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  1. :8yoyo13::8yoyo13::8yoyo13::8yoyo13:

  2. I hope it comes by Friday. I was a little behind on sending in my timesheets, so I'm going to get more than one check.

    *claps hands together rapidly*


  3. 2017 can't be worse that 2016 :Red_fox5:


    I hope that you receive your paycheck soon! :cuteonion50:

  4. Oh!


    As for me, I'm doing alright. Just waiting for this money to come my way, or should I say......waiting for my paycheck~




  5. My 2016 wasn't the greatest as well. So let's hope that our new year will be 100% better than the last, eh?



  6. But how are you??! :In love:


    Sorry that I didn't ask you before!





  7. Lots of problems that I can't solve by myself.

    2016 was a very very very bad year.


    But today I'm better, looking for that gif was fun! :) :5yoyo32:

  8. That gif made me laugh, but I know what you mean.

    Please......take a moment to breathe.

    What in life has you feeling this way?

  9. This is my life right now...







  10. ​Glad to see you you are still alive.....lol!

  11. HI! And Thank you! :Wink:


    Today I'm doing ok, but it could be better! :cool:

  12. You can never go wrong with cuteness, right?

    Glad you enjoyed it!

    I was going to post something of a more pervy nature, but I was a good girl~

  13. Hi! Thank you for the polar bear pic, so cuute. :cuteonion41: :leaf15:

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