the passwords?
  8. Yes it's confusing. It came with the Remnant manga (so the advertisement has the Remnant couple) but it's a Pendulum drama CD.
  9. It's there. Take a good look.
  10. My current favourite manga is Remnant - Jujin Omegaverse - by Hasumi Hana. I love this series so much that I can't stop reading it. I've read it so many times and I still love it. I even buy the individual episodes when they become available. I've bought the drama CDs (deluxe editions and with Animate bonuses) and even the Animate editions of the manga volumes that comes with a CD. I also bought Hasumi Hana's doujinshi. I can't stop collecting things from this series.
  11. Other than BL I am obsessed with Rilakkuma plush! When I am stressed its cute face makes me feel better! I just got a larger sized one (about 50 cm tall) and I hug it before I go to bed.
  12. I got an iPad mini last year so I can read eBooks (in Japanese). I buy from honto and eBookJapan. eBookJapan was available worldwide until Yahoo took over last month. I hope Yahoo is smart enough to release the new app worldwide because many people are really upset over the changes. In anycase, an iPad is great for reading manga.
  13. I have been fighting depression and before I quit work I was going to commit suicide. The reason I didn't because I wanted to find out the continuation of various BL stories. And now when I feel real down I read BL novels and manga. It helps me feel better for sure and forget about dark thoughts at the time. And yes I am on meds and see a psychiatrist regularly. For me BL has helped me stay alive. - - - Updated - - - Continuation... I don't read dark stories but happier ones, always with a happy ending.
  14. Does anyone have the furoku mini CD, Remnant - Jujin Omegaverse- that came with Daria magazine, April 2019 edition? It was released on February 22, 2019. It apparently features Juda and Daath taking a bath. Please kindly share if you have it. Thank you, in advance. In exchange I have shared Remnant 2 drama CD and the Animate edition CD that came with the 3rd vol. of Remnant.
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