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  1. 2i6g9lf.jpg

    Whishing you a great year... May all your wishes come true! ;)

  2. 5oi2k2.png

    Happy Halloween! ;)

  3. easter-bunnies.jpg


    Hope you have a great sweet Easter! :)

  4. happy Valentines Day ♥

  5. haha .. at the beginning I did not like yaoi, I thought it disgusting. And then looked the Gravitation and I liked it and so went and went on and on .. I started reading fanfiction and manga ^__^

    What is your favorite manga?

  6. I am not good in geography too :D :D

    eheh so no worry :D :D

    uhmm so how do you begin to like yaoi ?

    I find out because junjou romntka my first opinion was WTF

    but then I realy like ittt :D :D

  7. Sorry that took so long to no answer

    Yes Tajikistan is very far, from all, but..but OMG.. I am not strong in geography)

  8. NyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH! tank youuuu

    tjikstaaan so faaaar

    then your mama have's a intrest in turkey

    ohhh but I have to be born at holland :D :D

  9. Nyaaaa .. Thank you ^ ^. Your name is also very cute)

    I'm also glad new friend)

    Turkey? cool, my mom has recently started to watch the Turkish serials 0o

    I'm from Tajikistan)

  10. eheh dia and kamilla both are so cute names ^^ like it :D

    happy that we hawe become friends >.< :D

    ohh And I m from turkeyy you ? :D :hamtaro-005 (9):

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