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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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    All the best for the New Year :In love:

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    Sorry for the late reply....I was away from home till yesterday!

    Thanks so much for the wishes, hoping you had great time during Xmas & New Year :In love:

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    sorry for the late reply...I was away from home for Xmas holidays till yesterday!

    Thanks so much for Kenma, so sweet from you :In love:

    Wishing you all the best for the new year!!!

  4. Yeah, the emotions in Yoneda Kou's mangas are sooo real! I cried too, while reading that Saezuru prequel about Yashiro and Kageyama. That scene at the end when Yashiro sits down and the tears flow down his face... waaaah T_T


    Oh I've read My Life With You, I liked the story. My fave Ougi Yuzuha manga has to be Leopard Hakusho, so sexy and the dynamics between the couples, particularly the Rinka and sensei story is amazing.


    You should definitely visit the drama cd section, I remember uploading the Brother and Katekyo! drama cds and some Sakyo Aya drama cds too. :D


    Oh my, your collection is absolutely glorious, aah I want!! XD

    It's great you make so much effort to buy the mangas, even ones in Japanese. I wish manga were more popular in my country and we could have conventions and manga stores too.

  5. Hey, it's my pleasure. Glad to share some BL love with a fellow fangirl. Sorry about the late reply though, been busy with points stuff whenever I've been on YO last couple of days.


    Oh dear, I hope your son's recovering well. Yeah, some days can be crazy, it's a wonder you can manage work, home and everything in between! My mom's a working woman too so I've seen how hectic it can get to take care of family affairs and work at the same time. But she does it well, that's why she's Superwoman to me, and by the sound of it, you're one too! :)


    Ooh, did you read the new extra that's a crossover between Gosan no Heart and Owaranai (Udou aniki story)? It's called Gosan de fukou na gojitsudan & it's so cute and smutty~ Sensei also began a new manga, I'm looking forward to its scanlation.

  6. I'm so very proud of my mangas!!!! I prefer to read them in english rather than in italian or in french, perhaps it's just habit!!


    I wish I could be able to find more but it is very difficult to find some authors here. I usually purchase them in internet from the UK.


    I'd love to get Honto Yajuu too!!!


    Nakamura Yuuichi (Ueda) is one of my fav seiyuus!!!

  7. ...and also this:














  8. Last weekend I went to a comic exhibition with the kids and bought some new mangas (got the 1st vol of Underground Hotel!!!) ....so my collection is growing more and more. Look at this:









    This is an originl dj from Miyamoto Kano signed by her with a dedication....my treasure!!!


  9. You know, the 1st time I read Douishitemo Furetakunai I almost cried....I was so touched by Shima's feelings it's almost embarassing for a "girl" of my age!!!! :cuteonion58:


    Oh...and Ougi Yuzuha: "Brother" (Azusa and Yui are cute) and "Star na Koi" are my favs. Smut & hotness everywhere!!!


    Another one I really love is "Tsumasaki ni Kiss" from Fuwa Shinri: I often listen to the CD Drama, Touji's seiyuu is captivating!!!


    I do also like "My life with you" from Tsurugi Kai....who is not dreaming of a saviour knight in his shining armor?


    I still have to visit the BL CD drama section on the forum.....I enjoy listening to the seiyuus' sexy voices :cuteonion45:

  10. Thanks so much for sharing!!! I really appreciate your kindness :In love:


    This is the 1st good thing of my day....damn, it has been a terrible day for me, I came back home at 8:00 pm after running all day long! Busy at work, busy with the kids and school, busy with after-school activities and, as my oldest kid broke an arm a month ago, busy with a physiotherapy session to recover from the injury (he had an operation to reduce the fracture).


    Now I can relax in front of my laptop, sipping an hot coffee and surfing on the web looking for some new BL :Excited:


    Glad we almost share the same tastes in BL! You mentioned Ogawa Chise....I really love Sekai wa Kimi de Mawatteru (Maki and Fukamachi are awesome), Gosan no Heart (hotness between Miki and Udou) and also the story about Udou's aniki....heartbreaking!!!!!

  11. Yeah, I'll share chapter 137 with you, just don't share the link with anyone else please.




  12. Oh, that's so nice that you buy mangas that you love. Once I get a job, I'll buy my own too. I'm only a poor student now T.T


    Yeah, love to watch anime, though i don't follow too many series at once. I started with shoujo and watch all kinds now, though not much of action. This season I'm watching Haikyuu, Shingeki parody (because I'm crazy about the original), Sakurako san, Subete F, and recently added One punch man to the list, after all the talk of shipping Saitama and Genos on tumblr. I wanted to watch K: return of kings but I haven't watched the entire 1st season yet so I've let that be for now.

  13. I see... we seem to have similar tastes in BL XD


    Honto Yajuu is my absolute fave, such a nice, healthy, love-dovey relationship between Ueda and Aki. I love all her works. XD Yoneda Kou is a goddess and personally I feel Saezuru is her masterpiece so far. I always enjoy reading Nekota Yonezou, really love Hidoku and Elektel. I've also liked Ogeretsu Tanaka's mangas, she new but her stories are very good. Aah, Ten Count is such a sweet, sexy story and Kurose is so fascinating... I've read all of Moegi Yuu's mangas too, waiting for Kamisama no Iutori to update. And well, Sakyo Aya is the queen of smutty hot mangas! XD I also like mangas by Kanda Neko, Ogawa Chise (ooh so dark!) and Ougi Yuzuha. Big fan of Viewfinder and Crimson Spell too. I really like Ameiro Paradox, Onoe is too cute XD

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