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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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  1. OMG I just finished this series and I think they are all adorable! But... hey, let me ponder a few things about it. Two things. That bugged the hella out of me. Probably because I am old, having watched waaay too much BL... I'm also a master of rolling eyes like Kit-Kat. I've seen all kinds of cliches. Anyone notice the pattern of Thai BL series?? Ok, oopsy, Wayo slipped in the rain... is that even possible?? People run in the rain all the time and I've never heard of anyone coming up with an excuse that they fell or slipped in a rain?? I mean... it's pavement. Tar. Asphalt. Extremely porous material, making it impossible to "fall" unless you're on tires, of course... Hahaha... XD seriously, if the roads were made of ceramic, vinyl or fiberglass (like in ground pool areas) we'd have floods at all times. And needless to say... it was so damn cheesy/cliche- that scene. ARGH. When will they stop that! Secondly, I found it quite hilarious that P'Pha was screaming at Wayo, who had no car for being a 'rich brat' then proceeded to get into a Bentley. These cars in America cost a fortune! I only have seen one or two. A dime a dozen over there?? Looooooool. Of course, a seme bullies a cutesy, "pretty" boy who has a crush on him and yet very stubborn on his 'advances'. More cliches, blah blah blah. But that brings me to my favorite part all the time in a BL series- the secondary couple. Ohh I just love Ming and Kit KAT! I love how realistic their relationship is.Ming ~~~Fighting! Don't eat too much Kit-Kat... you're going to be diabetic! I just so adore Kit-Kat. Kawaaaiiii~~ I'd just watch the second season because of them! Also I feel really bad about Forth- is he even a student? He just seems to be out of place sometimes but I feel for him T___T I hope he will find someone to like him!
  2. It is such a shame this series seem to have suffered the same fate of the Addicted. But I mean, wouldn't CJD have known better, though? Why not make it into movies instead? Ive seen the trailers and the first three episodes. These men are talented. (the production looks way too superb and costly, due to involvement of multiple cast and vehicles) It's hard to believe all the effort she put into it is all thrown away...? I just don't get it. Why bother put up false hope in chinese BL drama when we all know what the outcome would be. *le sigh* Still... bumping to see if there were any news on release (DVD perhaps??)
  3. Honestly, I'll add my afterthoughts to my previous post after finding myself wishing I have seen more of it. (But I haven't found uncut version WITH eng subs) I might as well waste my time watching the other channel with chinese subs only (It seems to have much less cuts version/ or longer- not sure if it's the 'UNCUT' version or what) But.... I cannot help it. I don't get the hate of this series. I thought this concept is brilliant. I can see the shortcomings but I'll make it an effort to find the ones with more substance, thus make a better judgment of this storyline. I might have it all wrong. I figured that this drama went right over my head when I was reading some english comments that were nowhere near what I perceived this drama to be.... I'd give this drama a second chance. Whatcha say? Help me find working links with eng subs that don't have too many cuts... Besides I don't think it's doomed.... otherwise they wouldn't make an effort to make a second season, right? Also, it's probably just me but it seems like this drama has very little publicity. Probably due to other BL web series that seem to flash-flood the interwebs (hehehehe!) If I'm not mistaken, there is another BL drama that I predict to be executed just as poorly as this one. I cannot translate the title, though. So I guess, there will be a growing list of BL hit-and-miss.
  4. Thanks for replying. Of course, it's the novel that always explain. Right to the point too, right? Sometimes translations feel like scripts to me. Oh aren't the chinchillas and others so cute?? SQQQUEEE~~~ . Oh they aren't hamsters, either! Chinchillas!!! ~~ @meiwei hahah unfortunately, I am a girl! xDD I wish I were one of the semes, like Qing, Mengrui, or that ghost boyfriend, or someone else. I'd love to tackle xD
  5. Ok,well. The trailer makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE at all to me. It just seems so random and thrown about. I can just see AnhNguygen's translations/chapters on wattpad just fine. They are not 'down' like the previous posts have been saying. But I only have read a few chapters so far.... However, I am unable to post comments on it at all! Is it just me or somebody here has a problem with it too?? I really want to engage into the conversation myself... Ah well if you are reading this, Ann here's what I wanted to say. I cannot wait to finish reading this- as well the airing of this drama. This ought to help the waiting time to go by. However, unfortunately, the trailer makes NO sense to me at all. Whats up with the motorcycle obsession, gee? Well off I go! Thanks for everything you have done for us, translating this novel! 谢谢你! 谢谢!
