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  1. hy shio-san, sorry for very late reply :D can you forgive me, please cheetah7

    how's you ?

  2. it's not nice to smack someone behind there back *steps on ur face* see, right on ur face xDDD

  3. Hahaha, Valentine xD I not celebrate this.


    But I celebrate birthday and on weekend I was on birthday party. It was very cool <3 With friends and without work for three days.


    How are you? :)

  4. im good thanks for asking and im sooo sorry for the late reply if you want you can add me on facebook or if you have a kik you can add me there as well ^.^

  5. sorry for the late reply as well :leaf7:


    I am fine, how about you? in your heart, lol

  6. sure ^____^


    how's ur day and how was ur valentine? ;3

  7. shio

    tasty ever if u like sour and salty xD

    aww poor u, if my place this rain, the next day would be flooding <_< i plan on buy a boat for ride to work xP


    univ and work are both good, not much schedule at univ, and when think of $_$ all tired of work seem gone xP

    and how about ur exam? dont cheat, but if cheat, dont get caught ;p

  8. Muahaha, I have cookies now.

    Do you want some? XD

  9. Logy

    yup, but it's better today

    the rain was horrible last night couldn't sleep at all :(

    lol, will you taste good though :p


    How is everything school and work ?

  10. that's very kind of him @Logy, teaches u both German and Alien language lol xDDDD
  11. shio

    ahh it's still cold there? here become warmer and then hot xD

    i almost become BBQ whenever i ride my motorbike to work xP

  12. Logy

    lol, whatever you like stalker :D

    at any new year, in my country we have meals made of milk it's so i can tell you about them but you will never know them :D

    cooooooold it's freezing i'm in my cozy bed :D

  13. shio

    ahem, what should i punish u? :/

    no ur fav food for a year? xP

    how was ur day?

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