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  1. shio


    long time no see, so busy?

  2. With a new introduction! I've been out for a very long time +/- 5 and even thou I've already made an introduction post in July I feel a new one's needed since I'm not the same anymore. :hamtaro-005 (6): Currently living in Brazil, now a free loader of her own saved up money :cuteonion44:, moving to a house soon and out of this living hell called ''apartment'', own a very cute demonic kitten named Noir (was going to donate him but he conquered my heart with his well-mannered kitten behavior...+ he loves showers O.O) and last but not least; back to being active here rabbit14 (not every day unfortunately since I'm busy packing and dealing with rude citizens >_ As always the sites & forum looks fantastic, keep it up Key! :banhbao29: Nice to meet you all (again) ^_____^ Side note; I still have arachnophobia :_red_fox 18
  3. shio

    ahh long time no see

    how are u ne?

  4. so happy to have internet again after 8 days :_red_fox 18
  5. @Saga Awesome set, I can see the amount of effort that's been put into it, love the colors you used, very cool! @Dev Long post for you awaiting when you wake up *hands over chocomilk & cookies* ENJOY! And for every1 else; IT'S WEEKEND!!! :Red_fox4::_red_fox 13:Red_fox11:
  6. Noeli

    Massaging tummy's.... Is it like a massage salon? Or for pregnant females/babies?


    Tx, I'll enjoy today ^^

    *going to watch demons & realist yay*

  7. shio

    lol bc u are good that he want to with u

    talk about my work, i do many various thing but the thing i do the most is massaging my costumer's tummy, in fact we can massage all over their body, but they prefer their tummy massaged

    hope u have a nice day too ^__^

  8. Noeli

    YES! My special ability is eating sweets onion0 .....*drop*

    I love sweets and I love it even more when someone else buys me it.


    Can't say I'm capable of being one, only reason I let him go home is because he has a family.

    But tx.. for your words ^^


    Ps: I'm quitting there soon :5yoyo34: and I'm taking my assistant with me (he's awesome + he wants to go with me so yay!)


    Hahaha, XD same with me, self study makes me sleep also XD.

    Btw, what kind of volunteer work do you do? (if you don't mind answering)


    Enjoy your day, I'm off!

  9. Nooooo, that's like betrayal to YO (nah j/k) It's really good O.O my fav. 1 ^__^
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