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  1. hellooo!! im really sorry if i reply late alot. you see, ive been going back and forth in uni and preparing my room there bc it'll officially start tomorrow. eep. i hope you'll understand o/

  2. i saw your message earlier and i think she's back

  3. couldn't agree with you more. anyway it's my summer break now. it'll be four months since our university's gone through some school calendar shift. apparently our country's the only one remaining which doesn't start classes 'til august or september so yeah. we're trying to fit in. wbu?

  4. lol the downside is pretty much everything else apart from feeling good when you eat >.> When's your school break?

  5. nope, nope. binge eating is awesome. the downside to it is....calories. like much, much calories orz

  6. An assortment of cakesss... Fruit cakes, chocolate cakes, marshmallow cakes, brain cakes (only looks like a brain, not a real brain lol)

    Ugh. So stuffed. Should stop binge eating damn it...

  7. caaaakes? ;n; what cakes?

  8. *flails* I just had cakes. A lot of cakes. Damn I feel like like I'm the size of the moon now O.O

  9. thanks alot, man :) i think i'm already at the acceptance stage. still hoping for better results tho

  10. I know what you mean. It happens. And it's normal to feel bad, and nervous about results. I'm like that too. :) All will be well, Ume *pats your back*

  11. it's okay. i can figure things out (i think).


    i know i know but i feel really bad sometimes :/

  12. Oh haha. Yea I know confusion happens. Sorry can't help you lot >.>


    :/ aww don't say that. You'll be fine.

  13. don't pressure yourself. i've learned that the hard way hahaha. anyway speaking of rps, i still have to reply to the zombie thread but still confused on what to do yeah. haha. it's summer here already btw but i'm still waiting for my grades to be released because i think i'm failing a subject this semester u.u

  14. Shyt? So much work, and exam's looming over my head. And I'm taking on RPs just because I feel like it =/ so I'm being killed by myself... How're you?

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