  6. Haha... It never ceased did it? Anything and everything in their power to divide the fans up over silly bs like rumors. I don't blame anyone for leaving the industry or even the spotlight after the continuous pummeling of cruel tactics to taint their legacy. Addicted will still be the best BL drama ever. As for girlfriends. Honestly, I think it's good for him. Though we might not want it to happen but think about it. Some people just need to back the f**K up. Seriously.... there are good positive sides to 'coming out' for a reason. To make something very clear. I mean, sure, it depends on where you live- you can't just come out. But in America, if you say "I'm gay." So what? Nobody cares Nobody is gonna do anything. Now you're telling me, they're still going to destroy JY and ZZ for having girlfriends? pffft hahahahaaha. Honestly, having a gf is good for ZZ, so girls can stop being so cruel. He's just a normal, ordinary man. Having a girlfriend (or boyfriend) is perfectly normal for his age. My god.....'fans' like these piss me off. We don't get to decide their fate!!! But still, I hope they will remain good as best friends and that nothing will ever destroy their relationship. Maybe they made a promise to reunite- like if they haven't found or met the right one.... then they can get married later on xD.
  7. I am a bit confused by its storyline. I hope someone here can explain it for me. (of course I havent read the novel) SPOILERS!!!! DO NOT OPEN IF YOU HAVENT SEEN IT YET!! Looking forward to the second season~~~! Thank you for sharing any info!! I really think this ghost boyfriend is handsome!
  8. Ehhh?? Tencent?? Never heard of it. I don't have it. but iqivi !
  9. The ending is a cliffhanger isn't it?? Please tell me there will be another season. "I love you" at the end. Kya~~~ Though I feel like there were quite a few cuts there. There were a few moments where I felt HH got angry for no reason and LZ sometimes all the sudden was cool with it. Like for example, when HH told him to 'leave' I didn't understand what HH could be thinking about... thus not understanding why he was angry at LZ. I understand LZ more, though- because I understand what he is going through... being molested, being manhandled, and being a 'bottom' geesh, I think HH was a bit being unfair here.... LZ went a whole lot just for him... just my opinion, though. I hope that someday HH will let him top!!! I mean, wouldn't you just give the one you love the 'treat' once in a while, no??? Please, HH don't be so uptight! Give him some of it!!
  10. ohhhhh looks so yummyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  11. haha, that picture of a bald lulu as some sort of monk ruined us sis. Hi, hi @liesl guess we were the only ones who watched it~hahahaa... maybe she is a fujoshi just like us... Thanks you guys for the quick updates! I have no doubt they still see each other... but I'm impressed they haven't been 'caught' yet- I wonder if it'd turn into a scandal? It'd be the best scandal ever... I know our cute lil ZZ sneaky mouse would be very good at it. I was quickly reading through and I saw someone mentioning ZZ saying "I'm no longer single" and not "I have a girlfriend now"? Boy, not a fan of ash-blonde frost dye either.... ....
  12. Ok I saw this series the other night. I gotta say that Book x Frame was the most adorable couple though the 'rape' was a bit uncomfortable part for me. I liked Tee x Fuse storyline - gotta love the drunk excuses. The zipper got stuck?? LOL. There was nice sexual atmosphere between these two in that bedroom scene. But it got too sweet toward the end for me- too sweet. They've said some really deep stuff like over and over and over again. It was just TOOOOOOO sweet, esp. Tee... that you know I got sick of it. It just seems a bit unrealistic at some point. And the cliches are still there. Like the moment they 'bump' into each other and stare for a long time. Like nobody around them noticed it? LOL. Just too cliche. I hope they can go past that and advance a bit further... perhaps with older boys? Because they're underage... and can't really kiss, why not just get older guys? And is it me or Thai boys love to tease other guys into dating guys, do gay-matchmaking, and intimidate touching all the time?? Sorry for my harsh criticism~ >_
  13. Excellent listing! I saw that you added my channel there too! It's true BL is blooming in China and Thailand`~~~!! However what happened to Japan??? There are too few or none at all. They don't do web series. It's like their BL world is stopped at standstill or halted!! Like come on! They invented BL! I'm a big fan of Japan... so sad ]:
  14. Sorry, my dears.. I got a new full time job huuu T_______T Sheriousss business and all~~ Amazing, this thread is still alive and kicking! But I can't catch up hohoho... you paper sisters and brothers are DIE-hard! Tekeke, sooooooooooooooo my first question huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh????????????!! ZZ is no longer single? Awww, look at our boys all grown up. XD ~~~~By the way, I spotted GuHai's EX-gf in another BL series called SWAP hehehe... that really, really tall girl? I never would've thought I'd miss her!! Then I thought of you guys~ hahaha so unexpected!
  15. This series is so confusing! Even the first two episodes... the policeman is ho0o0ot, anyone knows his name? Guhai's ex girlfriend is in here~~~~!!!
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