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  1. Guys, I figure out all u need to know *--------------------------------* leaf4 The first Film: Like Love 2014: The Second Film: Like Love 2015: http://www.iqiyi.com/v_19rrob6sls.html?src=sharemodclk131212 Both of them are in good quality and engsub cheetah4 ------- Edit: uncut serie of the first movie: http://blparadise.tumblr.com/post/124376087226/like-love-chinese-movie-adapted-from-the-novel
  2. I'm waiting for it too. I want to watch :leaf16::leaf9:
  3. All the links does not working more. I just try start over the serie right now onion13onion13
  4. @mikejeff02 @BRIDGET Excuse me, but "Miss Boys ~Yuujo no Yukue~" is working here: http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/7645-miss-boys-%5Beng%5D How about "Miss Boys: Kessen wa Koushien!?" I've never seen it I want can watch it. And now D;?
  5. Looool I haven't seen it. Thx so much for the links!!!! Ha, you guys can go watch it at KBS Would TV yt channel: instead. @ginia1110 I didn't watch it yet. But i guess this movie is very sad D;. Even so, I'm going to watch it!onion13:cuteonion26:
  6. Th-Angel/Sai Fon will subb the Hormones S. 2. Follow in below: " ------Anyones who want to watch Hormones season 2 ------- I'm doing the eng sub for Hormones season 2 --- but because GMM who is the owner of Hormones series do not allow anyone to upload it on youtube anymore-- that's why I cann't upoload my eng sub clip at youtube anymore if you are interested to watch Hormones the season with my English subtitles -- please go to saifon FB --- send the request to my group at -- "Thai Showbiz" https://www.facebook.com/groups/1440487376215744/ " * O*
  7. @amidamaru34 How about the koofile appears this: "User set max file size you can download up to 200 Mb only. Upgrade your account to download bigger files.". So, thx so much for upload on megaupload. :leaf3: I watched Eternal Summers last night >///
  8. Hi guys! The Kudaranai's Lakorns is subbing LoveSick : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVzAJCvnsXzYAccwzbuQgYg/videos The site is subbing Hormones2 as well. :hamtaro-005 (19): For now, I don't know if I should watching LoveSick in Than V channel or Kuda Lakorn channel, cheetah6:leaf10: I'd like give my feedbeck for both. I'm thankful for them. Even so, i'm gonna go watch the episode 5 in Kuda Lakorn channel hohoohoh:cuteonion41:
  9. @TBerry3 I'm watching Miss Boys right now =^.^. I just downloaded and extracted the first file. But, otherwise, you should to try the HJSplit software to extract it. Matta ne o/:hamtaro-005 (19):
  10. I think this BL movie awesome. Kaoru is too b**** >///
  11. How about the Love O-Net? Someone have had news about this BL?
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