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  1. Hi! I've seen your post and I was just wondering if you can send me a link for the erlking series thank you in advanced!

  2. Hi, my name is jack

    I have a request, can you scan Hanayome wa Juunanasai vol 2? I'm looking forward for it


    *sorry bad english*

  3. Thank you for your understanding you're great *3* ^0^/

  4. hello...sorry for the late reply...

    yes... it's okay ... you can use it ... :)

  5. scans of the project are to ' ' hitorijime my hero ' '

  6. Hi, hear apology wanted to know if I can afford to use your scans to use in a project so that they can translate them by a fansub . (^-^)/ :3

  7. hello...already accepted your friend request...thank you for add me...I'm hoping to know you more but I'm not often open my account because I'm quite busy with my study...hoping you have a nice day in YO..and welcome : )

  8. Hello, Usamagi :) Hoping that you will accept my friend request and we'll get along with Raythe Reign works ;) Thanks!

  9. Hey~~Hey Have seen you changed the avatar, is that you~~cute :D

  10. hey, about yesterday, is there a bl novel thread for that?

  11. yuph, welcome hehe (*´ω`*)

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